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Vacations in Milos (Cyclades - Greece)

Milos: The island with the 75 unique beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for All
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 151 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 170 Kilometers

Vacations in Milos island - Milos, The island with the 75 unique beaches


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Why Milos

  • For vacations on a beautiful romantic island of Cyclades
  • For swimming in the countless incredible beaches of Milos
  • To admire the moon-like landscape of Sarakiniko beach
  • To visit attractions of rare beauty like the scenic Syrmata
  • To taste the delicious pitarakia of Milos and other local treats

Information On Milos

Milos belongs to Cyclades and it is located at the southwest edge of the complex. The island has a shape similar to a petal.

Milos is famous thanks to its beaches, as it has many and beautiful ones. The geology of the volcanic island is distinct resulting in having some unusual beaches which are also attractions, like the famous Sarakiniko.

Milos has one of the largest natural harbors in the Aegean, Adamanta. The island's capital is the scenic Plaka, a small picturesque settlement with intense cycladic charm, built around the medieval castle. Walk towards the castle to enjoy the best sunset on the island.

Milos is not known for its nightlife, while it is mostly preferred by young couples, as it gives off a romantic scent. The little nightlife it has is centered in Adamanta where most accommodation and shops are found.

Although Milos is a typical dry island of Cyclades, there exists a native cypress forest with running water and little waterfalls in a gorge of Profitis Ilias mountain.
Milos informationMilos informationMilos information

Beaches Of Milos

Milos has been gifted by nature wit some of the most stunning beaches in Greece. The most famous beaches are found north, like Sarakiniko and papafragkas, opposite of which stand the glaronisia islands (hexagonal rods of volcanic rock) composing an impressive spectacle.
  • Fatourena (Κεντρική Milos): A large stretch of sand with little thin pebble, clean sea and quiet.
  • Hivadolimni / Ahivadolimni (Κεντρική Milos): The longest beach of Milos with light sand and clear shallow sea.
  • Papikinou (Κεντρική Milos): A large organized sandy beach with clean shallow sea and many trees.
  • Lagkada (Κεντρική Milos): A small beach with clean sea, white sand and tamarisk trees.
  • Agios Ioannis (West Milos): A small piece of sand between tall white rocks and the sea.
  • Ammoudaraki (West Milos): A relatively small and quiet beach with great brown sand.
  • Triades (West Milos): Three consecutive beaches with thin light sand and clean blue sea.
  • Gerontas (Southwest Milos): A small beach with light sand, surrounded by tall rocks.
  • Kleftiko (Southwest Milos): One of the most popular beaches of Milos with blue-green sea and imposing volcanic rocks.
  • Thiorychia (Southeast Milos): A beach with sand and pebble of yellow coloring, due to the sulfur. The sulfur mines are one of the most known attractions of Milos.
  • Agia Kyriaki (Southeast Milos): One of the most beautiful on Milos with crystal turquoise water and golden sand.
  • Gerakas (South Milos): A long and narrow strip of light sand with turquoise water under the shadow of a tall mountain.
  • Tsigrado (South Milos): A small popular beach with thin sand and the blue-green water, but difficult access.
  • Fyriplaka (South Milos): A stunning beach with huge rocks, grayish sand and shallow turquoise water.
  • Provatas (South Milos): A nice and rather large sandy beach with a slightly reddish sand color and shallow blue sea.
  • Agkathia (Northwest Milos): A large beach with shallow clean sea and light sand found west.
  • Pahena (Northeast Milos): A large stretch of sand with clean shallow sea and a rare view.
  • Kapros (Northeast Milos): A tiny beach of rare beauty that looks more like a pool.
  • Papafragkas (Northeast Milos): A narrow strip of sea between tall rocks forming a tiny beach.
  • Pollonia (Northeast Milos): A large sandy beach with a lot of amenities.
  • Paleochori (Northeast Milos): One of the most popular beaches on Milos with blue water and golden sand.
  • Plathiena (North Milos): A lovely beach with white sand, few pebble and clean shallow sea.
  • Fyropotamos (North Milos): A small beautiful beach with crystal water, some tamarisk trees and facilities.
  • Sarakiniko (North Milos): The most famous and impressive beach of Milos thanks to the white volcanic rocks.
  • Mytakas (North Milos): A small beautiful beach with light sand and clean blue sea.
  • Alogomantra (North Milos): An impressive beach with nice golden sand and emerald water.

