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Vacations in Kimolos (Cyclades - Greece)

Kimolos: An untouched by tourism cycladic island

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Area Cyclades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Ship Size 36 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 160 Kilometers

Vacations in Kimolos island - Kimolos, An untouched by tourism cycladic island


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Why Kimolos

  • For swims in beaches of exceptional beauty
  • For quiet and relaxation in a paradise untouched by tourism
  • For excellent food and authentic hospitality
  • To take pictures of Skiadi, the huge stone mushroom

Information On Kimolos

Kimolos is part of Cyclades and it is right next to Milos island, from which it is just one kilometer away.

Kimolos is a typical island of Cyclades with its north part being wild and rocky, and its south part more flat and mild. The island is named after chalk (kimolia in Greek), as its volcanic soil is rich in limestone and chalk, which it still exports even today.

Kimolos has a very clean sea and it is no coincidence that in this area lies the largest population of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus). It is also not by chance that Kimolos was voted best destination in Greece for 2010 by the contest "I Love GR" of Skai channel.

Kimolos has remained unaffected by tourism, mainly thanks to the presence of the nearby larger island of Milos which has outshined Kimolos.

On the island there is a gas station and an ATM machine.
Kimolos informationKimolos informationKimolos information

Beaches Of Kimolos

Kimolos has a lot of wonderful beaches. For even better desolate beaches with turquoise water you can get the boat to the nearby island Polyegos.
  • Dekas - Ellinika (Southwest Kimolos): Two continuous beaches with sand and pebble, very quiet and peaceful.
  • Mavrospilia (Southwest Kimolos): A large stretch of light sand with little pebble but no natural shade.
  • Psathi (Southeast Kimolos): A large beach laid with sand, pebble and clean sea by the harbor.
  • Rema (Southeast Kimolos): A very small wind-free beach close to Chora with a great view to Syrmata.
  • Alyki (South Kimolos): One of the most popular beaches on Kimolos with calm shallow sea.
  • Mponatsa (South Kimolos): One of the best beaches on Kimolos with an endless sand and clean shallow sea.
  • Kalamitsi (South Kimolos): A long narrow sandy beach with few pebble, clean shallow sea and many tamarisk trees.
  • Prasa / Ai Giorgis (Northeast Kimolos): The best beach of Kimolos with white sand and stunning blue water.
  • Monastiria - Soufi (North Kimolos): Scenic and quiet beaches with thick light sand and little thin pebble.
  • Klima (East Kimolos): A picturesque beach with many tamarisk trees, sand and pebble at points.
Kimolos beachesKimolos beachesKimolos beaches

Travel To Kimolos

It takes almost 8 hours for the ferry boat to reach Kimolos from the port of Piraeus, while there is also a ship from the port of Lavrio but makes an even longer trip. There is no airport on Kimolos but there is one in the nearby Milos island with many ship routes connecting the two islands throughout the day.
Kimolos travelKimolos travelKimolos travel

Transportation On Kimolos (Car Rentals)

The public transportation on Kimolos is limited between Chora and Psathi (the harbor), so it is advised to have your own means of transportation. It is a mere 15 minute walk from Chora to Psathi anyway, as they are only two kilometers away. There are no car rentals on the island but at least there is one taxi driving around. You should know that there is a lack of parking space in Chora and Psathi.
Kimolos transportationKimolos transportationKimolos transportation

Accommodation On Kimolos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Kimolos is a small island with limited accommodation so it it best to plan ahead your stay from early on. The vast majority of the rooms lies is Chora, where there rest are split between Psathi, Alyki, Mponatsa, Kalamitsi and Prasa. Prefer to stay somewhere in Chora even thought it is not by the sea, as distances on the island are very small.
Kimolos accommodationKimolos accommodationKimolos accommodation

Food & Drink On Kimolos

Kimolos has a great traditional cuisine. Try the Ladenia (pie with olive oil and tomato) which is very similar to pizza, kolokythenia (pumpkin pie) and the tomato pulp which is served as a snack. Choriatiki salad here is also very special as it has local capers, the local variation of cucumbers and the xino cheese, a soft white cheese that is a perfect fit for this salad. From drinks try the local wine from roditis.
Kimolos cuisineKimolos cuisineKimolos cuisine

What To Buy On Kimolos

People of Kimolos produce delicious cheese like manoura (hard cheese wrapped in must) and xino (soft white cheese). You should also buy local rusks from the bakery that smell great, local capers and fresh thyme honey.
Kimolos purchasesKimolos purchasesKimolos purchases

Attractions On Kimolos

Chora of Kimolos

The scenic capital of Kimolos, is built around the medieval castle.

Kimolos Archaeological Museum

The museum is housed in a small rooms in Chora, and it has findings mainly from the cemeteries found at the west side of Kimolos.

Kimolos Folklore - Maritime Museum

The museum is housed in a two-story house inside the castle. Besides the exhibits, there is a representation of the traditional home of Kimolos.


The gigantic stone mushroom that the locals call Skiadi has become the trademark of Kimolos.


Syrmata are probably the most popular attraction of Kimolos. They are caves inside the rock where fishermen park their boats.

Island Tour

Take the tour of Kimolos as the boat takes you to the nearby island Polyenos with its turquoise water and the argil clay.
Kimolos attractionsKimolos attractionsKimolos attractions

Alternative Islands To Kimolos

Kimolos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Milos (6 klm from Kimolos)
Sifnos (12 klm from Kimolos)
Folegandros (21 klm from Kimolos)
Serifos (30 klm from Kimolos)
Antiparos (41 klm from Kimolos)
Sikinos (46 klm from Kimolos)
Paros (48 klm from Kimolos)
Kythnos (53 klm from Kimolos)
Ios (58 klm from Kimolos)
Syros (64 klm from Kimolos)
Iraklia (71 klm from Kimolos)
Naxos (71 klm from Kimolos)
Schinoussa (80 klm from Kimolos)
Kea (Tzia) (81 klm from Kimolos)
Santorini (84 klm from Kimolos)
Koufonisia (88 klm from Kimolos)
Mykonos (89 klm from Kimolos)
Tinos (93 klm from Kimolos)
Andros (100 klm from Kimolos)
Amorgos (102 klm from Kimolos)
Donoussa (109 klm from Kimolos)
Anafi (111 klm from Kimolos)

Kimolos alternativesKimolos alternativesKimolos alternatives

Islands Connected To Kimolos

There is a ferry from Kimolos to the following islands:

Kythnos (direct connection to Kimolos)
Milos (direct connection to Kimolos)
Serifos (direct connection to Kimolos)
Sifnos (direct connection to Kimolos)

Connections from KimolosConnections from KimolosConnections from Kimolos

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