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Vacations in Fournoi (Nothern Aegean - Greece)

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Area Nothern Aegean Best for Quiet
Perfecture Samou Cost Medium
Access Ship Size 30 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 286 Kilometers

Vacations in Fournoi island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Fournoi

  • For quiet vacations in a small paradise
  • For swimming in lovely beaches with clear sea
  • For relaxing strolls in scenic villages
  • For cheap fresh fish and seafood

Information On Fournoi

Fournoi is a complex of 3 small inhabited islands - Fournoi, Thymaina and Agios Minas - and 12 smaller islets. Fournoi are located in Northern Aegean, inside the triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos and Patmos islands.

Fournoi have a weird shape, as the main island is made up by two parts which are connected with a narrow isthmus. The dismemberment of the coastline is remarkable, with a length of over 100, which made the island an ideal hideout for pirates, and this is the reason that besides Fournoi Ikarias the island is also called Fournoi Korseon.

Fournoi have a main settlement which serves both as a capital and island's harbor. The picturesque village is built amphitheatrically around the harbor with large mountains surrounding it. The central road has whitewashed mulberry trees along both sides and leads to the central square with the platanus tree.

Fournoi is famous for its great festivals with music, dancing, food and drink for everyone. The biggest one takes place on August 15th but there are more, like the Fish Festival on the last weekend of July.

Fournoi is an ideal destination for quiet family vacations and relaxation away from civilization and traffic.

Fournoi has a gas station and an ATM machine inside the main settlement.
Fournoi informationFournoi informationFournoi information

Beaches Of Fournoi

Fournoi have many lovely beaches thanks to their long coastline. None of these beaches are organized and most of them are not even easily accessible, but most beaches have sand and clear sea.
  • Kampi (Southwest Fournoi): A quiet organized beach with sand, pebble and crystal sea.
  • Elidaki (Southwest Fournoi): A small peaceful beach with sand and a clean sea.
  • Petrokopio (South Fournoi): A rather large and quiet beach with lovely white rocks vertically to the sand.
  • Kasidi (South Fournoi): A quiet beach with nice sand and crystal sea.
  • Vlyhada (South Fournoi): A peaceful and unorganized beach with clean, warm and very calm sea.
  • Vitsilia (South Fournoi): A quiet and relatively small beach with beautiful light sand, thin pebble and a crystal clear sea.
  • Koumara (Northeast Fournoi): A cute, quiet and rather large stretch of sand with some ducks.
  • Kamari (Northeast Fournoi): A great unorganized beach with sand, pebble and some trees.
  • Agia Triada (North Fournoi): A rather small but beautiful beach with calm clear sea and large tamarisk trees.
  • Chrysomilia (North Fournoi): A beautiful beach with thin sand and calm shallow clean sea.
  • Mpali (center Fournoi): A long narrow quiet beach with sand, pebble and clear sea.
  • Ampelos / Sklithros (center Fournoi): A nice beach with clean blue sea and nice sand, but no shade.
  • Psili Ammos (center Fournoi): One of the most popular beaches of Fournoi, small but with great thin sand and crystal shallow sea.
Fournoi beachesFournoi beachesFournoi beaches

Travel To Fournoi

Fournoi is connected to the Piraeus port, about 3 times a week with the trip being close to 10 hours. The same ship connects Fournoi with Samos and Ikaria which are only one hour away, but there are more, much more frequent ship routes from these islands.
Fournoi travelFournoi travelFournoi travel

Transportation On Fournoi (Car Rentals)

Fournoi is a small island with a limited yet decent road network. To explore the beaches of Fournoi you will need to have a vehicle or rent a motorcycle.
Fournoi transportationFournoi transportationFournoi transportation

Accommodation On Fournoi (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Fournoi there in not much accommodation, so you will have to arrange for your stay early on. Most rooms to let are found in Fournoi and Kampi village.
Fournoi accommodationFournoi accommodationFournoi accommodation

Food & Drink On Fournoi

Fournoi is an ideal place for fresh fish and seafood at a bargain price. Try the lobster spaghetti, the shrimp, the grilled octopus and the fresh fish. The local goat is also excellent. For a drink head to harbor at the small bar which is housed in an old windmill.
Fournoi cuisineFournoi cuisineFournoi cuisine

What To Buy On Fournoi

On Fournoi you can find great thyme honey, various types of local cheese (goat cheese, myzitrha, etc) and traditional sweets.
Fournoi purchasesFournoi purchasesFournoi purchases

Attractions On Fournoi


Kampi is a scenic little village, amphitheatrically built, which has grown considerably the past few years.

Cyclopean Walls

On the Agios Georgios hills, above Fournoi, lie in good condition the imposing cyclopean walls.
Fournoi attractionsFournoi attractionsFournoi attractions

Alternative Islands To Fournoi

Fournoi is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Samos (6 klm from Fournoi)
Ikaria (7 klm from Fournoi)
Chios (78 klm from Fournoi)
Oinousses (91 klm from Fournoi)
Psara (123 klm from Fournoi)
Lesvos (152 klm from Fournoi)
Agios Efstratios (240 klm from Fournoi)
Lemnos (257 klm from Fournoi)
Samothrace (316 klm from Fournoi)
Thassos (363 klm from Fournoi)

Fournoi alternativesFournoi alternativesFournoi alternatives

Islands Connected To Fournoi

There is a ferry from Fournoi to the following islands:

Chios (direct connection to Fournoi)
Ikaria (direct connection to Fournoi)
Samos (direct connection to Fournoi)
Syros (direct connection to Fournoi)

Connections from FournoiConnections from FournoiConnections from Fournoi

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