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Travel To Milos

Milos is connect with the port of Piraeus with many ferries whose trips range from 2,5 hours up to 7,5 hours, depending on the ferry type (with the appropriate prices). It is likely to find a cheaper ticket from Lavrio port but is not recommended, as the trip last more than 12 hours. Finally Milos has an airport with Athens being less than half an hour away.
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Transportation On Milos (Car Rentals)

The buses connecting the harbor (Adamantas) with Plaka are rather frequent, but the rest of the bus routes to other parts of Milos are not. There is a taxi stop at a central point in Adamantas. The road network of the island is in poor conditions but fortunately distances are short. Finally there is a small harbor in Pollonia village connecting Milos with the nearby island of Kimolos.
Milos transportationMilos transportationMilos transportation

Accommodation On Milos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Accommodation is centered at the northeast part of Milos and mostly in Adamanta, as the west part is more or less deserted. The best choice for staying is the capital of Milos, Plaka, while there is also the rapidly developing Pollonia fishing village with a constantly increasing number of rooms to let. Right next to Plaka lies Trypiti village with some accommodation and a great view to the hill with the windmills. In Hivadolimni there is an organized camping operating.
Milos accommodationMilos accommodationMilos accommodation

Food & Drink On Milos

Ask for the Skizes of Milos (baked bread slices on the grill with olive oil and tomato squeeze), the famous pitarakia (chunks of cheese pie made with local cheese) and naturally fresh fish and sea food. For dessert try watermelon-pie and the koufeto, the traditional sweet of Milos.
Milos cuisineMilos cuisineMilos cuisine

What To Buy On Milos

During your vacation on Milos you can get for home some fantastic types of local cheese like kefalotyri, ladotyri and the delicious xinomyzithra of Milos.
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Attractions On Milos

Milos Archaeological Museum

It is housed in a neoclassical building of the German architect Ernst Ziller and its collection ranges from the Prehistoric Ages up to the Roman Ages.

Folklore Museum of Milos

It is housed in a large 19th century mansion in Plaka and it presents the life on Milos mainly during the 19th and 20th century.

Milos Mining Museum

A new museum with geological maps, tools, instruments, quarrymen uniforms, various stones, old photos of sulfur mines, transparencies, impressive models, etc.

Milos Ecclesiastical Museum

It is located in Adamanta and it is housed in the church of Agia Triada, the second oldest church of Milos, hosting many hagiographic samples.


The famous catacombs of Milos are comprised of 3 underground galleries of 185 meters total length and 3 burial chambers with a capacity of 290 tombs.


Syrmata are buildings carved into the rocks with colorful wooden doors where fisherboats are stored during winter.

Ancient Theatre

The most important monument in Klima and the most well-preserved in Milos is with no doubt the Ancient Theatre.

Sulfur Mines

The old sulfur mining quarry that operated up until 1956, with the building, the caves and some of the machinery still in their place.

Milos Tour

The Milos tour is a great way to visit the famous Kleftiko, the Sykia water cave and some wonderful beaches with difficult access.

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Milos attractionsMilos attractionsMilos attractions

Alternative Islands To Milos

Milos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kimolos (6 klm from Milos)
Sifnos (17 klm from Milos)
Folegandros (25 klm from Milos)
Serifos (39 klm from Milos)
Sikinos (45 klm from Milos)
Antiparos (55 klm from Milos)
Kythnos (58 klm from Milos)
Ios (62 klm from Milos)
Paros (64 klm from Milos)
Santorini (77 klm from Milos)
Iraklia (77 klm from Milos)
Syros (77 klm from Milos)
Naxos (79 klm from Milos)
Kea (Tzia) (84 klm from Milos)
Koufonisia (96 klm from Milos)
Schinoussa (99 klm from Milos)
Mykonos (103 klm from Milos)
Tinos (105 klm from Milos)
Amorgos (106 klm from Milos)
Andros (108 klm from Milos)
Anafi (110 klm from Milos)
Donoussa (117 klm from Milos)

Milos alternativesMilos alternativesMilos alternatives

Islands Connected To Milos

There is a ferry from Milos to the following islands:

Amorgos (direct connection to Milos)
Folegandros (direct connection to Milos)
Ios (direct connection to Milos)
Kimolos (direct connection to Milos)
Koufonisia (direct connection to Milos)
Kythnos (direct connection to Milos)
Mykonos (direct connection to Milos)
Naxos (direct connection to Milos)
Santorini (direct connection to Milos)
Serifos (direct connection to Milos)
Sifnos (direct connection to Milos)

Connections from MilosConnections from MilosConnections from Milos

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