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Vacations in Antiparos (Cyclades - Greece)

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Area Cyclades Best for All
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Access Ship Size 35 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 167 Kilometers

Vacations in Antiparos island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Antiparos

  • To visit the famous Cave of Antiparos
  • To swim in lovely beaches with golden sand
  • For strolls in the scenic Castle of Antiparos
  • For fresh octopus and other Antiparos delicacies

Information On Antiparos

Antiparos is part of Cyclades complex and it is right next to the southwest edge of Paros.

Antiparos only has one settlement with a main stone-paved alley that connects the harbor with the Castle. The scenic capital has a nice view to the neighboring Paros, as well as whitewashed houses, quaint churches, flowered balconies and cute little shops.

Antiparos, like most Cycladic islands, has no real vegetation, but what set it apart from most islands is that it is almost entirely flat instead of mountainous.

Antiparos is a destination where you can find both tranquility and fun, but not the frenetic nightlife.

Antiparos has two gas stations and banks with ATM machines.
Antiparos informationAntiparos informationAntiparos information

Beaches Of Antiparos

If your idea for vacations is countless organized beaches, then Antiparos is not for you, as there is only one organized beach on the island.
  • Monastiria (West Antiparos): A large beach with sand, little pebble and green-blue sea.
  • Agios Georgios (Southwest Antiparos): One of the beast beaches of Antiparos with golden sand and calm sea.
  • Epitafios (Southwest Antiparos): An amazing white beach with emerald water, surrounded by white vertical cliffs.
  • Despotiko (Southwest Antiparos): An uninhabited islet west of Antiparos with some astonishing beaches.
  • Soros (Southeast Antiparos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Antiparos and the largest, with turquoise sea and golden sand.
  • Agios Sostis (Southeast Antiparos): A quiet beach with nice light light sand and crystal blue sea.
  • Faneromeni (South Antiparos): A scenic beach with wind free sea located in a closed rocky bay.
  • Livadia (Northwest Antiparos): A large beach at the northwest with sand and clean sea, ideal for solitude.
  • Psaralykes (Northeast Antiparos): Two popular organized beaches with golden sand and some tamarisk trees.
  • Panagia (Northeast Antiparos): A beautiful big sandy beach with little pebble and some huge trees.
  • Sifneiko (North Antiparos): A nice and convenient beach with beautiful sand and clean sea.
  • Theologos (North Antiparos): A lovely beach located with calm shallow sea, superb light sand and cedar trees.
  • Agios Spyridonas (North Antiparos): A large stretch of sand with calm shallow sea and tamarisks along the coast.
  • Diplo (North Antiparos): A small uninhabited island where you can come from Antiparos on foot!
  • Glyfa (East Antiparos): A large beach with light sand and crystal sea.
  • Apantima (East Antiparos): A nice little beach with beautiful sand and easy access.

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Antiparos beachesAntiparos beachesAntiparos beaches

Travel To Antiparos

Antiparos is located extremely close to Paros, being only half an hour from the port of Parikia by ferry and just 7-8 minutes from the port of Pounta.
Antiparos travelAntiparos travelAntiparos travel

Transportation On Antiparos (Car Rentals)

Antiparos is a small island with one and only settlement, and if it also had frequent bus routes you would have no need of your own transport. Several beaches are only accessible by sea through boats, but if you want to explore the island at your leisure you will need a car or a motorcycle.
Antiparos transportationAntiparos transportationAntiparos transportation

Accommodation On Antiparos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Antiparos has one and only settlement where almost all accommodation of the island is located. You can find few rooms to let on some of the most famous beaches, but it is best to stay in the town where you will go out every night.
Antiparos accommodationAntiparos accommodationAntiparos accommodation

Food & Drink On Antiparos

Antiparos has a great traditional cuisine with dishes like the braised lamb, patido rooster (stuffed rooster in the oven) and wild rabbit stew. Naturally you will find fresh fish and seafood, especially octopus, as there is plenty on the island. For dessert have some sweet ravioli (sweet cheese pie nuggets) and sweet bourekakia (stuffed with nuts and honey) sprayed with raki and caster sugar.
Antiparos cuisineAntiparos cuisineAntiparos cuisine

What To Buy On Antiparos

Antiparos produces a lot of capers and delicious cheese types, like xinomyzithra, touloumotyri and ladotyri. From drinks we recommend to get some tsipouro and the local wine.
Antiparos purchasesAntiparos purchasesAntiparos purchases

Attractions On Antiparos

Antiparos Cave

In the famous Cave of Antiparos you can see impressive stalactites and stalagmites, but also signs of the famous guests.

Antiparos Castle

The Venetian castle of Antiparos of the 15th century it is the most beautiful part of town with whitewashed houses, beautiful churches, and flowering bougainvilleas.

Antiparos Folklore Museum

Next to the entrance of the castle there is a small white building where the folklore collection of Antiparos is housed.

Antiparos Tour

A good way to get to know Antiparos and some of the enchanting beaches of the neighboring islands, is to go on an island tour.

Find here in full detail all Antiparos attractions

Antiparos attractionsAntiparos attractionsAntiparos attractions

Alternative Islands To Antiparos

Antiparos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Paros (3 klm from Antiparos)
Sifnos (22 klm from Antiparos)
Naxos (22 klm from Antiparos)
Ios (25 klm from Antiparos)
Sikinos (26 klm from Antiparos)
Iraklia (32 klm from Antiparos)
Folegandros (37 klm from Antiparos)
Schinoussa (39 klm from Antiparos)
Syros (39 klm from Antiparos)
Kimolos (41 klm from Antiparos)
Mykonos (42 klm from Antiparos)
Serifos (45 klm from Antiparos)
Koufonisia (46 klm from Antiparos)
Tinos (53 klm from Antiparos)
Milos (55 klm from Antiparos)
Santorini (58 klm from Antiparos)
Amorgos (62 klm from Antiparos)
Donoussa (62 klm from Antiparos)
Kythnos (65 klm from Antiparos)
Andros (71 klm from Antiparos)
Kea (Tzia) (86 klm from Antiparos)
Anafi (86 klm from Antiparos)

Antiparos alternativesAntiparos alternativesAntiparos alternatives

Islands Connected To Antiparos

There is a ferry from Antiparos to the following islands:

Paros (direct connection to Antiparos)

Connections from AntiparosConnections from AntiparosConnections from Antiparos

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