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Vacations in Ios (Cyclades - Greece)

Ios: The island of youth and fun with the vast beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for Fun
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Access Ship Size 108 Square Kilometers
Beaches Sand Distance 200 Kilometers

Vacations in Ios island - Ios, The island of youth and fun with the vast beaches

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Why Ios

  • To swim in some of the best beaches of Greece
  • To blow steam on a party island, all night long
  • To enjoy taking strolls in a picturesque Chora of Cyclades
  • To visit Homer's Grave

Information On Ios

Ios (also called Nios) is a small island of Cyclades, a bit north of Santorini.

Ios is a typical island of Cyclades, which means it has beautiful beaches, picturesque Chora with white houses and a complete lack of vegetation. On the island there is a total of 365 churches, one for every day of the year. The main advantage of Ios is its incredible beaches with the golden sand and the crystal-clear water.

Ios has been called a party island, because the music from the bars and the spontaneous parties last all night long. As far as nightlife is concerned, Ios is one of the top islands in Cyclades and that is the reason it attracts young people from all over the globe that come here with the sole purpose of having a blast and blowing of some steam.

On Ios, with a bit of luck, you may coincide with a local festival. On June 24th there is a traditional celebration held at the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos with food and music, after first setting fires and teasing each other, according to local traditions. Also on August 29th, after the ceremony, there is a festival at the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Kalamou with music, dancing, traditional meat-soup and fasolada (traditional Greek bean-soup).

Ios is one of the islands that claim the title of Homer's birthplace. In fact there is a monument which, according to local tradition, is the grave of Homer.
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Beaches Of Ios

Ios has some excellent sandy beaches, some of the best in Cyclades. The only downside is that some of the island's beaches have become unaccessible by land (about 15 of the total 35 beaches available), as large pieces of land have been purchased and the fences block the access to the sea. However, it is still possible to reach those beaches, either by boat or by asking permission to pass through their land.
  • Mylopotas (West Ios): The most famous beach of Ios with golden sand and clean sea.
  • Gialos (West Ios): A large beach next to the harbor with beautiful light colored sand and clean blue water.
  • Sapounohoma (West Ios): A beautiful small quiet beach with nice sand, few small pine trees and a small church.
  • Pikri Nero (Southwest Ios): A series of three small consecutive sandy beaches, accessible only by boat.
  • Kalamos (Southeast Ios): A beach with clean blue water and nice golden sand sheltered in a bay.
  • Papa (Southeast Ios): a completely wind-free small beach with sand and clean water.
  • Tris Klisies (Southeast Ios): A relatively small beach with golden sand and calm blue sea.
  • Magganari (South Ios): A series of small bays with shallow water and amazing golden sand.
  • Koumpara (Northwest Ios): Of the most popular beaches of Ios with nice sand and easy access.
  • Agia Theodoti (Northeast Ios): A large beach with golden sand and turquoise water.
  • Psathi (East Ios): A beautiful beach ideal for relaxation, usually wavy.

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Travel To Ios

From the port of Piraeus you can be on Ios in 3-4 hours if you take the fast ship or 10-12 hours with the conventional ship. Ios is connected with other islands of Cyclades like Naxos and Santorini.
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Transportation On Ios (Car Rentals)

Local KTEL buses are rather frequent and the island itself is not large, so transportation on Ios is not a problem, even if you do not have your own vehicle.
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Accommodation On Ios (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most accommodation is found in Chora of Ios, in Mylopota and in Gialos. But unless you plan on staying up all night it is advisable to avoid staying in Chora, because the loud music and the parties last until the morning. On Ios there is also an organized camping.
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Food & Drink On Ios

Out of the local recipes of Ios you should try the tsimetia (stuffed zucchini flower), the tomato nuggets, the chick-pie and the sun-dried fry cooked on coal. Ios is also known for its delicious local meat. For breakfast you can get a cheese-pie made with the famous local cheese types in any bakery.
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What To Buy On Ios

Ios is famous for its cheese types which you can buy for home, like kefalotyri, myzithra, xino (soft, white and slightly sour), skotyri (mixture of cheese types), feta and graviera. There is also local honey of superb quality, as well as pasteli (sesame bar with honey) where local honey is used. Finally you can try the pastota figs (dried-out figs with sesame). On the harbor there is the municipality shop where you can get all these products and much more.
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Attractions On Ios

Chora of Ios

The picturesque capital of Ios is built on a hill with great sea view and is a typical representation of Cyclades architecture style.


This place with the amazing view and the special charm is actually the surrounding area of a byzantine fortress.

Agia Theodoti

Ios has a total of 365 churches and Agia Theodoti is the oldest and one of the most beautiful.

Panagia Gremiotissa

This church has been built on top of an unaccessible rock, at the highest peak of Chora. The panoramic view around Ios is impressive

Archaeological Site of Skarkos

The Archaeological Site of Skarkos has been awarded with the Cultural Heritage award of the E.E. for the quality of its reformation.

Ios Archaeological Museum

This modern Archaeological Museum is housed at the first floor of the town hall of Ios and hosts a great collection with findings from the 3rd millennium B.C.

Homer's Grave

At Plakoto location, at the north of Ios in a place with panoramic view, lies Homer's grave, according to local tradition.

Odysseas Elytis Theatre

A marvelous theatre of 1000 spots that was built On Ios on 1997 according to the ancient Greek architecture style.

Ios Windmills

At the north part of Chora there are 14 windmills of Ios, of which only two can be visited.

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Alternative Islands To Ios

Ios is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Sikinos (6 klm from Ios)
Iraklia (10 klm from Ios)
Santorini (18 klm from Ios)
Naxos (19 klm from Ios)
Schinoussa (20 klm from Ios)
Paros (22 klm from Ios)
Antiparos (25 klm from Ios)
Folegandros (29 klm from Ios)
Koufonisia (30 klm from Ios)
Amorgos (31 klm from Ios)
Anafi (44 klm from Ios)
Sifnos (49 klm from Ios)
Mykonos (53 klm from Ios)
Donoussa (56 klm from Ios)
Kimolos (58 klm from Ios)
Milos (62 klm from Ios)
Syros (72 klm from Ios)
Serifos (76 klm from Ios)
Tinos (83 klm from Ios)
Kythnos (97 klm from Ios)
Andros (103 klm from Ios)
Kea (Tzia) (120 klm from Ios)

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Islands Connected To Ios

There is a ferry from Ios to the following islands:

Folegandros (direct connection to Ios)
Milos (direct connection to Ios)
Mykonos (direct connection to Ios)
Naxos (direct connection to Ios)
Paros (direct connection to Ios)
Santorini (direct connection to Ios)
Serifos (direct connection to Ios)
Sifnos (direct connection to Ios)
Sikinos (direct connection to Ios)

Connections from IosConnections from IosConnections from Ios

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