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Why Greece

Greek Breakfast Greek Breakfast is an initiative that Greek hotels seem to be embracing. As we speak there are many hotels all over Greece where the usual continental breakfast is replaced by traditional delicacies which will often something unique to the tourist while they will advertise Greek traditional products around the world. In a few years instead of swiss cheese, ham, beicon, sausages, cake, conrflakes and processed juice the breakfast table will be filled with feta cheese from Elassona, traditional pies, traditional rice pudding, halvas from Farsala, fresh eggs, olivebread, local honey and herb drinks (mountain tea, sage, diktamo, etc).

The products that will be included in the Greek Breakfast fall under the following categories:
  • Bread, bread products, bagels: freesh bread, 2-3 kinds, at least one type should be made in the hotel
  • Cheese and other dairy products (traditional yogurt, butter, sour milk etc)
  • Local ham, saucages, meat
  • Honey, tahini and pasteli
  • Tratitional local jams
  • Olives and olive oil
  • Fresh Eggs (boiled, fried, omelet)
  • Pies (cheese pies, traditional herb pies, etc)
  • Local sweets
  • Fresh fruit, juices and fruit salads of season vegitables
  • Hot traditional soup (trahanas, pulses, etc)
  • Cereal (wheat, gruel, frumenty, etc)
  • Drinks from herbs
  • Greek coffee

The hotels offering Greek Breakfast will be distinguished by the round blue sign depicting an olive oil and a wheat.