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Vacations in Kalymnos (Dodecanese - Greece)

Kalymnos: The island of the sponge divers

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Vacations in Kalymnos island - Kalymnos, The island of the sponge divers

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Why Kalymnos

  • To swim in untouched beaches with crystal clear waters
  • To visit the most beautiful fiord of the Aegean in Rina
  • To get some of the famous sponges of Kalymnos
  • For mountain climbing in one of the most popular climbing destinations in the world

Information On Kalymnos

Kalymnos belongs to the Dodecanese complex and is located between Leros and Kos. Kalymnos has an almost triangular shape and is the 4th largest island of the Dodecanese and the 26th in Greece.

Kalymnos is mostly a mountainous and dry island. Pothia is both the island's harbor and capital, a scenic settlement built in two hills with lovely small houses and colorful window shutters.

Kalymnos is famous for the sponges that the sponge divers used to bring out from the depths of the sea, on which the economy of the island was based. They were actually considered to be among the best divers in the world.

Kalymnos is ideal for mountain climbing because of its mountainous landscape and is worldwide known as it offers 77 climbing areas and over 1.300 organized climbing routes. Climbers from all over the world come to Kalymnos, mostly in May when the International Climbing Festival is held. More information here.

Kalymnos is an ideal scenic destination to relax in and get in contact with the island's genuine tradition.
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Beaches Of Kalymnos

Kalymnos is not known for its beaches, but it does have several beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea. You can also take a boat from Myrties and cross over to Telendos (few minutes) where the are some amazing beaches, or to the nearby Pserimos (half an hour) with a boat from Pothia where you will find some untouched beaches.
  • Linaria - Kantouni (West Kalymnos): The two beaches have sand, turquoise sea and some tamarisks.
  • Platys Gialos (West Kalymnos): Relatively quiet beach with dark sand, shallow sea and tamarisk trees.
  • Melitsahas (West Kalymnos): A small organized sandy beach with tamarisks and clean sea.
  • Myrties (West Kalymnos): A large beautiful beach with shallow sea and a view to Telendos.
  • Masouri (West Kalymnos): A large organized stretch of sand with crystal sea, one of the best beaches on Kalymnos.
  • Agios Nikolaos (West Kalymnos): A small beach with nice sand and clean shallow sea close to Myrties.
  • Akti (Southeast Kalymnos): A small peaceful beach with sand, pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Pothia (South Kalymnos): A popular beach with sand and pebble in a convenient location.
  • Vlyhadia (South Kalymnos): A small stretch of sand with some large tamarisk trees, in a narrow bay.
  • Arginonta (Northwest Kalymnos): A partially organized beach with some large tamarisk trees and easy access.
  • Emporios (North Kalymnos): A quiet beach with clean sea but it is exposed to the winds.
  • Palionisos (North Kalymnos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Kalymnos with turquoise sea and pebble in a closed bay.

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Travel To Kalymnos

It takes the ferry approximately 12 hours to reach Kalymnos from Piraeus. A good alternative is to reach Kalymnos from Kos as it is only an one hour trip from there. Kalymnos also has an airport (located close to Pothia), sparing you the hassle with the ships.
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Transportation On Kalymnos (Car Rentals)

Kalymnos has a decent road network and buses that cover the one and only route of the island connecting Pothia with Vathy and Emporio, passing through Myrties, Panormo and Masouri. Distances are not large as the island is small, while the inaccessible beaches can be easily reached by boats leaving from Pothia and Vathy.
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Accommodation On Kalymnos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most accommodation of Kalymnos is located in Pothia. However, you can also find rooms to let in seaside villages, mostly on the west side of the island like Masouri, Myrties and Panormos which are upcoming tourist resorts.
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Food & Drink On Kalymnos

Kalymnos will surprise you with its traditional cuisine. Besides fresh fish and seafood it is worth trying maouri (lamb stuffed with rice and chopped liver in the oven) which is cooked on low heat, fried rabbit, stuffed wine leaves and traditional salads like mirmizelli (like cretan ntakos) and karkani (with mayonnaise and devil fish) for the most adventurous. From seafood do not miss the octopus nuggets, sun-dried lobster tails and naturally the unique kakkavia (fish soup). Accompany your meal with traditional kritharokouloura (barley rusk) and the local sweet red wine Anama.
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What To Buy On Kalymnos

Kalymnos is known for its sponges which are ideal souvenirs of your holidays. You can also get the the traditional barley rusks, eptazimo bread with anise and ouzo, pure thyme honey and the local Anama wine.
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Attractions On Kalymnos

Kalymnos Archaeological Museum

It is dedicated to the historical development and culture of the island from prehistory up to the metabyzantine period.

Kalymnos Maritime and Folklore Museum

It is housed in one of the finest neoclassical buildings of Kalymnos at the harbor and is open to the public since 1994.

Marine Life and Findings Museum

It also hosts a wide variety of exhibits from Kalymnos's marine life, as well as artifacts from ancient shipwrecks.

Traditional House of Kalymnos

The traditional house of Kalymnos is a private folklore museum with traditional furniture and household items.

Vouvali Mansion

It is an excellent sample of urban architecture of that time combined with the island architecture, while also bearing decorative elements from the central European style.

Church of Christ

On Kalymnos there is total of 23 Paleochristianic 5th and 6th century churches still preserved. The most famous is Christ of Jerusalem.

Rina Fiord

In Vathy village, on east Kalymnos, you will find the scenic Rina harbor where the long and narrow bay looks like a fiord.

Healing Baths of Therma

You will find the Healing baths at the south edge of Pothia bay. The radioactive water of 37 degrees Celsius is ideal for cases of rheumatism and arthritis.


The byzantine castle of Pothia was built during the 11th century and inside it has about ten little churches of the 15th and 16th century.

Kalymnos Caves

On the southeastern part of Kalymnos, close to Vathy village there is the Daskalio Cave, where prehistoric findings were dug up.

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Alternative Islands To Kalymnos

Kalymnos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Leros (5 klm from Kalymnos)
Kos (9 klm from Kalymnos)
Lipsi (25 klm from Kalymnos)
Patmos (35 klm from Kalymnos)
Nisyros (36 klm from Kalymnos)
Astypalaia (55 klm from Kalymnos)
Tilos (57 klm from Kalymnos)
Symi (73 klm from Kalymnos)
Halki (87 klm from Kalymnos)
Rhodes (99 klm from Kalymnos)
Karpathos (113 klm from Kalymnos)
Kasos (161 klm from Kalymnos)
Kastelorizo (240 klm from Kalymnos)

Kalymnos alternativesKalymnos alternativesKalymnos alternatives

Islands Connected To Kalymnos

There is a ferry from Kalymnos to the following islands:

Astypalaia (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Halki (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Kastelorizo (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Kos (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Leros (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Lipsi (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Naxos (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Nisyros (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Patmos (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Rhodes (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Samos (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Santorini (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Symi (direct connection to Kalymnos)
Tilos (direct connection to Kalymnos)

Connections from KalymnosConnections from KalymnosConnections from Kalymnos

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