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Vacations in Oinousses (Nothern Aegean - Greece)

Oinousses: The small island with the great marine tradition

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Area Nothern Aegean Best for Quiet
Perfecture Chiou Cost Low
Access Ship Size 14 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 283 Kilometers

Vacations in Oinousses island - Oinousses, The small island with the great marine tradition


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Why Oinousses

  • To dive in stunning unspoilt by tourism
  • To visit the amazing collection of model ships at the Maritime Museum
  • For detoxicating vacations on a forgotten piece of paradise
  • For excellent food and fresh fish and seafood

Information On Oinousses

Oinousses is a small island cluster located in North Aegean, between Chios and the coasts of Asia Minor. the cluster also includes the islets of Panagia, Vatos, Gaidouronisi, Pontikonisi, Prasonisia, Pateroniso, Archontoniso.

The Oinousses village, the capital of Oinousses island, is amphitheatrically built on top of a seaside hill, on the south side of the island. Right across the harbor lies the verdant Pateroniso islet while the first thing you see arriving in the harbor is the bronze statue of a mermaid.

In the single one settlement of Oinousses you will enjoy your ride while watching the beautiful two-storey mansions, blooming gardens and whitewashed alleys. It is worth visiting the statue of the Unknown Sailor in the central square of Seamanship and the statue of Oinousiotissa Mana (=Mother) on the harbor symbolizing the anguish of the mother for the child's safe return from the trip.

Oinousses are a forgotten piece of paradise, an ideal destination for peaceful and relaxing holidays.
Oinousses informationOinousses informationOinousses information

Beaches Of Oinousses

Oinousses have many beautiful beaches, with the most accessible lying on the southwestern side of the island. Most of the beaches are small and quiet, with sand and transparent crystal sea. For absolute seclusion you should prefer the inaccessible northern beaches.
  • Apiganos (Southwest Oinousses): One of the most impressive beaches of Oinousses with nice sand and crystal sea.
  • Kastro (Southwest Oinousses): A cute and rather large beach with large white pebble.
  • Mpilali (Southwest Oinousses): A lovely stretch of sand and calm shallow sea.
  • Zepagas (Southwest Oinousses): A popular beach in a convenient location with thin pebble and crystal clear sea.
  • Agios Giannis (Southwest Oinousses): A scenic little beach with sand and thin pebble.
  • Farkero / Fourkerou (Southwest Oinousses): A quiet beach in a closed bay with nice sand and calm crystal sea.
  • Fokia (Northwest Oinousses): A quiet beach without amenities, but with lovely sand, crystal sea and easy road access.
  • Hohlakas - Katsika (Northwest Oinousses): Unspoilt beaches in two consecutive closed bays.
  • Tselepi / Tzelepi (North Oinousses): A beach with crystal clear waters, nice sand and absolute silence.
  • Hatzalis (North Oinousses): A peaceful peace with calm sea with sand and pebble, clean blue sea and some trees.
Oinousses beachesOinousses beachesOinousses beaches

Travel To Oinousses

You can reach Oinousses only through Chios, with daily boat trips that depart from the main harbor and last about an hour. Alternatively you can take the boat from the village of Lagkada (on Chios), as it will have you on Oinousses in merely 20 minutes.
Oinousses travelOinousses travelOinousses travel

Transportation On Oinousses (Car Rentals)

Oinousses is a small island with some beautiful beaches close to the village, so a transportation is optional. However, if you have a car or a motorcycle you will be able to explore the beaches of Oinousses, as the small road network is in good condition and runs round the whole island.
Oinousses transportationOinousses transportationOinousses transportation

Accommodation On Oinousses (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Oinousses rooms to let are only a handful, so you should plan ahead for your accommodation. You do not get to choose the place you will stay in, as all rooms to let are found in the one single village of the Oinousses.
Oinousses accommodationOinousses accommodationOinousses accommodation

Food & Drink On Oinousses

On Oinousses you will get to taste limpet rice, grilled octopus, fried calamari and fresh smelt. Also try the greens pie, the greens nuggets, keremezi (yogurt cheese) and accompany your meal with the famous local wine, after which the island was named.
Oinousses cuisineOinousses cuisineOinousses cuisine

What To Buy On Oinousses

As a souvenir of your holiday on Oinousses you can get unique handmade textiles from the monastery.
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Attractions On Oinousses

Oinousses Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum of Oinousses records the naval history of the island through amazing collections.

Agios Nikolaos

The church of Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of Oinousses, is a big temple with a light grey-blue color and tiles.

Monastery of Evaggelismos Theotokou

The Evaggelismos Theotokou Monastery has an impressive architecture. It is in a verdant area while its internal garden is adorned with ornamental plants and flowers.
Oinousses attractionsOinousses attractionsOinousses attractions

Alternative Islands To Oinousses

Oinousses is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Chios (2 klm from Oinousses)
Psara (47 klm from Oinousses)
Lesvos (48 klm from Oinousses)
Ikaria (73 klm from Oinousses)
Samos (80 klm from Oinousses)
Fournoi (91 klm from Oinousses)
Agios Efstratios (147 klm from Oinousses)
Lemnos (163 klm from Oinousses)
Samothrace (214 klm from Oinousses)
Thassos (262 klm from Oinousses)

Oinousses alternativesOinousses alternativesOinousses alternatives

Islands Connected To Oinousses

There is a ferry from Oinousses to the following islands:

Chios (direct connection to Oinousses)

Connections from OinoussesConnections from OinoussesConnections from Oinousses

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