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Vacations in Samos (Nothern Aegean - Greece)

Samos: The green island of Pythagoras

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Vacations in Samos island - Samos, The green island of Pythagoras

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Why Samos

  • For vacations in one of the most verdant Greek islands
  • For a great variation of beautiful beaches beaches
  • For excursions in scenic verdant mountainous villages
  • For tasting the sweet wines of Samos

Information On Samos

Samos is the eighth largest island of Greece located in the north Aegean, across the Turkish shores, just 1,5 kilometer away.

Samos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and an ideal resort as it has countless beaches for every taste, scenic mountainous villages, rich vegetation, running water, many entertainment options and good food. Samos has great natural wealth as it is one of the most verdant islands of Greece while having 82 recorded caves and over 100 ancient mines.

The main settlements of Samos are Vathy, Karlovasi and Pythagorio. Vathy (also called Samos) is the main port and capital of the island, and it is located at the northeast. At the same height southeast lies Pythagorio, a scenic port ideal for an evening stroll. The second port of Samos, Karlovasi, is found northwest.

Samos is a quiet family destination, but those seeking vibrant nightlife will not be disappointed. In Vathy, Karlovasi and Pythagoria there are many bars, while in the rest of the island, especially in the countless mountainous picturesque villages, you will enjoy peace and nature.

Every summer on Samos there is a festival on August 5th and 6th at Pythagorio in honor of the victorious sea battle of Mykali against the Turks with a number of events, illumination of squares and monuments, fireworks, the burning of a small boat, and more.
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Beaches Of Samos

Samos has many beaches that can satisfy any visitor. These beaches are distributed all over the island with the most popular being Mikro Seitani and Megalo Seitani. Most beaches are found in verdant landscapes.
  • Kampos of Marathokampos / Votsalakia (Southwest Samos): A large organized beach with nice sand at the southwest part of Samos. It attracts a lot of people but it is so large that you are bound to find a quiet corner to settle down. In the surrounding area there are cafeterias and taverns, while the beach is easily accessible.
  • Psili Ammos of Marathokampos / Chrysi Ammos (Southwest Samos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Samos with sand and clean shallow sea.
  • Limnionas (Southwest Samos): A cute quite beach with sand and pebble close to Marathokampos.
  • Pythagorio (Southeast Samos): A large organized beach with pebble and some tamarisk trees located close to Pythagorio. It has some umbrellas, sunbeds and clean blue sea.
  • Potokaki (Southeast Samos): A large organized beach with large pebbles, favored mostly by young people.
  • Glykoriza (Southeast Samos): A small narrow beach with pebble and many trees along the coast.
  • Heraion (South Samos): An organized stretch of sand at the Heraion village with some large white pebbles, umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach bar and taverns.
  • Tsopela (South Samos): A small and narrow beach with pebble and many trees along the coast. You will find it on a piece of land going into the sea, in a pine-filled location as is the route with the dirt road leading here.
  • Megalo Seitani (Northwest Samos): A unique beach of great natural beauty which is considered to be the best beach of Samos.
  • Mikro Seitani (Northwest Samos): A small and extremely scenic pebbled beach.
  • Potami (Northwest Samos): A large beach with white pebble and turquoise sea, but it is exposed to winds.
  • Gagkou (Northwest Samos): An organized beach with pebble and clean sea.
  • Livadaki (Northeast Samos): A well-hidden exotic little beach with light sand and amazing sea.
  • Svala (North Samos): A long and wide beach with large pebbles and deep water. It is located north, close to Agios Kostantinos village.
  • Kokkari (North Samos): A small beach with white pebble and turquoise sea, and at its edge a large rock connected with the coast.
  • Kerveli (East Samos): Quiet beach with white pebble, nice clean sea and tamarisk trees.
  • Klima (East Samos): A small organized beach with large pebbles and trees along the coast.
  • Posidonio (East Samos): A scenic beach with thin white pebble and several trees along the coast.
  • Psili Ammos (East Samos): A nice organized beach with thin sand and very shallow sea.
  • Tsampou (East Samos): A large beach with white pebble and deep blue sea inside an open bay.
  • Tsamadou (East Samos): A pebbled beach with green-blue water, just outside Kokkari.
  • Lemonakia (East Samos): A great beach with white pebble and green-blue sea.

