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Vacations in Schinoussa (Cyclades - Greece)

Schinoussa: The tiny island with the 15 amazing endless sandy beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for All
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 9 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 231 Kilometers

Vacations in Schinoussa island - Schinoussa, The tiny island with the 15 amazing endless sandy beaches


Why Schinoussa

  • To swim in fantastic beaches with turquoise water and sugary sand
  • To escape from civilization in a peaceful island with unique atmosphere
  • To taste various delicacies offered by locals during traditional festivals

Information On Schinoussa

Schinoussa is a small triangular shaped island that lies between Lower Koufonisi and Iraklia islands. Schinoussa belongs the the island complex of the so called Small Cyclades, which also include the islands of Donoussa, Koufonisia and Iraklia.

If you are on Schinoussa during August 15th you will witness the Panagia Festival which last two days during which traditional music is played and everybody is offered food and drink. During the beginning of August the local cultural club organizes several cultural activities, like exhibits, dances and concerts.

On Schinoussa there are no banks, only one ATM machine of Agrotiki Bank, so it is best to carry some money on you. Since July 2013 there is also a gas station.
Schinoussa informationSchinoussa informationSchinoussa information

Beaches Of Schinoussa

Schinoussa offers some beautiful beaches, while the sea bottom is very promising. Most beaches of Schinoussaς are suited for wind-surfing, as they are exposed to the summer wind.
  • Tsigouri (West Schinoussa): This is the closest beach to Schinoussa town and the most visited.
  • Mersini (West Schinoussa): This beach offers quiet, calm sea and some tamarisk trees.
  • Livadi (Southwest Schinoussa): A nice large beach with sand, crystal-clear water and large trees.
  • Lioliou (Southeast Schinoussa): A small beach with pebble and sand, clean water and trees.
  • Almyros (Southeast Schinoussa): A large beach with nice sand and shallow sea, divided in two by some huge rocks.
  • Psili Ammos (Northeast Schinoussa): The best beach of Schinoussa with marvelous thin golden sand and inviting turquoise water.
  • Fykio (Northeast Schinoussa): A little sandy beach with beautiful white sand, inviting water and an interesting seabed.
  • Gerolimnionas (Northeast Schinoussa): One of the most beautiful beaches of Schinoussa with fantastic white sand and emerald water, but difficult access.
  • Fountana (East Schinoussa): A small quiet beach with golden sand and blue-green water.

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Schinoussa beachesSchinoussa beachesSchinoussa beaches

Travel To Schinoussa

The trip by ship from the port of Piraeus takes around 8 hours. You have the alternative to go through Naxos, as from there it is a short one hour trip to Schinoussa. There is no airport on Schinoussa, only a public helicopter landing spot.
Schinoussa travelSchinoussa travelSchinoussa travel

Transportation On Schinoussa (Car Rentals)

On Schinoussa you will find no public transportation or taxis, so you should consider having your own means of transportation. However, Schinoussa is a small island and most distances can easily be covered by walking, while many beaches are accessible by boat.
Schinoussa transportationSchinoussa transportationSchinoussa transportation

Accommodation On Schinoussa (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most rooms to let of Schinoussa are in Chora, while you may find some in Messaria village or at the harbor, Mersini. There is no camping on Schinoussa.
Schinoussa accommodationSchinoussa accommodationSchinoussa accommodation

Food & Drink On Schinoussa

On Schinoussa you have to try amplelofasoula (string beans) and fava beans. The most daring can try the pitaridia which are hand-made pasta boiled in goat cheese. For desert there are xerotigana (also called diples) with local honey, pasteli (candy-bar made only with sesame and honey) and meletinia (cheese pie made with mitzithra cheese, eggs and sugar).
Schinoussa cuisineSchinoussa cuisineSchinoussa cuisine

What To Buy On Schinoussa

Some of the traditional products of Schinoussa you can buy include rakomelo (a high-alcoholic drink boiled with honey), fava bean, xerotigana, xinomitzithra (soft white cheese), kopanisti and ladotyri (spicy yellow cheese).
Schinoussa purchasesSchinoussa purchasesSchinoussa purchases

Attractions On Schinoussa


The remains of the Venetian castle on the south-west side of Schinoussa offer a panoramic view.

Church of Panagia Akathi

This temple is named after the rare icon of Panagia of Akathistos Ymnos. You will find it in Chora.

Church of Evagelismos Theotokou

One of the two most important churches of Schinoussa located in Messaria.

Pirate's Cave

A small cave in the rocks where, according to tradition, the pirate slipped and was killed.

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Schinoussa attractionsSchinoussa attractionsSchinoussa attractions

Alternative Islands To Schinoussa

Schinoussa is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Iraklia (3 klm from Schinoussa)
Naxos (6 klm from Schinoussa)
Koufonisia (8 klm from Schinoussa)
Amorgos (19 klm from Schinoussa)
Ios (20 klm from Schinoussa)
Paros (26 klm from Schinoussa)
Donoussa (33 klm from Schinoussa)
Sikinos (33 klm from Schinoussa)
Antiparos (39 klm from Schinoussa)
Santorini (45 klm from Schinoussa)
Anafi (54 klm from Schinoussa)
Folegandros (56 klm from Schinoussa)
Mykonos (60 klm from Schinoussa)
Sifnos (66 klm from Schinoussa)
Syros (75 klm from Schinoussa)
Tinos (77 klm from Schinoussa)
Kimolos (80 klm from Schinoussa)
Serifos (90 klm from Schinoussa)
Milos (99 klm from Schinoussa)
Andros (102 klm from Schinoussa)
Kythnos (108 klm from Schinoussa)
Kea (Tzia) (129 klm from Schinoussa)

Schinoussa alternativesSchinoussa alternativesSchinoussa alternatives

Islands Connected To Schinoussa

There is a ferry from Schinoussa to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Iraklia (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Naxos (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Paros (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Sifnos (direct connection to Schinoussa)
Syros (direct connection to Schinoussa)

Connections from SchinoussaConnections from SchinoussaConnections from Schinoussa

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