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Vacations in Nisyros (Dodecanese - Greece)

Nisyros: The island with the succession of landscapes

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Area Dodecanese Best for Quiet
Perfecture Dodecanese Cost Low
Access Ship Size 41 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 373 Kilometers

Vacations in Nisyros island - Nisyros, The island with the succession of landscapes


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Why Nisyros

  • For swimming in beaches of wild beauty with black pebbles
  • For walking between the craters of the volcano
  • For strolls in scenic mountainous villages with a view to the caldera
  • For visiting the only volcanological museum of Greece

Information On Nisyros

Nisyros belongs to the Dodecanese and it is located south of Kos and northwest of Tilos. It is a small volcanic island with a round shape, that is basically an old volcano with an active crater at its top.

Mandraki is both the capital and the harbor of the island, and it is located northwest. It is a scenic village with unique pebbled yards with black and white pebbles, while the white two-storey tiled houses have colorful balconies. The other two villages are Emporios and Nikia, both of them beautiful mountainous villages at the edge of the caldera.

Although Nisyros is a volcanic island, it has a lot of green. The volcanic activity has formed a stunning caldera with many craters that every visitor must see. The magical lunar landscape has been heavily photographed so it is worth enduring the bad smell of sulfur for a while.

On Nisyros there is a big festival on August 15th at Panagia Spiliani, in Mandraki. The preparations begin days earlier, while the festival is full of music, dance, as well as food and drink for all attendees.

Nisyros is an ideal destination for quiet vacations and relaxation, as it does not have any real nightlife.
Nisyros informationNisyros informationNisyros information

Beaches Of Nisyros

In the northern and northeastern part of the island the beaches are sandy and smooth, while the rest part is rocky and steep with cliffs. The few beaches of Nisyros usually have pebble. By boat you can reach the nearby Gyali island where pumice is extracted and 2-3 lovely beaches are found, ideal for isolation.
  • Avlaki (South Nisyros): Easily accessible beach with pebble and a view to Agios Panteleimonas Monastery.
  • Agios Savvas (Northwest Nisyros): A small dark beach with sand and pebble.
  • Hohlaki (Northwest Nisyros): An impressive beach of natural beauty with large black pebble and blue sea.
  • Gyaliskari (North Nisyros): One of the most famous beaches of Nisyros with thin dark sand.
  • Pali (North Nisyros): A rather large stretch of thin sand and many tamarisk trees along the coast.
  • Pachia Ammos (East Nisyros): The most beautiful beach of Nisyros with black sand and clear deep sea.
  • Lies (East Nisyros): A long beach divided into smaller ones, with dark sand and pebble.
Nisyros beachesNisyros beachesNisyros beaches

Travel To Nisyros

Nisyros can only be reached by ferry, as it has no airport. There is a direct connection with the port of Piraeus through a 15 hour long trip, but you also have the option of going to Kos (by plane or ferry) and from there get the ship for Nisyros that arrives in almost one hour.
Nisyros travelNisyros travelNisyros travel

Transportation On Nisyros (Car Rentals)

Nisyros is a small island with a decent road network, and that makes it tempting to have your own car. There are buses for public transportation but they only cover the basic routes while their schedule is not that frequent.
Nisyros transportationNisyros transportationNisyros transportation

Accommodation On Nisyros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Nisyros is a small island with few rooms to let that are gathered mainly in Mandraki, the capital and harbor of the island. Therfor we suggest stauing in Mandraki, as this is also where the little activity of the island is found.
Nisyros accommodationNisyros accommodationNisyros accommodation

Food & Drink On Nisyros

On Nisyros you will get to taste traditional dishes like pitia (chickpea nuggets), stuffed goat and of course fresh fish. Do accompany your meal with a refreshing soumada (almond-based soft drink), kanelada (cinnamon-based soft drink) or koukouzina (high alcoholic drink). For coffee we urge you to visit the scenic square of Ilikiomeni at Mandraki which is covered by huge trees.
Nisyros cuisineNisyros cuisineNisyros cuisine

What To Buy On Nisyros

Nisyros produces large quantities of pumice that you can buy as a souvenir. You can also buy honey, spoon sweets and cheese kept in wine. From drinks you can get soumada, kanelada and koukouzina.
Nisyros purchasesNisyros purchasesNisyros purchases

Attractions On Nisyros

Nisyros Archaeological Museum

It is housed in the building of Gennadios Estia since 2001. Its exhibits are mostly from the hellenistic and roman ages.

Nisyros Historical and Folklore Museum

It is housed in a two-storey mansion of the 18th century. Its collection includes various items of everyday use of Nisyros.

Nisyros Volcanological Museum

This is the first museum of tis kind in Greece and it is located in Nikia, at the edge of the caldera, offering a unique view.


The volcano is the most impressive attraction of Nisyros with a three kilometer long caldera and one of the largest craters in the world.


The ancient Acropolis of the 4th century B.C. and the gigantic walls were built with large blocks of black volcanic rock.


It was founded in 1315 by the Knight of Saint John and it stands since then over Mandraki. On its walls you can still distinguish the banners of the Grand Masters.

Monastery of Panagia Spiliani

The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani of 1600, patroness saint of Nisyros, is located west of Mandraki and it is adjacent to the castle, while virtually hanging in the air.

Emporios and Nikia

The two other settlements on Nisyros besides Mandraki, are Emporios and Nikia, lovely mountainous villages built at the edge of the caldera.

Thermal Springs

The Municipal Thermal Springs are open to the public but they are still underdeveloped and not fully organized.
Nisyros attractionsNisyros attractionsNisyros attractions

Alternative Islands To Nisyros

Nisyros is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kos (13 klm from Nisyros)
Tilos (13 klm from Nisyros)
Kalymnos (36 klm from Nisyros)
Halki (45 klm from Nisyros)
Symi (46 klm from Nisyros)
Leros (57 klm from Nisyros)
Astypalaia (57 klm from Nisyros)
Rhodes (61 klm from Nisyros)
Karpathos (69 klm from Nisyros)
Lipsi (78 klm from Nisyros)
Patmos (85 klm from Nisyros)
Kasos (122 klm from Nisyros)
Kastelorizo (216 klm from Nisyros)

Nisyros alternativesNisyros alternativesNisyros alternatives

Islands Connected To Nisyros

There is a ferry from Nisyros to the following islands:

Astypalaia (direct connection to Nisyros)
Halki (direct connection to Nisyros)
Kalymnos (direct connection to Nisyros)
Kastelorizo (direct connection to Nisyros)
Kos (direct connection to Nisyros)
Naxos (direct connection to Nisyros)
Rhodes (direct connection to Nisyros)
Santorini (direct connection to Nisyros)
Symi (direct connection to Nisyros)
Tilos (direct connection to Nisyros)

Connections from NisyrosConnections from NisyrosConnections from Nisyros

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