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Vacations in Kythnos (Cyclades - Greece)

Kythnos: The low-profile island with the suprising beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Cyclades Cost Medium
Access Ship Size 85 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 108 Kilometers

Vacations in Kythnos island - Kythnos, The low-profile island with the suprising beaches

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Why Kythnos

  • To choose between the dozens of Kythnos beaches for your swim
  • To swim at Kolona, one of the most impressive beaches in Cyclades
  • To enjoy taking strolls in one of the most scenic capitals of Cyclades
  • To visit the healing hot springs in Loutra and the stunning Katafyki cave
  • To have a relaxing and peaceful vacation on a quiet island very close to Athens

Information On Kythnos

Kythnos is part of Cyclades and it is one of the northern islands of that complex. It is located between Tzia and Serifos islands, while it is also known as Thermia, due to the hot springs found in Loutra village, the only one of their kind in Cyclades.

Kythnos is an island with significant advantages, as it has countless beautiful beaches, a scenic capital and it is only a short distance from Athens, through Piraeus of Lavrio. The famous beach Kolona is a must-see, as it is the most popular attraction, being one of the most unique in Cyclades.

Kythnos is a destination for quiet vacations, with little nightlife. Despite the tourism development the island has preserved its traditional character. In terms of vegitation Kythnos is a typical island of Cyclades, with the resounding exception of Panagia Kanala village where there is a pine forest.

If you happen to be on Kythnos in August 15th you are bound to run into the festival organized in Panagia Kanala. Take the chance to visit the temple itself to see the miraculous metabyzantine icon painted by Antonis Skordilis.
Kythnos informationKythnos informationKythnos information

Beaches Of Kythnos

Kythnos has countless beaches, most of which are not organized.
  • Merihas (West Kythnos): One of the most popular on Kythnos, with easy access, thin golden sand and clean blue sea.
  • Martinakia (West Kythnos): A small beach with sand and a couple of tamarisk clusters.
  • Episkopi (West Kythnos): One of the beaches close to Merihas with nice sand, clean sea and tamarisk trees.
  • Flampouria (West Kythnos): A large beach with sand and pebbles offering turquoise water and some tamarisks.
  • Gaidouromantra (Southeast Kythnos): An amazing large sandy beach that does not get crowded.
  • Megali Ammos (Southeast Kythnos): A large sandy beach under the church of Panagia Kanala.
  • Skylos (Southeast Kythnos): Fantastic quiet beach with white pebbles, and crystal clean water, but difficult access.
  • Agios Dimitrios (South Kythnos): The southern beach of Kythnos with thick sand and easy access.
  • Kolona (Northwest Kythnos): The most impressive beach of Kythnos, a strip of sand surrounded by sea.
  • Fykiada (Northwest Kythnos): A large beach with sand and green turquoise water next to Kolona beach.
  • Apokrousi (Northwest Kythnos): One of the largest beaches of Kythnos with nice sand and tamarisk trees.
  • Loutra (Northeast Kythnos): A beach with sand and thin pebble at the upcoming tourist resort of Kythnos.
  • Schinari (Northeast Kythnos): A relatively small sandy beach with several tamarisk trees, some of which reach the sea.
  • Agios Sostis (North Kythnos): The northern beach of Kythnos with calm clean sea and sand with thin pebble.
  • Naousa (East Kythnos): A nice quiet beach with sand in a protected bay.

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Travel To Kythnos

By ship from the port of Piraeus it will take you almost 3 hours to reach Kythnos. You have the alternative of getting a ship from the port of Lavrio, which will take you to the island in 2 hours with a much more frequent schedule and half the price of the ticket from Piraeus.
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Transportation On Kythnos (Car Rentals)

There is public transportation connecting the pain parts of Kythnos (Kanala, Dryopida, Loutra and Chora / Mesaria) but the routes are not really frequent, as the bus passes approximately every two hours, making car a neccessity. If you do not have your own vehicle you can rent a car or a motorcycle on the island, while there are also some taxis going around. The road network of the island is not bad.
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Accommodation On Kythnos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

The basic choices for your stay on Kythnos is Mesaria, Merihas and Loutra. Mesaria is a picturesque and quiet settlement but it is not by the sea, while on the other hand Merihas is more vibrant and right next to the sea, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of Mesaria. Both settlements are close to the center of the island. Loutra is by the sea and it is located at the north side of the island.
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Food & Drink On Kythnos

Kythnos has a remarkable cooking tradition with delicious pies like pitaro (traditional cheese pie) and kolopi (covered spinach pie). Other traditional flavors include savoro (marinated fish), sfouggato cheese (fried local cheese), strapatsada (scrambled eggs) with zucchini and local pork meat. Whatever the meal, make sure you enjoy it with the local kopanisti cheese and a glass of local thermiotiko wine. In Merihas you should visit the Rock Castle for a drink and Veggera for an excellent waffle.
Kythnos cuisineKythnos cuisineKythnos cuisine

What To Buy On Kythnos

On Kythnos you will find local cheese products of high quality like kopanisti and trima, sausages, fantastic local honey, local thermiotiko wine and rusks. For dessert try local pasteli (sesame and honey bar) and the almond-based marzipans which have a long tradition on the island. Finally, there are several shops with hand-made ceramic products.
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Attractions On Kythnos


The scenic capital of Kythnos is built ampitheatrically at a hillside.

Byzantine Museum

A small collection mostly of ecclesiastical relics of Kythnos from the Byzantine period.

Hydrotherapy Center

The warm water coming out of the two springs of Kythnos Hydrotherapy Center is ideal for a range of diseases.

Katafyki Cave

One of the largest unused caves in Greece, resembling a labyrinth, decorated with breath-taking stalactites and stalagmites.

Folklore Museum

Its collection includes items from everyday use and traditional costumes worn by people of Kythnos.

Oria Castle

Here used to stand the capital of Kythnos, but now lie only ruins of churches and murals, as well as amazing view.

Panagia Kanala Church

Panagia Kanala is the patron of Kythnos and its temple is found in the homonymous settlement.

Archaeological Site of Maroula

The oldest outdoor settlement in Greece with human skeletons and architectural remains of the Mesolithic Period.

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Kythnos attractionsKythnos attractionsKythnos attractions

Alternative Islands To Kythnos

Kythnos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kea (Tzia) (12 klm from Kythnos)
Serifos (13 klm from Kythnos)
Sifnos (24 klm from Kythnos)
Syros (33 klm from Kythnos)
Andros (50 klm from Kythnos)
Tinos (51 klm from Kythnos)
Kimolos (53 klm from Kythnos)
Milos (58 klm from Kythnos)
Antiparos (65 klm from Kythnos)
Paros (66 klm from Kythnos)
Mykonos (72 klm from Kythnos)
Folegandros (82 klm from Kythnos)
Naxos (83 klm from Kythnos)
Sikinos (92 klm from Kythnos)
Ios (97 klm from Kythnos)
Iraklia (103 klm from Kythnos)
Schinoussa (108 klm from Kythnos)
Koufonisia (111 klm from Kythnos)
Donoussa (119 klm from Kythnos)
Santorini (126 klm from Kythnos)
Amorgos (132 klm from Kythnos)
Anafi (157 klm from Kythnos)

Kythnos alternativesKythnos alternativesKythnos alternatives

Islands Connected To Kythnos

There is a ferry from Kythnos to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Kimolos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Milos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Mykonos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Naxos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Paros (direct connection to Kythnos)
Serifos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Sifnos (direct connection to Kythnos)
Syros (direct connection to Kythnos)
Tinos (direct connection to Kythnos)

Connections from KythnosConnections from KythnosConnections from Kythnos

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