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Vacations in Halki (Dodecanese - Greece)

Halki: The quiet island for vacations of calm and relaxation

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Area Dodecanese Best for Quiet
Perfecture Dodecanese Cost Low
Access Ship Size 28 Square Kilometers
Beaches Sand Distance 428 Kilometers

Vacations in Halki island - Halki, The quiet island for vacations of calm and relaxation


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Why Halki

  • For vacation is a small paradise of calm and relaxation
  • For strolls in a beautiful traditional settlement
  • For swimming in crystal clear waters and virgin beaches
  • For a taste of genuine Greece, unspoiled by tourism

Information On Halki

Halki is a small island that belongs to the Dodecanese and it is located a it west of Rhodes.

Halki is a mountainous island with rocky soil. Its capital, harbor and only inhabited settlement in Nimporios, a lovely scenic settlement with traditional style and magestic atmosphere.

Halki has been declared as center of peace and friendship by Unesco, something that attracts some young people. It is an island untouched by tourism, ideal for quiet vacations and relaxation, with no nightlife whatsoever.

There is a great festival held in Halki on the 29th of August, at the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Alarga. If you happen to hear strange names do not be surprised, as locals have the most uncommon names, some of which are of ancient origin.

On Halki there is only one ATM, so make sure you carry enough money with you.
Halki informationHalki informationHalki information

Beaches Of Halki

Halki has very few and small, but nonetheless fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters. Those which are not close to Nimporio are easily accessible by sea with boats.
  • Ftenagia (Southeast Halki): A small rocky beach with stunning turquoise sea.
  • Giali (South Halki): A small unorganized beach with white pebble and crystal sea.
  • Trahia (South Halki): A thin strip of land that connect the Trahia peninsula with the rest of Halki.
  • Areta (Northeast Halki): A small beach with large white pebbles and turquoise waters, surrounded by tall rocks.
  • Pontamos (East Halki): A small narrow beach, the most popular of Halki, with thin white sand.
  • Kania (East Halki): A small scenic beach with pebble and some large trees.
Halki beachesHalki beachesHalki beaches

Travel To Halki

There are ships for Halki leaving from Piraeus but only twice a week with a 20 hour trip. It is much faster going to Halki via Rhodes, since the two islands are connected with daily ferries of an 1 hour trip. Besides the main port of Rhodes, there are also ships for Halki leaving from Kamiro Skalas port, a less accessible port but with more frequent routes and a less expensive ticket.
Halki travelHalki travelHalki travel

Transportation On Halki (Car Rentals)

There is no public transportation on Halki, except from a municipality mini bus that covers the most basic needs of the island, but it often gets full. It is not necessary to have a transportation here, with the island being so small and the road network so limited, and this is why there are not many cars around. Besides, the few beaches that are not close to Nimporio are easily access with boats.
Halki transportationHalki transportationHalki transportation

Accommodation On Halki (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Halki there are very few rooms to let and of course no large hotels, so you should arrange for your stay as early as possible. The vast majority of those rooms are found in Nimporio where it is advised to stay.
Halki accommodationHalki accommodationHalki accommodation

Food & Drink On Halki

Halki offers delicious traditional food made with pure ingredients and naturally fresh fish and seafood. The most famous dish is the Halki spaghetti, pasta with fresh local butter and sauted onions. Also try the ofto lamb stuffed with giblets and rice, and for dessert the fresh loukoumades (donut like sweet).
Halki cuisineHalki cuisineHalki cuisine

What To Buy On Halki

On Halki you can but pure local products like honey, local cheese types, handmade pasta, spoon sweets, and more.
Halki purchasesHalki purchasesHalki purchases

Attractions On Halki


The only inhabited settlement and harbor of Halki, with a a strong charm and a stately style.

Halki Folklore Museum

The Traditional House of Halki hosts, besides folklore exhibits, some archaeological findings.

Agios Nikolaos Church

The most impressive attraction of Halki thanks to its unique black and white pebbled courtyard, the lovely bell tower and the remarkable murals.

Archaeological Site of Chorio and Medieval Castle

All that is left from the castle and the ancient city are the walls from the ancient houses and the ruins from the castle foundations.

Monastery of Agios Ioannis Alarka

One of the most important pilgrimage site of the Dodecanese. The icon was made in 1835 and the monastery is even older.

Halki Caves

The rocky Halki has several caves, like the one at Kelia location due to the murals on the rock and Kameno Cave.
Halki attractionsHalki attractionsHalki attractions

Alternative Islands To Halki

Halki is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Rhodes (8 klm from Halki)
Tilos (18 klm from Halki)
Symi (36 klm from Halki)
Karpathos (40 klm from Halki)
Nisyros (45 klm from Halki)
Kos (67 klm from Halki)
Kalymnos (87 klm from Halki)
Kasos (94 klm from Halki)
Astypalaia (98 klm from Halki)
Leros (108 klm from Halki)
Lipsi (129 klm from Halki)
Patmos (138 klm from Halki)
Kastelorizo (173 klm from Halki)

Halki alternativesHalki alternativesHalki alternatives

Islands Connected To Halki

There is a ferry from Halki to the following islands:

Kalymnos (direct connection to Halki)
Karpathos (direct connection to Halki)
Kasos (direct connection to Halki)
Kos (direct connection to Halki)
Nisyros (direct connection to Halki)
Rhodes (direct connection to Halki)
Tilos (direct connection to Halki)

Connections from HalkiConnections from HalkiConnections from Halki

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