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Vacations in Serifos (Cyclades - Greece)

Serifos: The island of myth and romance with the countless beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for All
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Access Ship Size 75 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 139 Kilometers

Vacations in Serifos island - Serifos, The island of myth and romance with the countless beaches


Why Serifos

  • To choose between countless beaches for your swimming
  • To take strolls in a scenic Chora of Cyclades
  • To enjoy the sunset and the panoramic view from the Castle
  • To rest on a small island which is only a short trip away

Information On Serifos

Serifos belongs to Cyclades and it has an almost round laced shape resulting in a very long coastline. Serifos is a small island and one of the closest ones to Piraeus.

Serifos is a quiet island, with the exception of Livadi, where the heart of the night-life beats and the various bars / night clubs are found. Most of these places are open almost all night long.

Serifos is also called the island of the Cyclopses, as mythology connects it with the Cyclopses and the hero Perseus. In fact there is a cape called Cyclops cape at the south of the island, where the Cyclops Throne and the Cyclops cave are situated.

Serifos is famous for the quality of its minerals and the mines it once had, which were a source of growth and wealth for the people of Serifos. The leftovers of that era are still visible today: rusted docking stairs, mining facilities, etc

If you happen to be on Serifos on August 6th you should not miss the festivity of the Women Society which is held in Kato Chora, at Evagelistria Square. It is there where you will get the chance to know the traditional dishes and desserts of the island that the women of Serifos will have prepared for you.
Serifos informationSerifos informationSerifos information

Beaches Of Serifos

Serifos has more than 40 beaches, one for every taste, thanks to its laced shape. Most of the beaches of the island are nothing special having sand and pebble, but the sea is very clean.
  • Platys Gialos (ΝΕ Serifos): A beach with sand, pebble and nice blue sea in a narrow bay.
  • SykamiaSerifos): One of the largest beaches of Serifos with sand, thin pebble and inviting green-blue shallow sea.
  • Malliadiko (Southwest Serifos): A beach of great natural beauty but with difficult access.
  • Koutalas (Southwest Serifos): A rather large beach with sand and pebble. Not one of the best beaches of Serifos.
  • Livadakia (Southeast Serifos): A popular beach with golden sand and tamarisk trees.
  • Karavi (Southeast Serifos): One of the quiet beaches of Serifos with superb water and sand mixed with thin pebble.
  • Mega Livadi (Southeast Serifos): A small beach with sand, calm shallow sea and a few tamarisks.
  • Kalo Ampeli (South Serifos): A small sandy beach ideal for seclusion with turquoise-green water and wide rocks.
  • Ganema (South Serifos): A large beach with golden sand and thin pebble, shallow water and some tamarisks.
  • Vagia (South Serifos): A wind-free quiet beach with clean crystal sea, sand and thin pebble.
  • Avlomonas / Livadi (East Serifos): This is the largest and the only organized beach of Serifos with sand and clean sea.
  • Lia (East Serifos): A relatively small beach with sand. pebble, lovely crystal water and a beautiful sea bottom.
  • Agios Sostis (East Serifos): A wide strip of thick sand that has the sea at both its sides.
  • Psili Ammos (East Serifos): An awarded crowded beach with nice golden sand, some trees and shallow water.
  • Agios Giannis (East Serifos): A beach with sand, few large pebbles, some tamarisk trees and easy access.

