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Vacations in Kastelorizo (Dodecanese - Greece)

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Perfecture Dodecanese Cost Low
Access Ship Size 9 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 598 Kilometers

Vacations in Kastelorizo island - The ideal destination for your vacations


Why Kastelorizo

  • To live the thrill of vacations at the edge of Greece
  • For peaceful vacations in a small paradise, untouched by tourism
  • To admire the stunning coloring of the water in the Blue Cave
  • To get a taste of a Greece from another era

Information On Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo, also called Megisti, is a small island of the Dodecanese complex. It is the eastern island of Greece 130 kilometers away from Rhodes and just 2 kilometers from the turkish shores. The name Kastelorizo came up during the 14th century from the castle that the Knights of Saint John from Rhodes built here. From an alteration of Castel Rosso Kastelorizo was born.

Around Kastelorizo there are several more islands, but Kastelorizo is the largest one, and this is supposed to be the reason behind the name Megisti. The most famous of these islands is Ro, due to the Lady of Ro, Despina Ahladiotou, who lived here from 1927 until she dies raising the Greek flag every day. There is a bust of her at the harbor of Kastelorizo.

Kastelorizo only has one settlement at northeast which is both its capital and its harbor. It is a large yet closed bay which is always wind free, while being considered on of the safest in the Mediterranean, with a view to the coast of Asia Minor. The houses are built amphitheatrically facing the sea. They are colorful mansions (yellow, blue, red and white) two or three storey high with tiled roofs, composing a lovely mosaic. At the harbor stands out the minaret with the red dome of the mosque of 1755 where the Historical Collection is housed with rare documents, photographs and relics.

The ground of Kastelorizo is mainly rocky, dry and barren, with a few clusters of pine and cypress trees. Its coasts are generally rocky without sand as the island is basically a big rock. Thanks to the island's limestone there are several caves, like Kolones, Arnaouti and the famous Blue Cave.

Kastelorizo is an ideal destination for peaceful vacations but it gets a lot of tourists, especially Italians, as it became famous from the Mediterraneo movie that was filmed here. On the 20th of July there is the festival of Profitis Ilias when the locals have a custom of falling in the sea with their clothes.

On Kastelorizo there is one bank where you can make a withdrawal.
Kastelorizo informationKastelorizo informationKastelorizo information

Beaches Of Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo has no beaches with unique exception the small beach Mandraki. The only way for a swim is diving from the cliffs, platform and even the harbor. A good solution are the boats that can take to to the few beaches of the surrounding islands (Ro, Agios Georgios and Stroggyli).
  • Ro (West Kastelorizo): On Ro islet lies the only worth-while beach of the entire area.
  • Mandraki (East Kastelorizo): A small beach with little sand and pebble next to the harbor.
  • Faros - Kavos - Plakes - Harbor (East Kastelorizo): They are not actually beaches, but you can dive of cliffs and platforms.

Find here in full detail all Kastelorizo beaches

Kastelorizo beachesKastelorizo beachesKastelorizo beaches

Travel To Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo is not easily accessible from Piraeus, as there is only one ferry every 15 days which takes approximately 20 hours to reach the island. The best solution is to travel by plane, as there is a small airport on the island (close to the settlement with which it is connected with a small bus), as you will then be on Kastelorizo in just one hour. Alternatively you can get there through Rhodes, either by ferry or by airplane, and from there ride the ferry which reaches Kastelorizo in almost 5 hours.
Kastelorizo travelKastelorizo travelKastelorizo travel

Transportation On Kastelorizo (Car Rentals)

As Kastelorizo only has one settlement and it is a small island with limited road network, you do not need to worry about your transportation. Besides you have no reason to go far from the settlement unless it is for swimming, but for this exact reason there are boats that can take you almost anywhere. For cases of emergency there is taxi on the island.
Kastelorizo transportationKastelorizo transportationKastelorizo transportation

Accommodation On Kastelorizo (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Kastelorizo only has one settlement and that is where all accommodation is found. Naturally there are no large hotel, but small rooms to let which are also few in number.
Kastelorizo accommodationKastelorizo accommodationKastelorizo accommodation

Food & Drink On Kastelorizo

On Kastelorizo you have to taste chickpea nuggets, giouvarlakia, stuffed goat with bread crumbs and of course fresh fish. For dessert you can try the halva, the syrup sweet strava (like baklava) and katoumari, fried pie with flour, water, sugar, cinnamon and olive oil.
Kastelorizo cuisineKastelorizo cuisineKastelorizo cuisine

What To Buy On Kastelorizo

On Kastelorizo you can find great local products like pure honey, spoon sweets, soumada drink and of course the traditional desserts, strava and katoumari.
Kastelorizo purchasesKastelorizo purchasesKastelorizo purchases

Attractions On Kastelorizo

Arcaeological Museum of Megisti

It is housed in a two storey building of 1984 of Kastelorizo, which is part of the medieval castle of Agios Nikolaos.

Lycian Tomb

The temple shaped Lycian Tomb of the 4th century B.C. is carved into a rock and it is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Blue Cave

The famous Blue Cave (Galazia Spilia) is also known as Parasta Cave and as Fokiaki from the seals that live there. It is the most famous attraction on Kastelorizo.

Metropolis of Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni

The imposing temple has granite columns, an ached dome, carved marbles and a bell of 1222 at its bell-tower.

Agios Georgios Vounou

This monastery which was renovated in 1759 has a wood-carved iconostasis with 18th century icons, and a pebbled yard.

Castle of Knights

The Castle of Knights of the 14th century is built on top of the hill over the harbor, at Kastelo Rosso, after which Kastelorizo was named.


Southwest of the settlement lies the hill of Paleokastro. There you can see the remains of the classical age fortress with the polygonal fortifications.

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Kastelorizo attractionsKastelorizo attractionsKastelorizo attractions

Alternative Islands To Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Rhodes (121 klm from Kastelorizo)
Symi (157 klm from Kastelorizo)
Halki (173 klm from Kastelorizo)
Tilos (190 klm from Kastelorizo)
Karpathos (208 klm from Kastelorizo)
Kos (212 klm from Kastelorizo)
Nisyros (216 klm from Kastelorizo)
Kasos (239 klm from Kastelorizo)
Kalymnos (240 klm from Kastelorizo)
Leros (261 klm from Kastelorizo)
Lipsi (269 klm from Kastelorizo)
Astypalaia (280 klm from Kastelorizo)
Patmos (294 klm from Kastelorizo)

Kastelorizo alternativesKastelorizo alternativesKastelorizo alternatives

Islands Connected To Kastelorizo

There is a ferry from Kastelorizo to the following islands:

Astypalaia (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Kalymnos (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Kos (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Naxos (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Nisyros (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Rhodes (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Santorini (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Symi (direct connection to Kastelorizo)
Tilos (direct connection to Kastelorizo)

Connections from KastelorizoConnections from KastelorizoConnections from Kastelorizo

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