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Vacations in Andros (Cyclades - Greece)

Andros: The island with the great marine tradition and history

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Vacations in Andros island - Andros, The island with the great marine tradition and history

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Why Andros

  • For vacations in the only green island of Cyclades
  • To take pictures of the rock At Grias Pidima beach
  • To swim in beautiful, sandy, endless beaches
  • To rest in a quiet island just two hours away by ferry
  • To enjoy your strolls in the scenic Chora of Andros

Information On Andros

Andros is part of Cyclades being the northern island of the complex and the second largest after Naxos. Andros has an elongated shape and on the map it looks like the extension of Evia, along with the nearby Tinos.

Andros is generally a quiet island for peaceful vacations, with little nightlife which is focused in Mpatsi. It is a mountainous island that is affected by the northern winds more than the rest island of Cyclades while at the same time having the largest percentage of rainfall among them.

Andros has a distinct characteristic separating it from the rest of Cyclades. It is an island with rich vegetation, as it has a lot of water (the ancient name of Andros was Hydrousa = watery) in the form of various springs, rivers and creeks, forming forests of oaks, willows, plane trees, etc. There is the famous Sariza Spring at Apikia with mineral water which is bottled, as well as a beautiful canyon at Dipotamata area, close to Syneti village, with running water, numerous watermills and rich vegetation.

The jewel of Andros is Chora, its capital, a scenic settlement built on a strip of land going into the sea. The whitewashed narrow streets and the banning of the cars inside Chora has helped preserved its traditional style. Gavrio is the only natural harbor of Andros while Mpatsi is its most important tourist resort.

If you happen to be on Andros during the beginning of August you are in luck, as you will be able to attend the Mediterranean Aegean and Andros Cuisine Festival which is held here annually. Here you will get the chance to taste many local delicacies both of Andros and of other islands.
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Beaches Of Andros

The beaches at the west part of the island (close to Mpatsi and Gavrio) are cosmopolitan, large, sandy and easily accessible. Strangely most of the beaches on Andros do not have trees for shade.
  • Mpatsi (West Andros): A long organized beach with sand and some large tamarisk trees.
  • Paleopoli (West Andros): A long narrow beach where the ancient capital of Andros used to be with nice white pebbles and turquoise sea.
  • Halkolimnionas (West Andros): A beautiful beach with easy access, sand with pebble and calm clean sea.
  • Apothikes (Southwest Andros): A lovely small beach with turquoise water and light sand.
  • Plaka (Southwest Andros): A small and peaceful beach with sand, pebble, and stunning calm emerald water.
  • Grias Pidima (Southeast Andros): The most photographed beach on Andros with the tall narrow rock standing in the sea.
  • Syneti (Southeast Andros): A beach of wild beauty with huge rocks standing vertically to the sea and usually wavy turquoise sea.
  • Fellos (Northwest Andros): An endless wide beach with golden sand and a little thin pebble here and there.
  • Agios Petros (Northwest Andros): A partly organized beach with shallow sea and less people than the neighboring Chrysi Ammos.
  • Kypri (Northwest Andros): A large stretch of sand near Chrysi Ammos, partially organized with no trees.
  • Chrysi Ammos (Northwest Andros): One of the most enjoyable and popular beaches of Andros with calm blue sea and golden sand.
  • Vitali (Northeast Andros): A relatively large beach with pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Zorkos (North Andros): One of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches of Andros with sand and green-blue water.
  • Nimporio (East Andros): A long and narrow beach with thin light sand, pebble and clean sea.
  • Gyalia (East Andros): Gyalia and Piso Gyalia are two highly popular beaches with turquoise water and white sand.
  • Ahla (East Andros): One of the most famous beaches of Andros with white sand, thin pebble and emerald water.
  • Vori (East Andros): Nice sandy beach with a little thin pebble and very clean sea.

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Travel To Andros

You can get to Andros only from the port of Rafina in just 2 hours. The ferry scedules are very dense, as there can be up to 6 ferries per day.
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Transportation On Andros (Car Rentals)

There are bus routes connecting Chora with Mpatsi and Gavrio but even those are not very frequent. In addition to that Andros is a rather large island, so it is advisable to have your own vehicle or rent one on the island.
Andros transportationAndros transportationAndros transportation

Accommodation On Andros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Andros is an island for quiet vacations but if you want a little fuss you can stay in Mpatsi which is a popular tourist resort with countless rooms to let. The best choice for accommodation would be Chora because it is more scenic and it attracts better people. Andros is not a small island so you should consider the distances before choosing where you want to stay.
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Food & Drink On Andros

The trademark dish of Andros is fourtalia, a traditional omelet with cheese, potato and sausage. If you get lucky you may find, usually in celebrations, the delicious Lampriatis which is stuffed lamb baked in the hull. You may accompany your dinner with a refreshing soumada (local almond soft-drink) and for dessert ask for the famous nougkatines (a marzipan type of sweet) of Andros.
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What To Buy On Andros

During your vacation you can buy traditional products of Andros like nougkatines, soumada, various types of local cheese and fresh honey.
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Attractions On Andros

Andros Archaeological Museum

It operates in Chora since 1981 and it is housed in a plain building, a donation of the Goulandri Foundation.

Archaeological Museum of Paleopoli

It was founded in Andros in 2003 and it hosts finding from the archaeological site of Paleopoli.

Folklore and Christian Art Museum of Andros

It is located in Chora and its interesting collection consists of three theme modules.

Andros Maritime Museum

Its collection consists of wooden ship models, traditional uniforms, lithographs belonging to Andros ship owners and archival material.

Andros Modern Art Museum

Its permanent collection is one of the most important in Greece as it includes more than 300 works of famous Greek and foreign artists.

Olive Museum of Cyclades

Two old oil presses turned into exhibition rooms, presenting the traditional ways of production and processing of olive oil

Tower of Agios Petros

A cylindrical 20 meter tall tower of the Hellenistic Ages, made of slate stone. Very well preserved with a view to the sea.

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Alternative Islands To Andros

Andros is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Tinos (2 klm from Andros)
Syros (20 klm from Andros)
Kea (Tzia) (37 klm from Andros)
Mykonos (38 klm from Andros)
Kythnos (50 klm from Andros)
Paros (62 klm from Andros)
Serifos (66 klm from Andros)
Antiparos (71 klm from Andros)
Naxos (73 klm from Andros)
Sifnos (76 klm from Andros)
Donoussa (97 klm from Andros)
Kimolos (100 klm from Andros)
Koufonisia (101 klm from Andros)
Schinoussa (102 klm from Andros)
Iraklia (102 klm from Andros)
Ios (103 klm from Andros)
Milos (108 klm from Andros)
Sikinos (109 klm from Andros)
Folegandros (114 klm from Andros)
Amorgos (121 klm from Andros)
Santorini (139 klm from Andros)
Anafi (160 klm from Andros)

Andros alternativesAndros alternativesAndros alternatives

Islands Connected To Andros

There is a ferry from Andros to the following islands:

Mykonos (direct connection to Andros)
Naxos (direct connection to Andros)
Tinos (direct connection to Andros)

Connections from AndrosConnections from AndrosConnections from Andros

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