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Vacations in Rhodes (Dodecanese - Greece)

Rhodes: The sun-bathed island of knights

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Area Dodecanese Best for All
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Access Ship Size 1398 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 465 Kilometers

Vacations in Rhodes island - Rhodes, The sun-bathed island of knights

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Why Rhodes

  • To enjoy countless stunning beaches with golden sand
  • To take strolls in the Old City with the countless attractions
  • To visit the Medieval Castle of the Knights
  • To admire the colorful Valley of the Butterflies
  • To have fun in the largest waterpark of Europe

Information On Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the forth of Greece, following Crete, Evia and Lesvos. Rhodes if located at the southeast edge of the Dodecanese and it is also the administrative center of the island complex.

Rhodes is one of the most popular destination in Greece and this is why it is stormed every summer by thousands of tourists. Rhodes is famous for its nightlife, a fact that attracts a lot of young people. The infamous Faliraki is where thousands of young Europeans come to blow off steam, but fortunately the size of the island also allows for quiet vacations.

Rhodes is known for its great natural beauty and its many large sandy beaches. Because it has an airport, it is a passing point for many neighboring islands of the Dodecanese, like Symi, Halki and Kastelorizo.
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Beaches Of Rhodes

Rhodes has many and marvelous beaches, while almost all of them are organized. The most remarkable and popular ones are centered at the east coast of the island. Out of those, the more quiet are the south ones, beyond Lindos. Following is a list with some of the best beaches of the island starting from the north and moving clockwise.
  • Kiotari (Southeast Rhodes): A long stretch of sand mixed with thin pebble which gets rather crowded.
  • Agios Georgios (South Rhodes): A great beach with light sand found south that is suited for quiet.
  • Prasonisi (South Rhodes): Prosonisi is an island itself, but it is connected with Rhodes by a strip of sand.
  • Tsampika (Northeast Rhodes): A lovely beach favored by families as it offers shallow sea and nice golden sand.
  • Ialysos (North Rhodes): A large and lengthy organized beach with sand and pebble in one of the best tourist spots of Rhodes.
  • Beach of Rhodes (North Rhodes): This beach is found at the northern edge of Rhodes town and it is an easy solution.
  • Ixia (North Rhodes): An endless stretch of pebble close to the town of Rhodes.
  • Kallithea (North Rhodes): A highly unusual beach with many large rocks scattered between the sand and the sea. It is not well known.
  • Faliraki (North Rhodes): Faliraki is one of the most famous beaches of Rhodes as it offers amazing sand that spans several kilometers.
  • Antony Quinn (North Rhodes): A small beautiful beach surrounded by rocks and pine trees. It was favored by Antony Quinn when he was in Rhodes.
  • Ladiko (North Rhodes): A very scenic and small beach with lovely green water and thin sand.
  • Afantou (North Rhodes): A vast beach with dark pebble mixed with thick sand.
  • Kolympia (North Rhodes): A large organized stretch of sand, rather popular beach, but without being too fussy.
  • Traganou (North Rhodes): A vast beach that is favored by the locals because it is less organized.
  • Agkathi (East Rhodes): This beautiful beach is fully organized and it offers golden sand and shallow sea. It is one of the most popular beaches of Rhodes.
  • Haraki (East Rhodes): A wonderful beach with sand and pebble under the shadow of the majestic castle.
  • Vlyha (East Rhodes): A nice and quiet sandy beach, big both in length and width, found at the east side of Rhodes.
  • Lindos (East Rhodes): It is one of the most famous beaches of Rhodes, fully organized, with rich sand and clean sea.
  • Agios Pavlos (East Rhodes): A beach of rare natural beauty as it looks like a pool. The sea is shallow, the sand is golden and the scenery is heavenly.
  • Pefki (East Rhodes): A lovely and rather quiet beach with nice sand and clean shallow sea.