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Travel To Serifos

Serifos is one of the closest islands of Cyclades to Piraeus, from which it is merely 4 hours away by conventional ship of 2,5 hours away by high-speed boat.
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Transportation On Serifos (Car Rentals)

You can move around Serifos using the buses, which may be frequent but they only cover a small part of the island. You may find the bus schedule posted at a central point in Livadi, where the 4 taxi of the island are found.
Serifos transportationSerifos transportationSerifos transportation

Accommodation On Serifos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most of the accommodation on Serifos is at Livadi. If you would like to stay somewhere less noisy you will have to stay somewhere else, anywhere else, on the island.
Serifos accommodationSerifos accommodationSerifos accommodation

Food & Drink On Serifos

Some of the delicious traditional dishes you will find on Serifos are the marathotiganites (pancakes with fennel), chick-pea soup with meat and raisins, tsigarides (pork with string beans and potatoes), fava bean puree and local sausages.
Serifos cuisineSerifos cuisineSerifos cuisine

What To Buy On Serifos

On Serifos you can buy delicious traditional products like local thyme honey, pork cold cuts (loutza, sausages and sygklino), excellent local wine and myzithra (soft white cheese). The pasteli (honey and sesame candy) of Serifos is something different from other islands, as is is shaped like a rhombus with a cleaned almond at the center and is served on a lemon tree leaf.
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Attractions On Serifos

Chora of Serifos

The scenic capital of Serifos with its little white houses is built on top of a huge steep rock.

Kastro of Serifos

From Kastro, the highest peak of Chora, you can admire the panoramic view of Chora and the sea up to the nearby islands of Cyclades.

Serifos Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Serifos hosts household utensils, handmade textiles, tools, traditional uniforms and a mineral collection.

Archaeological Collection of Serifos

Then Archaeological Collection exhibits findings from the digs around Chora, dating to the Hellenistic and the Roman Ages.

Taxiarhon Monastery

The Monastery of Taxiarhes was founded on Serifos in 1570 A.C. and it looks like castle, with tall walls, loopholes and a scalding bowl.

Panagia Church

At Panagia village lies the homonymous byzantine temple which is an attraction, being the oldest church of Serifos.

Aspros Pyrgos

The Aspros Pyrgos is a fortification tower of the Hellenistic Ages. It is a small, round, marble building in a rather good condition.

Hot Springs

At the rocks of Almyros bay the sea is warm, thanks to the hot water that comes out from inside the earth.

Cyclops Cave - Cyclops Throne

At the Cyclops cape, on a position with unique panoramic view, lies the Cyclops Throne: boulders in the form of a gigantic chair.

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Alternative Islands To Serifos

Serifos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kythnos (13 klm from Serifos)
Kimolos (30 klm from Serifos)
Sifnos (33 klm from Serifos)
Syros (36 klm from Serifos)
Milos (39 klm from Serifos)
Kea (Tzia) (41 klm from Serifos)
Antiparos (45 klm from Serifos)
Paros (52 klm from Serifos)
Folegandros (59 klm from Serifos)
Tinos (65 klm from Serifos)
Andros (66 klm from Serifos)
Sikinos (70 klm from Serifos)
Naxos (71 klm from Serifos)
Mykonos (72 klm from Serifos)
Ios (76 klm from Serifos)
Iraklia (84 klm from Serifos)
Schinoussa (90 klm from Serifos)
Koufonisia (97 klm from Serifos)
Santorini (104 klm from Serifos)
Donoussa (110 klm from Serifos)
Amorgos (113 klm from Serifos)
Anafi (136 klm from Serifos)

Serifos alternativesSerifos alternativesSerifos alternatives

Islands Connected To Serifos

There is a ferry from Serifos to the following islands:

Folegandros (direct connection to Serifos)
Ios (direct connection to Serifos)
Kimolos (direct connection to Serifos)
Kos (direct connection to Serifos)
Kythnos (direct connection to Serifos)
Milos (direct connection to Serifos)
Rhodes (direct connection to Serifos)
Santorini (direct connection to Serifos)
Sifnos (direct connection to Serifos)
Sikinos (direct connection to Serifos)

Connections from SerifosConnections from SerifosConnections from Serifos

Comments On Serifos

01-10-2012 : Admin wrote about Serifos...

The capital of Serifos is being declared an Archaeological site. This is because Serifos, at most points of its town, shelters many archaeological treasures. You can read more here.
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