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Vacations in Karpathos (Dodecanese - Greece)

Karpathos: The island of tradition and hospitality

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Access Ship Size 301 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 481 Kilometers

Vacations in Karpathos island - Karpathos, The island of tradition and hospitality


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Why Karpathos

  • For beaches with exotic beauty and turquoise waters
  • To walk in the enchanting and traditional Olympos
  • To have fun in the amazing festivals of Karpathos
  • To relax in a destination that takes you back in time

Information On Karpathos

Karpathos belongs to Dodecanese and it is found between Rhodes and Crete. It is the second largest island in the Dodecanese and the fifteenth largest throughout Greece.

Karpathos has an elongated shape and it is generally a mountainous island. However, it does have several springs with running water and sporadic pine forests. Karpathos has the homonymous town as a capital which is built in the side of the Pigadia bay, and this is why it is also called Pigadia. The scenic settlement, which also serves as the island's harbor, consists of stone houses with flowered balconies and patios. In Pigadia you will find bars, cafeterias and nightclubs with music, while an upcoming tourist resort is Lefkos village to the north.

Karpathos is an island where tradition still lives, resisting the invasion of tourism. In fact the women of Olympos village move around wearing traditional costumes. In Karpathos there are yearly festivals with traditional home-made food for all visitors under the sound of local music. The largest ones are on August 15th in Olympos, on September 7th the festival of Larniotisa at Pigadia, on August 29th at the ancient cave of Vroukounta where the church of Agios Ioannis lies, and on July 27th the festival of Agios Panteleimonas at Othos village.

Karpathos mas many beaches of exotic beauty with lovely sand and amazing turquoise waters, while the pine trees often reach very close to the sea.

Karpathos is a quiet island, ideal for relaxation and getting in touch with the rich living tradition of the hospitable inhabitants.
Karpathos informationKarpathos informationKarpathos information

Beaches Of Karpathos

Karpathos has many beautiful beaches for every taste with lovely sea. Most beaches at the east side of the island have pebble and a view to the pine-filled mountains, while the west beaches are usually sandy. There are some small but wonderful beaches on the Saria island, just north of Karpathos, with boats leaving frequently from Diafani. Finally on Karpathos, in the Afiartis area to the south, there is the annual Windsurf Speed World Championships held.
  • Lefkos (West Karpathos): Three consecutive beaches with nice sand and wonderful sea.
  • Argilopotamos (Southwest Karpathos): An isolated beach with light sand and shallow sea.
  • Arkasa / Agios Nikolaos (Southwest Karpathos): A popular beach with light sand and clean turquoise sea.
  • Finiki (Southwest Karpathos): A small stretch of sand with clear sea and some tamarisk trees.
  • Mikri Ammoopi - Megali Ammoopi (Southeast Karpathos): Cosmic beaches just south of Karpathos town with sand and lovely sea.
  • Damatria (Southeast Karpathos): A quiet beach with wonderful sand and turquoise sea.
  • Christou Pigadi (Southeast Karpathos): A large organized stretch of sand and pebble with blue sea.
  • Valias (South Karpathos): A long organized beach with pebble, ideal for windsurf.
  • Diakoftis (South Karpathos): A lovely small beach with light sand and crystal shallow sea.
  • Psoraris (South Karpathos): A large unorganized beach with sand and deep blue sea.
  • Diafani (Northeast Karpathos): A beautiful long and narrow beach with pebble and clear sea.
  • Agios Minas (Northeast Karpathos): A stunning little beach with white pebble and lovely turquoise sea.
  • Vananta (North Karpathos): A small scenic beach with pebble, crystal water and trees.
  • Apella (East Karpathos): This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos with white sand and delightful turquoise sea.
  • Kyra Panagia (East Karpathos): A marvelous popular beach with turquoise sea and white sand.
  • Ahata (East Karpathos): A superb quiet beach with pebble and calm crystal sea.
  • Afoti (East Karpathos): A vast organized beach with beautiful light sand.
Karpathos beachesKarpathos beachesKarpathos beaches

