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Vacations in Folegandros (Cyclades - Greece)

Folegandros: The iron island of tradition and simplicity

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Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 32 Square Kilometers
Beaches Pebble Distance 190 Kilometers

Vacations in Folegandros island - Folegandros, The iron island of tradition and simplicity

Folegandros ChoraFolegandros PountaFolegandros Castro

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Why Folegandros

  • To view one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Greece
  • To have a taste of traditional Greek cooking
  • To enjoy the most relaxing and care-free vacations
  • To admire a great view and fantastic sunsets from Chora
  • To swim in some of the cleanest beaches ever

Information On Folegandros

Folegandros is part of the Cyclades island complex and it is one the smallest islands you will ever visit. This means that there are not many things to do and many places to visit, but on the plus sign you will not get tired with distances (10 kilometers is the maximum route on Folegandros). Although it is becoming more and more popular with tourists, the traditional style of Folegandros has been preserved by the locals (no modern buildings, plastic chairs, etc).

The thing that is most special about Folegandros is its main settlement (Chora), due to its incredible beauty and traditional character. The atmospheric alleys, the freshly painted traditional houses and the full of flowers plazas make Folegandros one of the most graphic islands in Greece. The town itself is built on the edge of a 200+ meter high cliff, giving it a great view.

Folegandros has almost no vegetation. It is like a huge and steep rocky mountain coming out of the sea. It is a wild but beautiful landscape, truly breathtaking. That is why it is sometimes referred to as the "iron island".

There is a gas station and an ATM machine on Folegandros.
Folegandros informationFolegandros informationFolegandros information

Beaches Of Folegandros

If vacations for you is all about vast sandy beaches then you can forget about Folegandros. All the beaches on Folegandros are small and only a couple of them are partly sandy at best, while most have small or large peddle. Other than that, the beaches are clean and the water is crystal clear. Most of the beaches on Folegandros are very similar. Have in mind that is it almost impossible to find a place with shade on the beach, so prepare to carry an umbrella or a heavy-duty sun-block. Below is a list with the main beaches:
  • Agkali (West Folegandros): The most popular beach of Folegandros, beautiful with easy access.
  • Katergo (Southwest Folegandros): This beach is accessible only by boat. Many people claim this to be the best beach of Folegandros.
  • Karavostasis / Hohlidia (Southeast Folegandros): A beach with large pebbles. Its main advantage is that it rarely gets windy.
  • Vardia (Southeast Folegandros): It is next to the harbor (Karavostasis) and it looks a lot like Agkali, with the only difference that there are some stairs involved.
  • Beaches close to the harbor (Southeast Folegandros): Three tiny beaches (Latinaki - Vinsenztou - Pountaki), one after the other, next to Karavostasis.
  • Livadi (South Folegandros): After the 3 tiny beaches lies Livadi. It is probably the largest beach on Folegandros.
  • Northern beaches (North Folegandros): The beaches of north Folegandros are nothing special. They are hard to reach and quiet.

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Folegandros beachesFolegandros beachesFolegandros beaches

Travel To Folegandros

There is a fast ship and a conventional (slow) ship reaching Folegandros from the port of Piraeus. There is no airport on Folegandros, but there is a helicopter landing site.
Folegandros travelFolegandros travelFolegandros travel

Transportation On Folegandros (Car Rentals)

In case you do not have one, it is possible to rent a car or a bike, but it is not necessary. The buses are not frequent but their schedule is specific and you can synchronize going to the beach and leaving from the beach. Should you choose to use the buses, know that you will be able to go only to the 3 more popular beaches of Folegandros (Agkali, Vardia, Karavostasis / Hohlidia). So if you want to visit more beaches or explore Folegandros, you will need to have your own transportation. You will need one anyway if you are not staying in the main settlement (Chora), because there are no buses at night and Chora is the only place you will want to go out at night.
Folegandros transportationFolegandros transportationFolegandros transportation

Accommodation On Folegandros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

