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Vacations in Mykonos (Cyclades - Greece)

Mykonos: The island of fun awarded as Best European Island for the 7 past years

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Area Cyclades Best for Fun
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 85 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 180 Kilometers

Vacations in Mykonos island - Mykonos, The island of fun awarded as Best European Island for the 7 past years


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Why Mykonos

  • To enjoy the graphical Chora, one of the best in Cyclades
  • To see the "Little Venice", one of the most unique villages
  • To visit some of the best beaches in Greece
  • To have great fun in one of the most vivid Greek islands

Information On Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the entire world, and for good reason.

Mykonos attracts tourists due to its incredible beaches and vivid life-style. Mykonos is definitely not the ideal destination for quiet vacations, although it is possible to find some privacy if you come at the right period and place. Mykonos is also ideal for water-sport fans. You can do diving, water skiing, wind surfing, etc.

Mykonos is an infertile island with little vegetation. It is also called the island of the winds, due to the winds that blow most of the time.

There are several gas stations and ATM machines on Mykonos.
Mykonos informationMykonos informationMykonos information

Beaches Of Mykonos

The most popular beaches are on the south part of Mykonos. Some of them are Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia and Platis Gialos. All of them are amazing sandy beaches that attract a lot of people and consequently are very noisy. There are available umbrellas, deck chairs, bars and taverns by the sea.
  • Megali Ammos (West Mykonos): One of the less popular beaches of Mykonos with sand and quiet.
  • Platis Gialos (Southwest Mykonos): An organized beach with golden sand and calm sea.
  • Ornos (Southwest Mykonos): Quiet beach with tourist infrastructure and calm sea.
  • Paradise - Super Paradise (Southwest Mykonos): The most popular beaches of Mykonos, amazing and organized.
  • Psarou (Southwest Mykonos): One of the most popular beaches of Mykonos with great golden sand.
  • Kalo Livadi (Southeast Mykonos): The longest beach of Mykonos with golden sand and crystal-clear blue water.
  • Kalafatis (Southeast Mykonos): One of the few beaches of Mykonos with natural shade, but it is usually windy.
  • Elia (South Mykonos): A fantastic organized beach with exotic atmosphere and blue-greenish water.
Mykonos beachesMykonos beachesMykonos beaches

Travel To Mykonos

There is a fast ship (2,5 hours) and a conventional ship (about 5-6 hours) reaching Mykonos from the port of Piraeus. Mykonos also has an airport, with the flight from Athens being no more than half an hour.
Mykonos travelMykonos travelMykonos travel

Transportation On Mykonos (Car Rentals)

You will have no trouble renting a car or a bike, although you should know that you cannot take your vehicle inside the streets of Chora. The public transportation is carried out with buses which are frequent during the day.
Mykonos transportationMykonos transportationMykonos transportation

Accommodation On Mykonos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

The choice is obvious: If you want to party all night long, then you will stay in Chora. If on the other hand you want to have some peace and quiet during the night, then you can stay in Ano Mera or in some other settlement of Mykonos. If you are not staying in Chora make sure that you have access to the beach. In case you want to avoid the fuss, nudists, beach bars, etc while taking your swim, be careful which beach you will be staying close to.
Mykonos accommodationMykonos accommodationMykonos accommodation

Food & Drink On Mykonos

In Mykonos you will find a special type of sausage called Louza, which is delicious. You should also try the "kopanisti", which is a spicy soft goat cheese. We also recommend tasting Sumada, a traditional soda drink.
Mykonos cuisineMykonos cuisineMykonos cuisine

What To Buy On Mykonos

There are a lot of shops on Mykonos selling clothes, jewelery, etc. Some of them are quiet expensive, as they are very famous and sell the most modern and extravagant products. You can also find lots of souvenirs, especially copies of beautiful Cycladic artifacts.
Mykonos purchasesMykonos purchasesMykonos purchases

Attractions On Mykonos

Chora of Mykonos

The graphical capital of Mykonos has great natural beauty with white little churches and picturesque alleys.

Alefkandra - Little Venice

Alefkandra is an impressive settlements, built on the beach, and that is why it is also called the Little Venice of Mykonos.

Ano Mera

a quiet little scenic village, unaffected by tourism, representing the traditional Cycladic architecture.

Mykonos Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is one of the oldest museums in Greece, with a large collection, mostly of ceramic art.

Folklore Museum

It is housed in a traditional house, partially build on top of the Castle walls, since 1958.

Agricultural Museum

An entire outdoor area of two acres around the Boni Windmill of the 16th century, one of the most photographed historical monuments of Mykonos.

Paraportiani Church

A complex of five churches, one built on top of the other four, that are connected internally. One of the best samples of traditional Cycladic architecture.

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

The monastery is a characteristic sample of Greek islands architecture, hosting interesting samples of traditional sculpture.


The famous windmills are a trademark of Mykonos and one of the most photographed attractions of the island.

Delos island

Delos, the religious center of Ancient Greece, is a tiny uninhabited island very close to Mykonos, full of ancient ruins.
Mykonos attractionsMykonos attractionsMykonos attractions

Alternative Islands To Mykonos

Mykonos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Tinos (8 klm from Mykonos)
Naxos (26 klm from Mykonos)
Paros (28 klm from Mykonos)
Syros (30 klm from Mykonos)
Andros (38 klm from Mykonos)
Antiparos (42 klm from Mykonos)
Donoussa (47 klm from Mykonos)
Ios (53 klm from Mykonos)
Koufonisia (55 klm from Mykonos)
Iraklia (60 klm from Mykonos)
Schinoussa (60 klm from Mykonos)
Sifnos (70 klm from Mykonos)
Serifos (72 klm from Mykonos)
Kythnos (72 klm from Mykonos)
Amorgos (75 klm from Mykonos)
Sikinos (77 klm from Mykonos)
Kea (Tzia) (87 klm from Mykonos)
Kimolos (89 klm from Mykonos)
Folegandros (92 klm from Mykonos)
Santorini (103 klm from Mykonos)
Milos (103 klm from Mykonos)
Anafi (131 klm from Mykonos)

Mykonos alternativesMykonos alternativesMykonos alternatives

Islands Connected To Mykonos

There is a ferry from Mykonos to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Mykonos)
Andros (direct connection to Mykonos)
Folegandros (direct connection to Mykonos)
Ios (direct connection to Mykonos)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Mykonos)
Kythnos (direct connection to Mykonos)
Milos (direct connection to Mykonos)
Naxos (direct connection to Mykonos)
Paros (direct connection to Mykonos)
Santorini (direct connection to Mykonos)
Syros (direct connection to Mykonos)
Tinos (direct connection to Mykonos)

Connections from MykonosConnections from MykonosConnections from Mykonos

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