Travel To Karpathos

Karpathos is a 10-12 hour trip by ferry from the port of Piraeus. Karpathos also has an airport for easier access with at least one flight per day with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.
Karpathos travelKarpathos travelKarpathos travel

Transportation On Karpathos (Car Rentals)

Karpathos is a big island so it is best to have some means of transportation. There are buses but they will only take you to some of the amazing beaches of the island. In case you do not have one, you can rent a car or a motorcycle as soon as you reach Pigadia.
Karpathos transportationKarpathos transportationKarpathos transportation

Accommodation On Karpathos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Karpathos there is a lot of accommodation, most of which is found in the capital ofKarpathos, Pigadia. Although this is the most convenient place to stay, being rather central (at the north there are very few things to see) and the island's harbor, there are places to stay in most villages, like Arkasa, Ammoopi, Diafani and Lefkos. For less costly vacations inside nature there is an organized camping in Vananta.
Karpathos accommodationKarpathos accommodationKarpathos accommodation

Food & Drink On Karpathos

Karpathos has a great local cuisine with traditional delicacies like makarounes (handmade pasta), kopeles (triangular pies), baked stuffed goat, potato and egg salad, stuffed zucchini flowers, and naturally fresh fish and seafood. It is best to prefer the traditional taverns of Othos and Olympos villages.
Karpathos cuisineKarpathos cuisineKarpathos cuisine

What To Buy On Karpathos

Before leaving Karpathos you should buy some makarounes, psilokoulouro and local cheese for home. From desserts ask for the zimpilia (like cheese pie bites but with raisins instead of cheese) and melekouni (chopped almonds dressed with honey and sesame).
Karpathos purchasesKarpathos purchasesKarpathos purchases

Attractions On Karpathos

Karpathos Archaeological Museum

The newly-built archaeological museum of Karpathos hosts exhibits dating from 4.000 B.C. to the Byzantine period.

Karpathos Folklore Museums

There is a representation of the traditional home of Karpathos in Othos village, and another interesting Folklore museum in Menetes village.

Agricultural Museum of Pyles

This outdoor museum is located at the Pyles village and it consists of stone stables, house, windmill, threshing floor, winepress, furnace, etc.

Museum of Arkasa

A museum with no specific theme, with a variety of historical, folklore and ecclesiastical exhibits.


Olympos is a scenic mountainous village at the north side of Karpathos where tradition still rules.

Karpathos Caves

Karpathos has many remarkable caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites

Information Center for Protected Area

It is located in Diafani and its purpose is to inform people regarding the protected area where the Mediterranean monk seal lives.

Church of Agios Loukas

A lovely little church curved in a cave in the Apella area, north of Pigadia.
Karpathos attractionsKarpathos attractionsKarpathos attractions

Alternative Islands To Karpathos

Karpathos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kasos (6 klm from Karpathos)
Halki (40 klm from Karpathos)
Rhodes (41 klm from Karpathos)
Tilos (52 klm from Karpathos)
Nisyros (69 klm from Karpathos)
Symi (84 klm from Karpathos)
Kos (85 klm from Karpathos)
Astypalaia (97 klm from Karpathos)
Kalymnos (113 klm from Karpathos)
Leros (133 klm from Karpathos)
Lipsi (152 klm from Karpathos)
Patmos (157 klm from Karpathos)
Kastelorizo (208 klm from Karpathos)

Karpathos alternativesKarpathos alternativesKarpathos alternatives

Islands Connected To Karpathos

There is a ferry from Karpathos to the following islands:

Halki (direct connection to Karpathos)
Kasos (direct connection to Karpathos)
Rhodes (direct connection to Karpathos)

Connections from KarpathosConnections from KarpathosConnections from Karpathos

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