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Greek Islands Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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1. What is this so-called Chora and which Greek island is it on?

Actually Chora is usually the name of an island's capital. So most Greek islands have a Chora, which is their main settlement.

2. Are all the Greek islands similar to eachother?

Two Greek islands can be as different as night and day. There are quiet islands and party islands, verdant island and dry islands, islands with vast sandy beaches and islands with small pebble beaches, tiny islands and huge islands. There is a Greek island from every taste, so it is important to choose carefully in order to have a nice time. On the other hand, islands that belong to a specific complex usually follow a patern. For example most islands in Cyclades are dry without vegitation.

3. What should I buy when visiting the Greek islands?

There are several traditional Greek products that you can find in most Greek islands. Those include:
  • Pasteli: Usually sesame and honey bar but sometimes the sesame is replaced with almonds or other types of nuts
  • Honey: The honey of Greece is the finest you will ever find and the best Greek honey is found on the Greek islands. The drier the island is, the better the honey it produces. The most usual typoe of honey is the thyme honey, but there is also flower honey and fir tree honey.
  • Myzithra: A soft white cheese made from goat milk that can be found on most Greek islands. It is very light, tasty and comes in various types like xinomyzithra, a myzithra which has a slight sour flavor.
  • Spoon sweets: You can find those all over Greece. They sweet preserves, similar to jam, made with almost any fruit and sugar. Sometimes they are made with tomatoes, eggplants or rose, instead of fruit. They are ofter used as yogurt topping instead of the usual honey.

4. Which are the best places to eat in the Greek islands?

The rule of thumb is that the best and cheapest food is found in mountainous villages, away from places with a lot of tourism. It is there where you can experience the true traditional flavors of the Greek islands.

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