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Vacations in Tinos (Cyclades - Greece)

Tinos: The religious center of Panagia in Greece

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Area Cyclades Best for All
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 195 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 160 Kilometers

Vacations in Tinos island - Tinos, The religious center of Panagia in Greece

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Why Tinos

  • To visit the temple of Evaggelistria, the most important religious center of Panagia in the world
  • To swim in countless beaches with sand and clean blue water
  • To explore the scenic villages of Pyrgos, Volax and Ysternia
  • For the unique traditional flavors and the hospitality of Tinos

Information On Tinos

Tinos belongs to Cyclades and it is the forth largest island of the complex. It has an elongated shape and it lies right next to Andros, close to Piraeus.

In most islands of Cyclades Chora (the capital) is the most scenic settlement of the island, but on Tinos things are reverse. Chora is not scenic at all, but the are many beautiful little villages worth visiting with houses that have blue shutters and blossomed yards and balconies, like Pyrgos, Volax and Ysternia.

Another difference between Tinos and the rest of Cyclades is the vegetation, as there are many trees on the island. What impresses visitors is the vast number of churches on Tinos, as there is a total of more than 700 churches, of which 600 are chapels.

Tinos is a quiet island with great natural beauty, ideal for peaceful vacations, that gives off a sense of tranquility. Here you will find no nightclubs and bars, as the locals are trying to preserve the traditional character of Tinos.

Tinos is famous for its marble sculptures, having a long tradition, as you will witness for yourselves. Tinos is also famous for the strong winds that usually blow on the island, especially on August.
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Beaches Of Tinos

Although it is not known for its beaches, Tinos has a number of beautiful beaches. The only downside in the area of the sea the island has are the strong frequent winds, so choose carefully which time you visit Tinos as well as the beaches you will visit.
  • Agios Romanos (Southwest Tinos): A long family beach with sand, pebble and many trees.
  • Agios Petros (Southwest Tinos): A large beach, with sand, pebble and shallow sea, ideal for seclusion.
  • Giannakis Bay (Southwest Tinos): A large quiet and family beach with large pebbles and trees.
  • Ysternia (Southwest Tinos): A gorgeous and windless beach with clean cold sea.
  • Laouti / Skylantar (Southeast Tinos): The continuation of the Agios Sostis beach with clean water and great sand.
  • Agios Ioannis Porto (Southeast Tinos): A beautiful organized beach with sand, shallow sea and tamarisk trees.
  • Pachia Ammos (Southeast Tinos): A stunning sandy beach with turquoise water and a sand hill.
  • Santa Margarita (Southeast Tinos): A wonderful beach with sand, not widely known, with calm sea.
  • Livada (Southeast Tinos): An impressive beach of wild beauty with sand, pebble, cold water and some tamarisk trees.
  • Agios Fokas (South Tinos): A popular organized beach, one of the main beaches of Tinos, with lovely light sand.
  • Stavros (South Tinos): A quiet beach with calm shallow water, trees and the Stavros church.
  • Agios Markos (South Tinos): A small beach with pebble, calm crystal sea and the picturesque little church.
  • Kionia (South Tinos): A large organized stretch of sand with large crowds.
  • Agios Sostis (South Tinos): A large, organized and popular beach with sand and shallow sea.
  • Mali (Northwest Tinos): An impressive sight as a large rock goes into the blue sea.
  • Agia Thalassa (Northwest Tinos): The most beautiful beach of the area with windless water and nice sand.
  • Kolympithra (North Tinos): It is divided in two sandy beaches, the smaller one is organized with more people.

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Travel To Tinos

The trip from the port of Piraeus to Tinos only takes 2,5 hours if you travel with the high-speed ship or about 4 hours by the conventional ships.
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Transportation On Tinos (Car Rentals)

Tinos has a good road network with clear signs. Bus routes are rather frequent, but it is advised to have your own transport in order to be able to visit the island's amazing mountainous villages.
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Accommodation On Tinos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most accommodation is found on south Tinos and specifically in Chora, Agios Ioannis Porto and Kionia. The only organized camping of the island is found in Agios Fokas.
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Food & Drink On Tinos

Tinos has an exceptional local cuisine. Try the traditional omelet with artichoke or sausage, the fried sun-dried tomatoes, the garlic spaghetti and the patatou (pie with potato puree and cheese). In case you crave for something sweet try out the sweet cheese pie, a traditional Easter recipe which you can now find all year long.
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What To Buy On Tinos

The most famous product of Tinos is its Louza, a pork cold-cut with spices marinated in wine and left to dry out under the sun. The cheese types of Tinos are also famous, like the graviera (gruyere) of Tinos, the petrota cheeses (round spicey cheese bites), malathouni, kopanist (soft spicy cheese) and myzithra (soft white cheese). On Tinos they grow delicious cappers which you can but in vases, as well as thyme honey. In the patisseries you can get the traditional sweet cheese-pies bites and fantastic almond-based marzipans.
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Attractions On Tinos

Tinos Evaggelistria Church

The church of Evaggelistria on Tinos is probably the most important religious center of Panagia not only in Greece, but in the entire orthodox world.

Tinos Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Tinos was founded in Chora on 1960 at the Megalochari avenue

Museums of Evaggelistria

At the forecourt of the Evaggelistria church there are several small museums, like the Museum of Tinos Artists, the Gallery, the Sacristy and more.

Museum of Marble Sculpture

The Museum of Marble Sculpture is a large and modern museum which promotes the history of marble sculpture on Tinos.

Panormos Artists Museum

This small museum displays works from sculptors born in Tinos, mostly in Pyrgos or Ysternia villages.

Caricature Museum

One of the few caricature museums in the entire world exists on Tinos, at Falatados village.

Tinos Mountainous Villages

On Tinos you will come across amazing scenic villages that are nothing alike with the average Chora, like Kardiani, Pyrgos, Volax and Ysternia.

Pigeon Houses

The famous pigeon houses of Tinos were declared protected buildings in 1984 by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

umour useum

In the village of Falatados of Tinos, a small humour museum has been operating since August 2011, one of only 10 humour museums in the entire world.

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Alternative Islands To Tinos

Tinos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Andros (2 klm from Tinos)
Mykonos (8 klm from Tinos)
Syros (16 klm from Tinos)
Naxos (45 klm from Tinos)
Kea (Tzia) (50 klm from Tinos)
Kythnos (51 klm from Tinos)
Antiparos (53 klm from Tinos)
Paros (61 klm from Tinos)
Iraklia (64 klm from Tinos)
Serifos (65 klm from Tinos)
Donoussa (68 klm from Tinos)
Sifnos (73 klm from Tinos)
Koufonisia (75 klm from Tinos)
Schinoussa (77 klm from Tinos)
Ios (83 klm from Tinos)
Sikinos (90 klm from Tinos)
Kimolos (93 klm from Tinos)
Amorgos (93 klm from Tinos)
Folegandros (100 klm from Tinos)
Milos (105 klm from Tinos)
Santorini (117 klm from Tinos)
Anafi (135 klm from Tinos)

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Islands Connected To Tinos

There is a ferry from Tinos to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Tinos)
Andros (direct connection to Tinos)
Kythnos (direct connection to Tinos)
Mykonos (direct connection to Tinos)
Naxos (direct connection to Tinos)
Paros (direct connection to Tinos)
Syros (direct connection to Tinos)

Connections from TinosConnections from TinosConnections from Tinos

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