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Vacations in Lipsi (Dodecanese - Greece)

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Area Dodecanese Best for Quiet
Perfecture Dodecanese Cost Low
Access Ship Size 16 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 333 Kilometers

Vacations in Lipsi island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Lipsi

  • For swimming in beautiful beaches, untouched by tourism
  • For cruising the small neighboring island with exotic beaches
  • To drink the famous sweet dark wine of Lipsi
  • For a quiet and relaxing holiday in a peaceful island

Information On Lipsi

Lipsi is a small island belonging to the Dodecanese, located 5 miles north of Leros and 5 miles east of Patmos. It is actually an entire island complex with numerous uninhabited islands surrounding the main island of Lipsi.

Lipsi only has one settlement which is built around the wind free harbor of the island. It is a scenic village with white houses, blue and brown shutters, churches with light blue domes, the Municipal School of Lipsi which has been declared a historical monument and many shops, taverns, and fishing boats at the harbor.

Lipsi hosts major annual festivals. The most famous one is held on August 23rd at the enniamera of Panagia, at the church of Panagia of Charos. On August 10th there is the three-day wine festival where everyone can taste the famous local wine.

Lipsi is a quiet island for relaxing holidays which is yet unspoiled by tourism.

On Lipsi there is a branch of the National Bank of Greece.
Lipsi informationLipsi informationLipsi information

Beaches Of Lipsi

Lipsi have several beautiful beaches, both sandy and pebbled, for every taste. You can find beaches of exotic beauty on the nearby islets, like Marathi and Aspronisi, with lovely bright-white pebbles and fantastic turquoise sea.
  • Lientou (Κεντρικοί Lipsi): One of the most popular beaches of Lipsi, very close to Chora with sand and clean shallow sea.
  • Kampos (Κεντρικοί Lipsi): A lovely long-narrow unorganized beach with clear sea.
  • Christos - Elena (Κεντρικοί Lipsi): Quiet non-organized beaches with pebble and easy road access.
  • Kimisi (Southwest Lipsi): A great quiet beach with pebble and green-blue sea.
  • Katsadia (Southeast Lipsi): A large popular stretch of sand with calm clean sea and large trees.
  • Papandria (Southeast Lipsi): A nice unorganized beach with sand, little pebble and calm sea.
  • Hohlakoura (Northeast Lipsi): A quiet pebbled beach with no amenities or shade.
  • Platys Gialos (North Lipsi): A beautiful beach with golden sand and shallow turquoise sea.
  • Kamares (East Lipsi): A secluded beach with large pebbles and rocks, ideal for isolation and nudism.
  • Monodentri (East Lipsi): An impressive beach thanks to the large white pebbles and the turquoise sea.
  • Tourkomnima - Xirokampos (East Lipsi): Peaceful beaches back to back under the small chapel.

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Lipsi beachesLipsi beachesLipsi beaches

Travel To Lipsi

Lipsi can be reached from the port of Piraeus with a boat that takes approximately 10 hours to get there. Lipsi can be reached much easier from several other islands of the Dodecanese, like Patmos, Leros and Samos.
Lipsi travelLipsi travelLipsi travel

Transportation On Lipsi (Car Rentals)

Lipsi is a small island with a road network of only 15 klm, so distances will not be an issue. You can do without a car, as there are frequent buses as well as a municipality mini bus with schedules to the main beaches. In case you are interested there is a bike / car rental service.
Lipsi transportationLipsi transportationLipsi transportation

Accommodation On Lipsi (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Lipsi there is not much accommodation and no large hotel units, so its is advised to plan early on for your stay. Most rooms to let are in Chora, which is the best place to stay, while there are very few rooms on some of the most popular beaches.
Lipsi accommodationLipsi accommodationLipsi accommodation

Food & Drink On Lipsi

Lipsi is an ideal place to enjoy dishes based on fresh fish and seafood, like stuffed squid, rice with squid ink and seafood, etc. Do try the local goat, the local cheese types and fava bean nuggets. Accompany your meal with the famous but hard to find local sweet red wine and for dessert ask for xerotigana or sweet pougkia (pouches).
Lipsi cuisineLipsi cuisineLipsi cuisine

What To Buy On Lipsi

Lipsi is known for its dark sweet wine, the so called Anamma, which the Vatican used to supply for the preparation of the Holy Communion. You can also get thyme honey and local cheese types like touloumotyri, ladotyri and myzithra. From sweets buy some honeyed xerotigana and handmade spoon sweets.
Lipsi purchasesLipsi purchasesLipsi purchases

Attractions On Lipsi

Nikiforio Ecclesiastical Museum of Lipsi

The Nikiforio Ecclesiastical and Folklore Museum is housed in the Town Hall of Lipsi. It also hosts a small archaeological collection.

Panagia tou Charou

Panagia tou Charou of 1600 is one of the oldest churches on Lipsi. It stands in an idyllic green location.

Agios Ioannis Theologos

A large church at the center of the settlement with a harbor view. It was build with curve stone and it has a blue dome.

Island Tour

A great opportunity to see stunning beaches of exotic beauty in the surrounding islands, Arkous, Marathi, Makronisi and Aspronisi.

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Lipsi attractionsLipsi attractionsLipsi attractions

Alternative Islands To Lipsi

Lipsi is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Leros (7 klm from Lipsi)
Patmos (9 klm from Lipsi)
Kalymnos (25 klm from Lipsi)
Kos (53 klm from Lipsi)
Astypalaia (77 klm from Lipsi)
Nisyros (78 klm from Lipsi)
Tilos (99 klm from Lipsi)
Symi (112 klm from Lipsi)
Halki (129 klm from Lipsi)
Rhodes (140 klm from Lipsi)
Karpathos (152 klm from Lipsi)
Kasos (200 klm from Lipsi)
Kastelorizo (269 klm from Lipsi)

Lipsi alternativesLipsi alternativesLipsi alternatives

Islands Connected To Lipsi

There is a ferry from Lipsi to the following islands:

Kalymnos (direct connection to Lipsi)
Kos (direct connection to Lipsi)
Leros (direct connection to Lipsi)
Patmos (direct connection to Lipsi)
Rhodes (direct connection to Lipsi)
Samos (direct connection to Lipsi)
Symi (direct connection to Lipsi)

Connections from LipsiConnections from LipsiConnections from Lipsi

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