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Vacations in Iraklia (Cyclades - Greece)

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Area Cyclades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 18 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 236 Kilometers

Vacations in Iraklia island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Iraklia

  • To enjoy peaceful vacations away from traffic and stress
  • To dive in calm blue-green water in beaches of solitude
  • To experience the unique experience of the Holy Service inside the Cave of Agios Giannis
  • To admire the view of the rest of Cyclades islands from Profitis Ilias, the Iraklia's highest peak

Information On Iraklia

Iraklia belongs to the island complex known as Small Cyclades and it is the western of these islands, which also includes Donoussa, Koufonisia and Schoinoussa.

There are two settlements on Iraklia, Agios Georgios, or Kato Chorio as it is called by the locals, and Panagia, also called Pano Chorio. Agios Georgios is the heart of Iraklia, while Iraklia itself was once called Agios Georgios.

Iraklia is an island for those who seek to rest, with non-existing night life. If you are on Iraklia during the end of August you should not miss the Holy Service that takes place in the cave of Agios Giannis, as it is a unique experience of a life-time.

On Iraklia you will not find any banks or gas stations, even though there is an ATM. As a result it is advised to carry some money and have the tank of your car full.
Iraklia informationIraklia informationIraklia information

Beaches Of Iraklia

The beaches of Iraklia are protected from winds, as the surrounding islands stop the waves.
  • Alimia (Southwest Iraklia): One of the most beautiful beaches of Iraklia with sand and pebble.
  • Karvounolakos (Southwest Iraklia): A beach with great light-colored sand, thin pebble, and amazing sea.
  • Livadi (Northeast Iraklia): One of the best beaches of Iraklia with great white sand and shallow sea.
  • Agios Georgios (Northeast Iraklia): A beach next to the harbor of Iraklia with very clean blue-green sea.
  • Vorini Spilia (North Iraklia): Nice sandy beach with very clear water, exposed to the wind.
  • Tourkopigado (East Iraklia): A beach with white pebbles and inviting green-blue water.

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Iraklia beachesIraklia beachesIraklia beaches

Travel To Iraklia

It is a 7 hour trip by ship from Piraeus but you can also reach Iraklia through Naxos, with the trip being only an hour. There is an helicodrome on Iraklia.
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Transportation On Iraklia (Car Rentals)

On Iraklia there is no public transportation, except from a bus that covers some very specific routes. There is no taxi either, but there are places where you can rent a motorcycle. The size of Iraklia allows for some distances to be traveled on foot, while there are beaches that are easily accessible by hired boats. The asphalt road of Iraklia connects the two villages, Agios Georgios and Panagia.
Iraklia transportationIraklia transportationIraklia transportation

Accommodation On Iraklia (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most guesthouses and rooms to let are found at the harbor of Iraklia, Agios Georgios, where most tourists choose to stay. There is an underdeveloped camping on Iraklia, at Livadi Beach.
Iraklia accommodationIraklia accommodationIraklia accommodation

Food & Drink On Iraklia

You have to try some of the traditional delicacies of Iraklia like the extra-fresh local fava beans, the stuffed goat with rice and raisins cooked in a wood oven, and the meletinia (bits of sweet cheese-pie).
Iraklia cuisineIraklia cuisineIraklia cuisine

What To Buy On Iraklia

On Iraklia you will find thyme honey of premium quality. You can get other traditional products like fava beans, xinomizithra and anthotyro (soft white types of cheese).
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Attractions On Iraklia

Agios Giannis Cave

This is the largest cave in Cyclades and one of the largest in Greece. On August 28th the Holy Service is held here.

Polifimos Cave

According to local legends this is the cave of the cyclops Polifimos, son of god Poseidon, who was blinded by Odysseus.


It is worth visiting the castle in Livadi for the unique panoramic view around Iraklia.

Merihas Cove

Visitors are stunned when they encounter the 100 meter high rocks of Merihas coming out vertically from the sea.

Top of Pappas Hill

The highest peak of Iraklia From where you can see many neighboring islands of Cyclades.

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Iraklia attractionsIraklia attractionsIraklia attractions

Alternative Islands To Iraklia

Iraklia is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Schinoussa (3 klm from Iraklia)
Naxos (6 klm from Iraklia)
Ios (10 klm from Iraklia)
Koufonisia (13 klm from Iraklia)
Sikinos (24 klm from Iraklia)
Amorgos (24 klm from Iraklia)
Paros (26 klm from Iraklia)
Antiparos (32 klm from Iraklia)
Donoussa (38 klm from Iraklia)
Santorini (39 klm from Iraklia)
Folegandros (47 klm from Iraklia)
Anafi (54 klm from Iraklia)
Sifnos (58 klm from Iraklia)
Mykonos (60 klm from Iraklia)
Tinos (64 klm from Iraklia)
Kimolos (71 klm from Iraklia)
Syros (73 klm from Iraklia)
Milos (77 klm from Iraklia)
Serifos (84 klm from Iraklia)
Andros (102 klm from Iraklia)
Kythnos (103 klm from Iraklia)
Kea (Tzia) (125 klm from Iraklia)

Iraklia alternativesIraklia alternativesIraklia alternatives

Islands Connected To Iraklia

There is a ferry from Iraklia to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Iraklia)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Iraklia)
Naxos (direct connection to Iraklia)
Paros (direct connection to Iraklia)
Schinoussa (direct connection to Iraklia)
Syros (direct connection to Iraklia)

Connections from IrakliaConnections from IrakliaConnections from Iraklia

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