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People keep asking me about the best greek island, usually for a summer vacation.
  • Which is the best greek island?
  • Which greek islands should I visit?
  • Which is the best period to visit the greek islands?
If only all people shared the same taste... So I have decided to write this article to clear things up!

1. When to Visit a Greek Island

The first and most important thing is to decide on the period for your holiday. Note that the same island may look completely different in during the low and the high season. There are the following - indicative - seasons:
  • High season: July 15th - August 25th
  • Middle season: First half of July & August 26th - September 7th
  • Low Season: June and September 8th - October 1st
During high season, most greek islands will be full, even those that are not so popular. And prices go along with the season.

2. Greek Island Beaches

One of the most important factors in picking the right greek island are the beaches.
  • Do you like small beaches or large beaches?
  • Quiet or crowded beaches?
  • Sand or pebble?
  • Easy access or are you an adventurer?
  • Do you like going each day to a different beach or you don't care about that?
  • Do you even care if there are no great beaches as long as it is a scenic greek island?

3. Greek Island Cost

Cost is always an important factor, so you should know that there are more and less expensive greek islands. Combine that with the period and you might get a super low or a super high holiday.

4. Greek Island Size

Size matters, especially when picking a greek island. Small greek islands may have less things to do, but it is easier to get around and you will not get tired by long distances. However, even in a large island you can stay in one place and ignore the rest.

5. Greek Island Access

  • Does a long trip put you off? If your greek island does not have an airport and it is many hours away by ferry, you may want to reconsider. One the other hand, you may not even care!
  • You can always get to a near by greek island by plane, and then get the ferry. If you are ok with the extra cost.
  • You may want to consider the time of arrival on a greek island, especially by ferry. You might find yourself arriving on 3:00 am and ending up paying for an extra night, unless you are money worry-free.
  • If you go to your favorite greek island by plane you get there super fast, but no car, unless you rent a car on the island. But renting a car for many days may throw off your budget.

6. Greek Island Activities

What do you like to do during your vacation? Only sun and the sea, or do you want to visit places, go to museums, etc? If you like doing and seeing different stuff, then make sure you pick a greek island that will not bore you.

7. Greek Island Hoping

If you plan to go on a greek island hoping spree, you should carefully plan which greek island to visit and with with order, so that you optimise your trip and minimize the distances.