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Vacations in Lefkada (Ionian - Greece)

Lefkada: The picturesque island where you can go by car

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Area Ionian Best for All
Perfecture Lefkadas Cost High
Access Car Size 302 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 371 Kilometers

Vacations in Lefkada island - Lefkada, The picturesque island where you can go by car


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Why Lefkada

  • To swim in Porto Katsiki, one of the most photographed beaches of Greece
  • To enjoy watersports in the unique beaches with the amazing turquoise waters
  • To visit the island of Onasis, Scorpios, and the rest of the green islands of Lefkada
  • To take a stroll in the picturesque mountainous villages, Karya, Egklouvi, Kavallos
  • To avoid ships in the only Greek island where you can go by car

Information On Lefkada

Lefkada has been called the island of the mainland, as there is a bridge connecting it with the Greek mainland, giving it the privileged of road access.

Contrary to other islands of the Ionian sea like Corfu and Zante, the town of Lefkada does not have the strong Venetian influence in its architecture, and it has preserved, in some degree, its traditional style with the narrow stone-paved alleys and the characteristic camares.

The main advantage of Lefkada is its incredible beaches with the white sand and the turquoise waters, which attract tourists from all over the world. Lefkada also happens to be the paradise of watersports, like windsurf, kitesurf, parapente, paragliding, sailing and diving, but other non-water sports as well, like parashooting and horse ridding.

Every year on Lefkada, on the first ten days of August, there is a representation of the traditional Lefkada wedding at Karya village, which you should not miss. The event stretches 4 days long, while at the end of the fourth day all everybody present enjoys the traditional olive-oil pie.
Lefkada informationLefkada informationLefkada information

Beaches Of Lefkada

Lefkada has been blessed with some fantastic beaches whose pictures have traveled all over the world. Their tropical scent, the turquoise water and the beautiful white sand make Lefkada one of the most popular destinations in the world! The most impressive beaches are found at the west side of Lefkada.
  • Kathisma (West Lefkada): A beach of huge size with emerald water and white sand. It is one of the most famous beaches of Lefkada.
  • Kalamitsi (West Lefkada): A fantastic beach with white sand, turquoise water and large rocks in the sea.
  • Porto Katsiki (Southwest Lefkada): This is the most famous of Lefkada. The thin strip of white land is right under the shadow of the imposing vertical rock.
  • Egkremni (Southwest Lefkada): One of the best beaches of Lefkada. The beach is very big with splendid white sand.
  • Mikros Gialos (Southeast Lefkada): Lovely and quiet beach with large white pebbles and blue-green water.
  • Vasiliki (South Lefkada): A long beach with sand and shallow water, among the top beaches in the world for surf.
  • Agiofylli (South Lefkada): A very special beach with green-blue water and white pebble laying under the shadow of a steep rock.
  • Agios Nikitas (Northwest Lefkada): A small beach with crystal clear water and white sand.
  • Mylos (Northwest Lefkada): Mylos is one of the most stunning beaches of Lefkada thanks to its beautiful turquoise water and the thick sand.
  • Ammoglossa (North Lefkada): A tongue of white sand penetrates into the blue water of the sea.
  • Agios Ioannis - Myli - Petra (North Lefkada): Three nice beaches with emerald water in close range to the town of Lefkada.
  • Pefkoulia (North Lefkada): Two beaches separated by some rocks, with thick sand, pebble and emerald water.
  • Gialos (North Lefkada): A very long beach at the west that spans about 3 kilometers, offering crystal water and a beautiful landscape to the visitors.
  • Nikiana (East Lefkada): A small and quiet family style beach with sand and calm sea.
  • Nydri (East Lefkada): A small cosmopolitan beach with clean blue water and pebbles.

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Lefkada beachesLefkada beachesLefkada beaches

Travel To Lefkada

Lefkada is the only Greek island where you can go by car. If you are coming from Athens the best thing would be to go from Peloponnisos and cross from the Rio-Antirio bridge, reaching Lefkada in about 5 hours. There is no airport on Lefkada, but there is in the mainland, in Aktion, very close to the town of Lefkada.
Lefkada travelLefkada travelLefkada travel

Transportation On Lefkada (Car Rentals)

You can use the local buses for your transportation but the timetables are limited in size and they are not frequent, so it is advised to have your own transport. In case you do not, you will have no trouble renting a vehicle.
Lefkada transportationLefkada transportationLefkada transportation

Accommodation On Lefkada (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Nydri is the most touristic place of Lefkada and therefor unsuitable for those who wish to avoid the crowds. Since Lefkada is not small, you should try to find accommodation somewhere close to Agios Nikitas, Karya, Vasiliki or even a Kathisma, in order to have easy access to the best beaches of Lefkada at the west. On Lefkada there are also several organized camping sites, in Vasiliki, Kastri, Mikros Gialos, Desimi and others.
Lefkada accommodationLefkada accommodationLefkada accommodation

Food & Drink On Lefkada

The most peculiar dish of Lefkada's cuisine is maridopita (fishpie). You should also try drinking soumada, a soft drink made with bitter almonds, while for desert you should give ladopita (olive-oil pie) a try, a traditional sweet served in weddings.
Lefkada cuisineLefkada cuisineLefkada cuisine

What To Buy On Lefkada

Lefkada is famous for its salami so do not leave without buying some, while you can also get sausages, red wine from Vertzami grape, split peas from Egklouvi, aromatic honey from Athani village and the unique textiles from Karya.
Lefkada purchasesLefkada purchasesLefkada purchases

Attractions On Lefkada


The Waterfalls at the verdant Dimosari canyon are one of the most remarkable attraction of Lefkada.

Lefkada Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in the town of Lefkada is housed in the Cultural Center building.

Phonograph Museum

A small private museum with free entrance to the public, unique in its kind, with more than phonographs.

Agia Mavra Castle

The Venetian castle is the first thing you will see wen you reach Lefkada.

Alabaster Cave

A remarkable cave with beautiful stalagmites in strange formations, some of which are more than 5 meters long.

Folklore Museums

Lefkada has several folklore museums, in Karya, Kavalos and Lefkada Town.

Melissa Canyon

This green-filled canyon. ideal for a walk, is located a bit north of Kavallos village.

Lefkada Tour

In one day you can visit some beaches of Lefkada, the Papanikoli Cave, Meganisi island and Scorpios island.

Find here in full detail all Lefkada attractions

Lefkada attractionsLefkada attractionsLefkada attractions

Alternative Islands To Lefkada

Lefkada is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Ithaca (7 klm from Lefkada)
Kefalonia (11 klm from Lefkada)
Paxoi (49 klm from Lefkada)
Zante (69 klm from Lefkada)
Corfu (75 klm from Lefkada)
Kythira (301 klm from Lefkada)

Lefkada alternativesLefkada alternativesLefkada alternatives

Islands Connected To Lefkada

There is a ferry from Lefkada to the following islands:

Corfu (direct connection to Lefkada)
Ithaca (direct connection to Lefkada)
Kefalonia (direct connection to Lefkada)
Paxoi (direct connection to Lefkada)

Connections from LefkadaConnections from LefkadaConnections from Lefkada

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