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Travel To Rhodes

Rhodes is unfortunately one of the most distant islands from Piraeus and for that reason the trip by ferry takes at least 9 hours. On the plus side Rhodes, being the center of the Dodecanese, has an airport with the flight from Athens being almost 45 minutes.
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Transportation On Rhodes (Car Rentals)

Rhodes has a good road network. Since the island is large it is advised to have your own vehicle so you may explore the island, although there are frequent buses and plenty of taxis.
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Accommodation On Rhodes (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Rhodes has many large hotel units. Most accommodation is found at the northeast part of the island and they are mainly focused in Rhodes town, Ialysos and Faliraki where there are countless rooms of every type. There are some more quiet rooms to let towards the south, in villages like Arhaggelo and Kolympia, but you should consider if it is in your best interest to be so far away from the town, as Rhodes is a large island.
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Food & Drink On Rhodes

Taste some of the traditional recipes of Rhodes like Lakani (meat with red sauce served with coarse grain) which is baked in a clay pot and pitaroudia (chickpea nuggets).
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What To Buy On Rhodes

The most famous traditional product of Rhodes is melekouni, a local variety of pasteli (sesami and honey bar). You can also purchase some souma, which is similar to raki, a high-alcoholic drink.
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Attractions On Rhodes

Tsampika Monastery

Tsampika Monastery

Palia Poli of Rhodes

The jewel of the city of Rhodes is the Palia Poli (Old City) with many attractions and endless alleys.

Grand Master's Palace

The palace was the first home of the Grand Master and gathering point of the battalion. It is an imposing building where exhibitions are hosted.

Rhodes Archaeological Museum

It is located close to the city harbor, and it is housed in the two-story medieval building that served as the knights hospital.

Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum

The museum was founded in Rhodes on 2008 and it is unique of its kind in the Dodecanese with a total of 41 minerals.

Castelo Museum

Its three rooms exhibit paintings, furniture, sculptures and mosaics found in Rhodes dating from the Hellenistic period.

Rhodes Modern Art Museum

Its collection, with over 1000 pieces, is considered to be one of the best of its kind in Greece covering all periods.

Church of Panagia Kastrou and Byzantine Museum

It was built on the 11th century and it is located at the east edge of the Knights Street. The temple also houses the Rhodes Byzantine museum.


An amphitheatrically built scenic settlement with a fantastic view at the edge of a cliff and an intense Cycladic architectural style.

Valley of Buterflies

The Valley of the Buterflies is in a scenic location with rich vegetation and it is the most popular natural attraction of Rhodes.

Epta Piges

An enchanting location, not yet widely known. The scenery is beautiful with a lot of platanus trees, running water, a waterfall and a pond.


It is close to Faliraki and it is considered the biggest water park in Europe.


One of the best aquariums in Greece that also shelters endangered species.

Kallithea Spring

This is one of the most famous tourist attraction of Rhodes with tens of thousands visitors coming every year.


A lovely location with the truly impressive church of Panagia Filerimou being the main attraction.

Bee Museum

A well formed place where people can get informed regarding the world of bees and buy the respective products.

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Alternative Islands To Rhodes

Rhodes is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Halki (8 klm from Rhodes)
Symi (20 klm from Rhodes)
Tilos (33 klm from Rhodes)
Karpathos (41 klm from Rhodes)
Nisyros (61 klm from Rhodes)
Kos (78 klm from Rhodes)
Kasos (79 klm from Rhodes)
Kalymnos (99 klm from Rhodes)
Astypalaia (109 klm from Rhodes)
Leros (120 klm from Rhodes)
Kastelorizo (121 klm from Rhodes)
Lipsi (140 klm from Rhodes)
Patmos (154 klm from Rhodes)

Rhodes alternativesRhodes alternativesRhodes alternatives

Islands Connected To Rhodes

There is a ferry from Rhodes to the following islands:

Astypalaia (direct connection to Rhodes)
Halki (direct connection to Rhodes)
Ikaria (direct connection to Rhodes)
Kalymnos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Karpathos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Kasos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Kastelorizo (direct connection to Rhodes)
Kos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Leros (direct connection to Rhodes)
Lipsi (direct connection to Rhodes)
Naxos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Nisyros (direct connection to Rhodes)
Patmos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Santorini (direct connection to Rhodes)
Serifos (direct connection to Rhodes)
Symi (direct connection to Rhodes)
Syros (direct connection to Rhodes)
Tilos (direct connection to Rhodes)

Connections from RhodesConnections from RhodesConnections from Rhodes

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