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Vacations in Kasos (Dodecanese - Greece)

Kasos: The virgin island, untouched by tourism

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Area Dodecanese Best for Quiet
Perfecture Dodecanese Cost Low
Access Ship Size 66 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 460 Kilometers

Vacations in Kasos island - Kasos, The virgin island, untouched by tourism


Why Kasos

  • For swimming in the famous beaches of Armathia
  • For strolls in the scenic harbor of Mpouka
  • For a relaxing vacation away from civilization
  • To taste unique dishes and traditional flavors
  • To participate in the unique Kasian festivals

Information On Kasos

Kasos is a small island that belongs to the Dodecanese complex and is located a bit southwest of Karpathos. Kasos is the 6th largest island of the complex.

Kasos is a mountainous, rocky and infertile island with elongated shape. The island's capital and harbor is Fry. But what is worth more to visit here is the small picturesque Mpouka harbor, which was once used a pirate refuge, just next to the main port.

Kasos is famous for its festivals, having organized dozens each year with traditional music and dances, local food and wine for all attendees. The biggest festival is held on August 15th in Panagia village.

Kasos is a quiet destination for a relaxing holiday away from the noise and traffic of the city. On the island there is a gas station and an ATM machine of Emporiki Bank.
Kasos informationKasos informationKasos information

Beaches Of Kasos

Kasos has many beaches but most of them, mainly the south ones, are not accessible by road. It is really worth taking the boat to the small nearby Armathia island, where there are a couple of incredible beaches.
  • Avlaki (Southwest Kasos): A very small beach in a narrow beach with calm sea.
  • Helatros (Southwest Kasos): An impressive beach with pebble, clean blue sea and easy road access.
  • Marmara (Northwest Kasos): An amazing beach of exotic beauty with turquoise sea and white sand on Armathia island.
  • Karavostasis (Northwest Kasos): A beautiful beach with light sand and turquoise sea on Armathia island.
  • Emporios (North Kasos): An organized stretch of sand with little pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Ammoua (North Kasos): A small beach with sand but no shade.
  • Antiperatos (North Kasos): Small consecutive beaches with thin pebble, dark sand and crystal sea.

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Kasos beachesKasos beachesKasos beaches

Travel To Kasos

Kasos is not easy to reach, as it takes the ferry from Piraeus, making several stops on the way, between 15 and 22 hours to reach it. Fortunately Kasos has a small airport, but there is no direct flight from Athens, only connected flights through Rhodes, Karpathos and Crete.
Kasos travelKasos travelKasos travel

Transportation On Kasos (Car Rentals)

Kasos has a sufficient road network that covers much of the island. There is public transportation but the buses are not very frequent, so it is advised to have your own vehicle. In case you do not have one, you can rent a car or a motorcycle in Fry. There are also 2-3 taxis available.
Kasos transportationKasos transportationKasos transportation

Accommodation On Kasos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Kasos has little accommodation and most of that are centered around Fry, where it is most convenient to stay. There are also some rooms to let in Emporios and very few in the 2-3 island's mountainous villages.
Kasos accommodationKasos accommodationKasos accommodation

Food & Drink On Kasos

Kasos has a great traditional cuisine which will surely impress you. There are many dishes based on rice, like the kasian pilaf, the delicious soupiopilafo with black squid ink, and the patelioryzo with barnacles. From fish you should try Skaros for which the island has been famous since the ancient times. Also try the famous - small - kasian stuffed wine-leaves, the Makarounes (traditional pasta) and greens salad with the local roikio which is very similar to chicory. From desserts try the Moschopougkia, sweet almonds-stuffed pouches.
Kasos cuisineKasos cuisineKasos cuisine

What To Buy On Kasos

Kasos produces excellent local cheese, like the elaiki (soft white cheese), sitaka (creamy white cheese), the kasian armyrotyri and more. Be sure to get some of the island's superb thyme honey and some moschopougkia.
Kasos purchasesKasos purchasesKasos purchases

Attractions On Kasos

Kasos Archaeological Collection

Kasos does have an Archaeological Collection, but make sure it is open, because up until today (2013) it is closed to the public.

Kasos Folklore Museum

Kasos Folklore Museum is housed in the Mavrikaki residence in Arvanitohori, a stone neoclassical mansion of 1905.

Kasos Caves

The two main caves of Kasos are Ellinokamara and Stilokamara.

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Alternative Islands To Kasos

Kasos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Karpathos (6 klm from Kasos)
Rhodes (79 klm from Kasos)
Halki (94 klm from Kasos)
Tilos (106 klm from Kasos)
Nisyros (122 klm from Kasos)
Astypalaia (125 klm from Kasos)
Kos (133 klm from Kasos)
Symi (138 klm from Kasos)
Kalymnos (161 klm from Kasos)
Leros (180 klm from Kasos)
Lipsi (200 klm from Kasos)
Patmos (201 klm from Kasos)
Kastelorizo (239 klm from Kasos)

Kasos alternativesKasos alternativesKasos alternatives

Islands Connected To Kasos

There is a ferry from Kasos to the following islands:

Halki (direct connection to Kasos)
Karpathos (direct connection to Kasos)
Rhodes (direct connection to Kasos)

Connections from KasosConnections from KasosConnections from Kasos

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