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Vacations in Astypalaia (Dodecanese - Greece)

Astypalaia: The beautiful butterfly-shaped island of the Aegean

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Access Ship Size 97 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 217 Kilometers

Vacations in Astypalaia island - Astypalaia, The beautiful butterfly-shaped island of the Aegean

Astypalaia KastroAstypalaia KoutsomytisAstypalaia Chora

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Why Astypalaia

  • To choose from endless beaches and swim in crystal clear waters
  • To enjoy the view of the harbor and the castle from your balcony in Chora
  • To experience authentic Greek hospitality in a beautiful and scenic island
  • To taste fresh fish from the island that was called fish-island by the Ancient Greeks

Information On Astypalaia

Astypalaia is located in the center of Aegean Sea between Cyclades and Dodecanese. Due to its position, although it belongs to the Dodecanese, it is greatly affected by the architectural style of Cyclades.

The shape of Astypalaia is like a butterfly with the two parts, the west and the east, connected by a 100 meter wide strip of land. Astypalaia has a very long coastline, compared to its size, of 110 Kilometers, which means that there are many beaches to choose from.

Although Astypalaia is an island of simplicity and low tourist growth, it does not lack the night-life. In Chora you will find several bars where you can stay until late. If you find yourself on Astypalaia during the end of August - early September you will experience the music festival which is held every year with free entrance for everyone.

Astypalaia has an impressive total of 365 churches and chapels scattered all over. Most of the activity is at the south part of the island while the north part is under-developed. On the whole, tourism is not very developed in Astypalaia.

In Astypalaia you will experience warm hospitality and delicious food at a bargain price.
Astypalaia informationAstypalaia informationAstypalaia information

Beaches Of Astypalaia

Astypalaia has a lot of fantastic beaches for every taste, thanks to its long coastline, but endless golden beaches are not included. The best beaches are the ones at the west part of Astypalaia, with the northern ones are sandy but the are less popular due to the winds. There are many beaches suitable for solitude that you can only reach by boat.
  • Steno (Κεντρική Astypalaia): It is divided in two beaches: Mikro Steno and Megalo Steno, both with nice sand and some trees.
  • Psili Ammos (Κεντρική Astypalaia): A nice sandy beach but not very popular due to the winds.
  • Plakes (Κεντρική Astypalaia): An amazing little beach at the middle of Astypalaia.
  • Analipsi / Maltezana (Κεντρική Astypalaia): Another sandy beach is at the middle of Astypalaia with calm sea and trees.
  • Schinontas (Κεντρική Astypalaia): A sandy beach with some trees.
  • Koutsomitis - Kounoupa (Κεντρική Astypalaia): Two islets right across Astypalaia.
  • Mple Limanaki (Κεντρική Astypalaia): A series of cute small beaches next to Analipsi.
  • Agios Giannis (West Astypalaia): Considered by some to be the best beach on Astypalaia, but with difficult access.
  • Livadi (Southwest Astypalaia): The only organized beach on Astypalaia with sand and nice clean sea.
  • Pera Gialos (Southwest Astypalaia): A beach close to the harbor with some trees and calm sea.
  • Agios Konstantinos (Southwest Astypalaia): A beautiful large beach at the south with clear water and a little tavern at the side.
  • Tzanaki (Southwest Astypalaia): A small beach with pebble, preferred by nudists.
  • Vatses (Southwest Astypalaia): A long beach with large pebbles and deep sea.
  • Kaminakia (Southwest Astypalaia): A nice large sandy beach in a small bay

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Astypalaia beachesAstypalaia beachesAstypalaia beaches

Travel To Astypalaia

By ship it will take you about 10 hours to reach Astypalaia from the port of Piraeus. You can also easily reach Astypalaia by plane, as the flight from Athens to the airport of Astypalaia is no more than 30 minutes.
Astypalaia travelAstypalaia travelAstypalaia travel

Transportation On Astypalaia (Car Rentals)

There are buses for the most popular beaches of Astypalaia with the frequency of the routes being no more than half an hour. However, if you want to explore the island it is advised to have your own transportation, mainly because the buses cover just a fraction of the island's area. Most of the roads of Astypalaia are dirt-roads (except from the part from Livadi to Maltezana / Analipsi), so a 4x4 car or a motorcycle may be more suitable.
Astypalaia transportationAstypalaia transportationAstypalaia transportation

Accommodation On Astypalaia (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

There are a lot of rooms in Chora with great view towards the castle or the sea. If you would like to stay somewhere more quiet then Maltezana (also called Analipsi) is where you should be looking. In Livadi you will find rooms with low prices and that it why most young people choose to stay there. Finally there is an organized camping in Marmari, very close to Chora.
Astypalaia accommodationAstypalaia accommodationAstypalaia accommodation

Food & Drink On Astypalaia

Astypalaia used to be called Ichthioesa (roughly translated to fish-island) during the ancient times, so you can expect to find fresh fish. You must also try the local fresh white cheese chlori and the kitrinokouloura (yellow cookies) from the local bakery that are made with safran which grows on Astypalaia.
Astypalaia cuisineAstypalaia cuisineAstypalaia cuisine

What To Buy On Astypalaia

Astypalaia produces some of the best honey in Greece, so do not forget to get some for home. As in everywhere in Greece you will find traditional home-made syrup sweets, but here you will a rare type, mantarine flavored syrup sweet.
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Attractions On Astypalaia

Astypalaia Archaeological Museum

The Astypalaia Archaeological Museum is housed in a one-story room in Chora. The exhibits are dated from the second millennium B.C.

Narkisios Public Library

A library housed in a building in Chora, a perfect sample of traditional architecture of Astypalaia.


The Castle of Querini is the first thing you see when you approach Astypalaia. It hosts two remarkable churches and the annual fair.


On the main square of Chora you will see the 8 traditional byzantine windmills.

Infant Cemetery

The Infant Cemetery of Astypalaia is the only one of its kind in the entire world.

Negros and Drakos Caves

On Astypalaia there are two caves of great interest, rumored to have been the hiding place of pirates and their treasures.

Agios Giannis Canyon

Perhaps the most impressive part of Astypalaia, this is a canyon with running waters and thick vegetation.

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Astypalaia attractionsAstypalaia attractionsAstypalaia attractions

Alternative Islands To Astypalaia

Astypalaia is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kos (40 klm from Astypalaia)
Kalymnos (55 klm from Astypalaia)
Nisyros (57 klm from Astypalaia)
Leros (63 klm from Astypalaia)
Patmos (69 klm from Astypalaia)
Tilos (72 klm from Astypalaia)
Lipsi (77 klm from Astypalaia)
Karpathos (97 klm from Astypalaia)
Halki (98 klm from Astypalaia)
Rhodes (109 klm from Astypalaia)
Symi (112 klm from Astypalaia)
Kasos (125 klm from Astypalaia)
Kastelorizo (280 klm from Astypalaia)

Astypalaia alternativesAstypalaia alternativesAstypalaia alternatives

Islands Connected To Astypalaia

There is a ferry from Astypalaia to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Donoussa (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Kalymnos (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Kastelorizo (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Kos (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Naxos (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Nisyros (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Paros (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Rhodes (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Santorini (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Symi (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Syros (direct connection to Astypalaia)
Tilos (direct connection to Astypalaia)

Connections from AstypalaiaConnections from AstypalaiaConnections from Astypalaia

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