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Vacations in Amorgos (Cyclades - Greece)

Amorgos: The scenic island of the endless blue

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Area Cyclades Best for All
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Access Ship Size 121 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 252 Kilometers

Vacations in Amorgos island - Amorgos, The scenic island of the endless blue

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Why Amorgos

  • To admire the deep blue of the sea in Agia Anna
  • To take a walk in one of the most scenic capitals of Cyclades
  • To taste traditional delicacies in picturesque mountainous villages
  • To enjoy stunning sunsets in idyllic sceneries

Information On Amorgos

Amorgos belongs to the island complex of Cyclades and it is its eastern island. The shape of Amorgos is long and narrow, and it slightly resembles a bird.

Amorgos became famous thanks to the movie Deep Blue (Le Grand Bleu) of the French director Luc Besson, and as a result the island attracts a lot of French tourists, even nowadays. Scenes were shot in various locations of Amorgos, but mainly in the area of Agia Anna.

Amorgos is a romantic destination mainly suited for quiet and relaxation, without meaning that there is no night-life on the island. Amorgos is an especially mountainous island with amazing routes, although this ma be a bit tiresome, especially combined with the great length of Amorgos. You will get the chance to know beautiful scenic little villages, like Tholaria, Lagkada and Potamos which offer great hospitality and unique traditional flavors.

Amorgos hosts one of the greatest feasts in Cyclades, the feast of Agia Paraskevi in Kato Meria village on July 25th-26th. More than 1500 people take part in this event while the preparations begin about 10 days earlier. Visitors enjoy freshly baked bread and traditional dishes like patatato, xidato and kofto which are cooked in large quantities in huge pots.
Amorgos informationAmorgos informationAmorgos information

Beaches Of Amorgos

Amorgos does not offer endless sandy beaches and it is generally not known for its beaches, but the water of the sea is crystal clean.
  • Agia Anna (Κεντρική Amorgos): One of the smallest beaches of Amorgos and the most famous thanks to the movie Deep Blue.
  • Kato Akrotiri (Κεντρική Amorgos): A little organized sandy beach that gets crowded.
  • Xylokeratidi (Κεντρική Amorgos): A small and narrow beach with sand, pebble and calm sea.
  • Maltezi (Κεντρική Amorgos): One of the most popular beaches of Amorgos in a small bay.
  • Gramvoussa (Southwest Amorgos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Amorgos with crystal clear water and thin white pebble.
  • Kalotaritissa (Southwest Amorgos): A windless beach with green-blue water, nice sand and easy road access.
  • Mouros (Southwest Amorgos): An idyllic beach with grayish sand and pebble, and blue crystal water.
  • Liveros (Southwest Amorgos): A small beach, an amazing attraction of Amorgos, because of the shipwreck.
  • Egiali (Northeast Amorgos): A long sandy beach that starts from the harbor.
  • Levrossos (Northeast Amorgos): One of the best beaches of Egiali with green water and sand.
  • Agios Pavlos (North Amorgos): The most impressive beach of Amorgos thanks to the white tongue of land that penetrates the sea.

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Travel To Amorgos

The trip to Amorgos from Piraeus by conventional ship is 7-9 hours or 4-5 hours with high-speed ferry. When you are about to book your tickets beware of the destination in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, as Amorgos has two harbors, Katapola and Egiali, which are however not very far from each other.
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Transportation On Amorgos (Car Rentals)

Amorgos is a rather large island and if you plan on seeing most of it, we urge to to have tour own means of transportation, as the local buses are frequent but they do not reach most places. On Amorgos there are a few taxis.
Amorgos transportationAmorgos transportationAmorgos transportation

Accommodation On Amorgos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Accommodation on Amorgos is centered in Katapola and Egiali (north) which are both by the sea but the are not very scenic settlements. The most scenic villages are Tholaria (north) and Chora, which is also very convenient for your excursions, as it is located in the center of Amorgos. There is an organized camping on the island, a bit outside of Katapola on the way to Chora.
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Food & Drink On Amorgos

On Amorgos you can find delicious traditional dishes like Patatato (goat with potatoes and red sauce), Xidato (boiled tripe), Giaprakia (cabbage wrapped meatballs), and Kalogiri (eggplants stuffed with meat and cheese). Traditional desserts include xerotigana (sweet with honey and sesame) and pasteli (honey and sesame bar) served on lemon leaves.
Amorgos cuisineAmorgos cuisineAmorgos cuisine

What To Buy On Amorgos

Before leaving Amorgos make sure to buy local fava beans of excellent quality, malaka cheese (soft white goat cheese), and cooked raki (raki drink boiled with sugar, honey, cinnamon and carnation).
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Attractions On Amorgos

Chora of Amorgos

The scenic Chora of Amorgos is one of the most beautiful capitals of Cyclades with cobbled roads, all-white little churches and marvelous dome passageways.

Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa

The Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa is one of the most famous attractions of Amorgos and the one of the most important religious centers of the Aegean.


The Venetian castle was built during the 13th century on top of the rocky bulk that stands out over Chora providing natural fortification.

Amorgos Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Amorgos is housed inside the famous Tower of Gavra at Platysteno of Chora.

Mountainous Villages

On Amorgos there are some amazing mountainous villages that are worth visiting, all of which are at the north.

Pyrgos sto Chorio

The best preserved orthogonal tower in Cyclades which was built during the 4th century B.C., in south Amorgos.

Agia Anna Church

The little church of Agia Anna watches over the deep blue.

Ecclesiastical Museum

A well kept Ecclesiastical Museum with an interesting collection of icons, books, vestments etc.

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Alternative Islands To Amorgos

Amorgos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Schinoussa (19 klm from Amorgos)
Koufonisia (20 klm from Amorgos)
Donoussa (22 klm from Amorgos)
Iraklia (24 klm from Amorgos)
Naxos (25 klm from Amorgos)
Ios (31 klm from Amorgos)
Anafi (41 klm from Amorgos)
Santorini (45 klm from Amorgos)
Sikinos (50 klm from Amorgos)
Paros (50 klm from Amorgos)
Antiparos (62 klm from Amorgos)
Folegandros (72 klm from Amorgos)
Mykonos (75 klm from Amorgos)
Sifnos (88 klm from Amorgos)
Tinos (93 klm from Amorgos)
Syros (95 klm from Amorgos)
Kimolos (102 klm from Amorgos)
Milos (106 klm from Amorgos)
Serifos (113 klm from Amorgos)
Andros (121 klm from Amorgos)
Kythnos (132 klm from Amorgos)
Kea (Tzia) (151 klm from Amorgos)

Amorgos alternativesAmorgos alternativesAmorgos alternatives

Islands Connected To Amorgos

There is a ferry from Amorgos to the following islands:

Astypalaia (direct connection to Amorgos)
Donoussa (direct connection to Amorgos)
Folegandros (direct connection to Amorgos)
Iraklia (direct connection to Amorgos)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Amorgos)
Kythnos (direct connection to Amorgos)
Milos (direct connection to Amorgos)
Mykonos (direct connection to Amorgos)
Paros (direct connection to Amorgos)
Santorini (direct connection to Amorgos)
Schinoussa (direct connection to Amorgos)
Syros (direct connection to Amorgos)
Tinos (direct connection to Amorgos)

Connections from AmorgosConnections from AmorgosConnections from Amorgos

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