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Vacations in Leros (Dodecanese - Greece)

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Vacations in Leros island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Leros

  • To swim in beautiful, unspoilt beaches
  • To taste incredible traditional delicacies
  • To relax in a tranquil island
  • To visit the exceptional underground War Museum
  • To photograph incredibly picturesque seaside churches

Information On Leros

Leros belongs to the Dodecanese and it is the ninth largest island of the complex.

Leros has sufficient vegetation, especially in the lower parts, consisting of trees, pines, oaks and brushwood, and during spring wildflowers fill the hills.

Leros has Agia Marina as a capital which along with Platanos essentially become one lovely settlement, while both villages are built amphitheatrically. The second largest village of Leros is the scenic Lakki which was entirely built by Italians, with interesting layout, parks, wide roads, tree lines and luxurious houses known as Palatsinia. The main tourist part of Leros is the picturesque Alinta.

Leros is an ideal destination for quiet family holidays, as it remains relatively untouched by tourism. There is no real nightlife, but you will find some bars to enjoy your nights, mainly in Alinta.

On Leros there are great festivals held ever year. On the first week of August there is the Wine Festival in Xirokampos, in late July the Alonaris festival in Gourna with a representation of threshing and finally the Fisherman festival on September. Naturally, in all festivals there is music, dancing, food and wine for all attendees.
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Beaches Of Leros

The largest bay of Leros is the one of Lakki found southwest, one of the safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. The largest sandy beach is in the Gournes bay, while Lakki bay hosts cosmopolitan beaches, like Koulouki but also more quiet like Merikia. There are daily boat trips starting from Agia Marina with stops on Leros inaccessible beaches and the surrounding islets.
  • Gourna (West Leros): A large lovely beach with shallow sea and dark sand.
  • Merikia (Southwest Leros): A tranquil beach with pebble, crystal sea and large trees.
  • Xirokampos (South Leros): A large organized beach with sand in a closed bay.
  • Alinta (Northeast Leros): One of the most popular of Leros, organized with sand and thin pebble.
  • Panagies (Northeast Leros): Two consecutive small beaches with calm sea but little natural shade.
  • Dyo Liskaria (Northeast Leros): A long and narrow organized stretch of sand with calm sea.
  • Mplefoutis (North Leros): A long quiet beach with sand, thin pebble and large tamarisks.
  • Agia Kioura (North Leros): A nice and scenic beach with pebble and crystal sea.
  • Krithoni (East Leros): A beautiful clean beach with sand, little pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Kryfos (East Leros): A small and very scenic beach with pebble and turquoise sea, ideal for isolation.
  • Panteli (East Leros): Lovely beach at the picturesque fishing village of Panteli with golden sand and crystal sea.
  • Vromolithos (East Leros): One of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Leros, organized with golden sand and clean sea.
  • Koulouki (East Leros): Three consecutive narrow beaches with nice sand, calm green-blue sea and pine filled hills.

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Travel To Leros

Leros is 8-9 hours away from the port of Piraeus with ferry. For easier access there is an airport at the north side of Leros, close to Agia Marina.
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Transportation On Leros (Car Rentals)

Leros is a small island and the distances will not trouble you. There are buses connecting the villages and the major beaches of Leros, but the routes are not frequent, so it is advised to have your own vehicle. In case you do not have one, you can rent a car or a bike, while there are also a few taxis.
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Accommodation On Leros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Leros has many rooms to let in Lakki, Agia Marina - Platanos and Alinta which is the main tourist part of the island. These are good choices for your stay as they are at the center of Leros and close to the best beaches.
Leros accommodationLeros accommodationLeros accommodation

Food & Drink On Leros

Leros has an exceptional cuisine with seafood, like smoked octopus, salted mackerel, koukouvades (mullets with rosemary and raisins), kakavia (fish soup), fouskes and urchin salad. Besides fish you should try the local lamb with lemon sauce, fava bean stuffed pies, stuffed onions, gavafes (a tropical fruit that looks like a lemon) that only grow on Leros and cheese pie with local myzithra. Regarding desserts, Leros is known for its patsavouropita (syrup sweet), laggites, pougkakia (pouches) with bitter almond and sviggous (traditional donuts).
Leros cuisineLeros cuisineLeros cuisine

What To Buy On Leros

During your holiday on Leros you can get some of the famous sweet pougkia (pouches) local myzithra cheese, diasogala (almond-based soft drink) and of course thyme honey.
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Attractions On Leros

Leros Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Leros hosts coins, mosaics, tombstones, inscriptions and reliefs.

Leros War Museum

The War Museum is unique of its kind, as it is housed in a military tunnel, restored specifically for this purpose.

Mpeleni Tower - Folklore and Historical Museum

A two-storey stone building with three-storey towers. This tower houses the Historical and Folklore museum of Leros.

Panteli Castle - Ecclesiastical Museum

The Knights of Saint John did some important fortification work which is denoted by the four banners found in various points of the castle.

Agios Isidoros

The rock in the sea with the church of Agios Isidoros on its top is the trademark of Leros.

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos

The basilica of the 10th century is the most remarkable medieval monument of Leros and one of the most important in the Aegean.

Agia Kioura

An important historical monument due to the frescoes painted by political prisoners during the period 1960-1970.

Panagia Kavouradena

Panagia Kavouradena is a small scenic church by the sea, built around the rocks.


Driving up towards the castle you will see six windmills on your left, which are overseeing the harbor.

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Alternative Islands To Leros

Leros is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kalymnos (5 klm from Leros)
Lipsi (7 klm from Leros)
Patmos (19 klm from Leros)
Kos (33 klm from Leros)
Nisyros (57 klm from Leros)
Astypalaia (63 klm from Leros)
Tilos (78 klm from Leros)
Symi (94 klm from Leros)
Halki (108 klm from Leros)
Rhodes (120 klm from Leros)
Karpathos (133 klm from Leros)
Kasos (180 klm from Leros)
Kastelorizo (261 klm from Leros)

Leros alternativesLeros alternativesLeros alternatives

Islands Connected To Leros

There is a ferry from Leros to the following islands:

Kalymnos (direct connection to Leros)
Kos (direct connection to Leros)
Lipsi (direct connection to Leros)
Patmos (direct connection to Leros)
Rhodes (direct connection to Leros)
Samos (direct connection to Leros)
Symi (direct connection to Leros)
Syros (direct connection to Leros)

Connections from LerosConnections from LerosConnections from Leros

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