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Travel To Samos

Samos has two harbors, Vathy and Karlovasi, which are directly connected to Piraeus. It is a 8-10 hour trip with the same ferry first stopping at Karlovasi and then continuing towards Vathy. Samos also has an airport with the flight from Athens being almost 30 minutes.
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Transportation On Samos (Car Rentals)

Samos has a large and good road network, although parts of it are abandoned. There are public buses (not very frequent) connecting the central points of the island but it is recommended to have your own vehicle, due to the large size of Samos.
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Accommodation On Samos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Samos has a lot of accommodation for every taste, from large hotels up to rooms to let and guesthouses. The most cosmopolitan area is considered to be Pythagorio, but another good choice is the scenic seaside Kokkari, a village close to Karlovasi which is a nice alternative, since Karlovasi in nothing special. In any case, most rooms to let are found in Vathy and Kokkari.
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Food & Drink On Samos

Traditional delicacies of Samos that you must try are keskesi (meat with wheat), various local pies, chickpea nuggets, stuffed lamb and lobster pasta. If you find yourselves close to Koutsi, near Pyrgos village, do make a stop for coffee in a verdant landscape with running waters.
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What To Buy On Samos

Samos is famous for its olive oil and its wines from the moschato variety, especially the sweet white wine of Samos. You can also buy local honey, souma (similar to raki) and local ouzo.
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Attractions On Samos

Samos Archaeological Museum

Its collection includes findings of archaic sculpture and pottery, bronze ivory and wooden items, and miniature art works.

Archaeological Collection of Pythagorio

Its collection consists of objects of the settlement's region like archaic columns, sculptures and ceramics ranging from the 9th to the 2nd century B.C.

Historical and Folklore Museum of Karlovasi

It is open since 1994 and it presents the everyday life style of the middle class of Karlovasi. Its exhibits are from the period 1870-1955.

Folklore Museum of Pythagorio

The museum of the Cultural Foundation of Samos Nikolaos Dimitriou aspires to give a full picture of the life on Samos before the Second World War.

Museum of Natural History of the Aegean and Paleontology Museum

It operates since 1994 in a new building of Mytilini village. Many of the exhibits, millions of years old, belong to dozens of animal species that once lived on Samos.

Samos Ecclesiastical Museum

It is housed in the Cultural-Ecclesiastical Center. The exhibits come from monasteries and churches of Samos and Ikaria island.


The official sanctuary of ancient Samos was the Heraion. This in one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece.

Eupalinos Tunnel

An engineering marvel of Ancient Greece! A one kilometer long tunnel that passes through the Spiliani hill.

Samos Caves and Pythgoras Cave

One of the most known out of the 82 recorded caves of Samos is that of Panagia Sarantaskaliotissa, 320 meters above the sea.


Close to the seaside Potami village you will find the waterfalls which form 2 little ponds, ideal for a swim.

Panagia Spiliani

There is a marble icon of Panagia engraved in the rock, while the monastery of Panagia Spiliani is built around the cave.

Samos Wine Museum

With a small fee you can go inside and taste some of the most famous wines of Samos.

Mountainous Villages

Samos has some magnificent scenic mountainous villages that deserve a visit, like Pagondas, Manolates, Paleokastro, Vourliotes and Spathareoi.

Samos Tour

There is a boat starting from Pythagorio that gives an island tour. The day trip includes a visit to the Samiopoula island.

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Alternative Islands To Samos

Samos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Fournoi (6 klm from Samos)
Ikaria (17 klm from Samos)
Chios (77 klm from Samos)
Oinousses (80 klm from Samos)
Psara (121 klm from Samos)
Lesvos (140 klm from Samos)
Agios Efstratios (234 klm from Samos)
Lemnos (247 klm from Samos)
Samothrace (304 klm from Samos)
Thassos (355 klm from Samos)

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Islands Connected To Samos

There is a ferry from Samos to the following islands:

Chios (direct connection to Samos)
Fournoi (direct connection to Samos)
Ikaria (direct connection to Samos)
Kalymnos (direct connection to Samos)
Kos (direct connection to Samos)
Lemnos (direct connection to Samos)
Leros (direct connection to Samos)
Lesvos (direct connection to Samos)
Lipsi (direct connection to Samos)
Patmos (direct connection to Samos)
Syros (direct connection to Samos)
Thassos (direct connection to Samos)

Connections from SamosConnections from SamosConnections from Samos

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