It is strongly advisable to stay somewhere in Chora, especially if you do not have your own transportation. Accommodation in Folegandros is a bit expensive compared to most of the other Greek islands, especially in August. During August you will not be able to find a room for less that 70 Euro, while until June 30th and after September 1st prices become very reasonable.
Folegandros accommodationFolegandros accommodationFolegandros accommodation

Food & Drink On Folegandros

The trademark dish of Folegandros in Matsata (home-made pasta with some type of meat that you choose) and the sweet is Karpouzenia, made with water melon. The Greek salad here is a bit different on Folegandros, as it is served with Souroto, a local creamy cheese instead of Feta, which is a must-try! Finally there is a local variation of cheese-pie made with Souroto cheese which is great. The food is good anywhere in Folegandros, but the best and most traditional food is served at the taverns in the Ano Meria village (try the Synantisi tavern). In Chora you will even find some modern restaurants as well. There is even a restaurant owned by a German woman where you can find vegetarian dishes. The best restaurant in Chora would have to be Zefyros. It is possible to get a souvlaki (go to Pikantiko) or crepes (go to Thema Chronou). For breakfast, since most guest-houses do not serve breakfast, you can get something from the traditional bakery (the one at Ano Meria village is the best). Close to the bakery you can also get some really great gelato. In the cafe-bars you can have some great rakomelo (a drink made by boiling Raki, a traditional Greek drink, and honey) but beware that it is a bit strong on the alcohol. Visit Rakentia, a bar at the edge of Chora, to get some fantastic view along with your drink.
Folegandros cuisineFolegandros cuisineFolegandros cuisine

What To Buy On Folegandros

Having no vegetation on an island means that the honey is great, so make sure you get some before leaving Folegandros. You can also get some Pasteli, a traditional Greek sweet made with local honey and sesame. Finally you can get some cheese, Souroto or Skliro, the latter one being great for serving with pasta.
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Attractions On Folegandros


The enchanting Chora of Folegandros is like a gigantic theatre scene.

Folklore Museum of Folegandros

A well preserved traditional house (Themonia) of the past century.


Pounta is a place at the edge of the cliff in Chora with amazing view to the sea.


A very romantic and colorful place for a walk and great pictures.


The church overseeing the Chora and a big part of Folegandros.

Ano Meria

The whole village is like a huge countryside folklore museum.


A cave where the ancient Greek teenagers would go to have their names written to the cave walls with mud.

Find here in full detail all Folegandros attractions

Folegandros attractionsFolegandros attractionsFolegandros attractions

Alternative Islands To Folegandros

Folegandros is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Sikinos (9 klm from Folegandros)
Kimolos (21 klm from Folegandros)
Milos (25 klm from Folegandros)
Ios (29 klm from Folegandros)
Sifnos (35 klm from Folegandros)
Antiparos (37 klm from Folegandros)
Santorini (41 klm from Folegandros)
Paros (44 klm from Folegandros)
Iraklia (47 klm from Folegandros)
Naxos (54 klm from Folegandros)
Schinoussa (56 klm from Folegandros)
Serifos (59 klm from Folegandros)
Koufonisia (66 klm from Folegandros)
Amorgos (72 klm from Folegandros)
Anafi (75 klm from Folegandros)
Syros (78 klm from Folegandros)
Kythnos (82 klm from Folegandros)
Mykonos (92 klm from Folegandros)
Donoussa (92 klm from Folegandros)
Tinos (100 klm from Folegandros)
Kea (Tzia) (109 klm from Folegandros)
Andros (114 klm from Folegandros)

Folegandros alternativesFolegandros alternativesFolegandros alternatives

Islands Connected To Folegandros

There is a ferry from Folegandros to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Ios (direct connection to Folegandros)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Folegandros)
Milos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Mykonos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Naxos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Santorini (direct connection to Folegandros)
Serifos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Sifnos (direct connection to Folegandros)
Sikinos (direct connection to Folegandros)

Connections from FolegandrosConnections from FolegandrosConnections from Folegandros

Comments On Folegandros

17-02-2011 : Anonymous wrote about Folegandros...

Chora of Folegandros is one of the most magical places you will ever get to see!
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