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Vacations in Patmos (Dodecanese - Greece)

Patmos: The island of the Holy Revelation with the idyllic Chora

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Vacations in Patmos island - Patmos, The island of the Holy Revelation with the idyllic Chora


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Why Patmos

  • To visit the Cave of Apocalypse where the Holy Revelation of the New Testimony was written
  • To walk in the picturesque Chora which has been voted as Europe's most idyllic place
  • To enjoy your vacations in an island with unrivaled natural beauty
  • To swim in clean beaches with crystal-clear water

Information On Patmos

Patmos is a small island shaped like a sea-horse and it is one of the northest islands of the Dodecanese. Contrary to most islands of the Dodecanese complex, Patmos is an infertile island created by volcanic activity with little green.

Patmos is also called the Island of the Apocalypse because it is there that the Holy Book of Revelation was written by Saint John, a text that is part of the New Testimony and one of the most famous texts of all time. Due to this Patmos is a center of religious tourism while it has also been declared a Holy Island by the Greek State.

The natural beauty of Patmos combined with the picturesque Chora and the unique religious atmosphere are some of the reasons why the Forbes Magazine has voted Patmos as the most idyllic place of Europe.

If you find yourself on Patmos during the first two weeks of September do not miss the unique Religious Music Festival which is most interesting and held out in the open outside the Cave of the Apocalypse.

Fortunately on Patmos tourist growth is mild and has not altered the traditional life-style of the island.
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Beaches Of Patmos

Patmos is not famous for its beaches, as visitors lick the island for other reasons. However, Patmos has scenic beaches with clean sea. Fans of pebble beaches will be happy on Patmos. The main beaches of Patmos are:
  • Petra (South Patmos): A quiet beach with pebble and the Rock of Kalikatsou at its side.
  • Psili Ammos (South Patmos): This is considered to be the best beach of Patmos with beautiful thin sand but difficult access.
  • Twin Beaches (Northeast Patmos): Two identical small and quiet sandy beaches, also known as Liginou beaches.
  • Grikos (Northeast Patmos): A beach popular to tourists with great sand, crystal water and many trees.
  • Livadi Geranou (Northeast Patmos): A rather quiet and beautiful sandy beach with pine trees that reach the sea.
  • Lampi (North Patmos): A beach with sand and clear water, known for its colorful pebbles.
  • Vagia (North Patmos): A popular beach with thin pebble and sand close to the harbor.
  • Agrio Livadi (North Patmos): An organized beach with sand and thin pebble that attracts many people.
  • Kampos (North Patmos): One of the most popular beaches of Patmos with calm clean sea and nice sand.
  • Aspri (East Patmos): A quiet beach in walking range from Skala with clean sea.
  • Meloi (East Patmos): A beach with golden sand and warm water very close to the harbor.

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Travel To Patmos

Using the fast ship from Pireaus you will reach Patmos in approximately 7 hours, while it will take you around 10 hours with the conventional ship. There is no airport on Patmos but there is a helicopter landing spot for emergency cases.
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Transportation On Patmos (Car Rentals)

You can access most beaches of Patmos using the bus routes that cover the distance between Grikos and Kampos, passing by Chora and Skala of course. However, the buses are not frequent, as on average they pass every two hours (depending on the route), therefor it is best to have your own transportation. In case you do not, you may rent a car of a motorcycle, or make use of the taxis that travel on Patmos.
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Accommodation On Patmos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most rooms to let and hotels are in Chora and Skala, the harbor of Patmos. At Meloi you will find the only camping of Patmos with a popular tavern near by.
Patmos accommodationPatmos accommodationPatmos accommodation

Food & Drink On Patmos

On Patmos you will find many local dishes with fresh fish. Do not forget to try the local cheese Kalathotos (made with goat and sheep milk) and the sweet pougakia (with honey, almonds and walnuts).
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What To Buy On Patmos

You will find many traditional products of Patmos and souvenir icons at the Monastery, but also in shops all over the island. You should also know that jewelery making is a tradition on Patmos.
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Attractions On Patmos

Chora of Patmos

The beautiful capital of Patmos with its white alleys and the imposing classical houses is build amphitheatrically with a view to the harbor.

Apocalypse Cave

The most important religious attraction in Greece. This is where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation and where thousands of tourists.

Monastery of Saint John

One of the oldest and most important monastic centers of the East, while in its vast area you can find important attractions.

Patmos Ecclesiastical Museum

An impressive museum located inside the Monastery, hosting remarkable treasures of Patmos.

Simantiri Folklore Museum

The museum is found in Chora and it is housed in a traditional house of the 17th century belonging to Simantiri family.

Nikolaidi Folklore Museum

A very interesting museum with many rooms in Chora of Patmos.

Evaggelismou Monastery

A beautiful female monastery near Grikos.

Orthodox Culture Center

A small room in the harbor where documentaries about Patmos are projected.

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Alternative Islands To Patmos

Patmos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Lipsi (9 klm from Patmos)
Leros (19 klm from Patmos)
Kalymnos (35 klm from Patmos)
Kos (63 klm from Patmos)
Astypalaia (69 klm from Patmos)
Nisyros (85 klm from Patmos)
Tilos (107 klm from Patmos)
Symi (126 klm from Patmos)
Halki (138 klm from Patmos)
Rhodes (154 klm from Patmos)
Karpathos (157 klm from Patmos)
Kasos (201 klm from Patmos)
Kastelorizo (294 klm from Patmos)

Patmos alternativesPatmos alternativesPatmos alternatives

Islands Connected To Patmos

There is a ferry from Patmos to the following islands:

Kalymnos (direct connection to Patmos)
Kos (direct connection to Patmos)
Leros (direct connection to Patmos)
Lipsi (direct connection to Patmos)
Rhodes (direct connection to Patmos)
Samos (direct connection to Patmos)
Symi (direct connection to Patmos)
Syros (direct connection to Patmos)

Connections from PatmosConnections from PatmosConnections from Patmos

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