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Greek islands

Why Greece

Greece, the land of the sun, as it is also called, is one the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, and for good reason. Greece is the only country in the world that combines a lot of different qualities to provide the full package for your vacations. Greece is a popular destination especially for summer vacations as it has more than 100 inhabited islands, each with its unique style. Most of the Greek islands are ideal for family vacations as there is little nightlife and zero crime rate.
  • Perfect Weather: Greece if gifted with a great Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunlight. Even during winter, the sun is shinning most of the time, while during the summer you get nothing but sun. The temperature is also extremely good as it rarely gets cold, even during winter, when you may even go around with nothing but a T-shirt during the day. At the Greek islands and most of Greece it rarely rains (during the summer it rains, on average, on one day only) and it almost never snows.
  • Amazing Beaches: Although Greece is one of the smallest countries in the world, hardly visible when looking at the globe, it ranks among the ten top countries in the world with the longest coastline. This means that there is a total of 14,880 Klm of beach, which is more than half of that of the entire African continent. Greek islands have some of the most amazing beaches out there, so you are bound to find your perfect beach somewhere there.
  • Greek Hospitality: Greece is synonymous with Hospitality and it could not have been different as this was one of the most fundamental Greek ideals since Ancient Greece. Even in times of great poverty in the recent past, a stranger was considered sacred and was offered the best of everything in the house. Greek people are always friendly and ready to help in anyway they can, sometimes even without you having to ask.
  • Delicious Food: Mediterranean diet is considered to be the best and Greek cuisine is one of the best worldwide. Wherever you go there are unique local recipes that you may find nowhere else, even in Greece. Souvlaki is famous as is tasty, but there are much more to try. Sea-food is also great and having it in a sea-side tavern guarantees the freshness of the fish.
  • Fantastic wine: There are countless types of wine in Greece, as every place has its own variety to offer. Produced in small quantities, most of them are impossible to find abroad, but not all. Retsina, Mavrodaphne, Vinsanto and others are world-famous wines. In many taverns you will find home-made wine which is not even bottled yet, made by the vineyard of the owner and stored in barrels.
  • Important History: I doubt there is someone in the entire world that is not aware of the importance of Greek history. This rich and long history has given Greece an infinite number of artifacts and relics dating from the prehistoric times up to now. There are countless museums in every corner of Greece, even on the most remote and small Greek islands that showcase the ancient heritage of Greeks with some of the most important monuments of all times. A lot have been stolen and are now exhibited in the museums of Europe, but there is so much that there is no stop finding them. It is very common to find ancient ruins when digging to built houses, subways, etc. The most important monument of all, the symbol of Western Civilization, is Acropolis with the Parthenon. There are people visiting Acropolis from the other side of the globe at least once in their lifetime.
  • Surprising Variety: One of the key advantages of Greece is its diversity. Greece has a vast number of islands, roughly 1,400 islands, of which 227 are inhabited. Each island has it own unique style and may be completely different from an other Greek island that you have visited before. This means that it is possible to visit a different island every year without getting bored and still not having seen a lot. If you have your own boat, then it is likely that you will discover your own personal paradise in one of the 6000+ uninhabited Greek islands and 227 inhabited Greek islands and explore beaches that have never been seen before.

Millions of people from all over the globe visit Greece and the Greek islands each year. Why not you too?