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Vacations in Ithaca (Ionian - Greece)

Ithaca: The small, picturesque, verdant island of Odysseus

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Area Ionian Best for All
Perfecture Kefalonias Cost High
Access Ship Size 92 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 315 Kilometers

Vacations in Ithaca island - Ithaca, The small, picturesque, verdant island of Odysseus


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Why Ithaca

  • For swimming in peaceful beaches, covered with green, with emerald green water
  • For resting and relaxing in one of the smallest islands of the Ionian Sea
  • For enjoying strolls in sea-side Kioni, one of the most picturesque traditional settlements in the Ionian Sea
  • For authentic flavors, pure traditional products and genuine Greek hospitality

Information On Ithaca

Ithaca is the smallest of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, except from Paxoi island, located south of Lefkada and right next to the north part of eastern Kefalonia. Ithaca has a long and narrow shape, while the north part and the south part of Ithaca are connected by a thin strip of land.

Ithaca became famous from Homer, thanks to its resourceful child, Odysseus. For that reason it is known in the whole of Greece as the island of Odysseus. Although there are some doubts, it is commonly accepted that today's Ithaca is actually Homer's Ithaca.

Ithaca is a quiet island filled with green, suitable for tranquility and relaxing time, without being deprived of the nightlife which you will find in Vathy, the capital of Ithaca, and in beautiful Kioni. You will also find several picturesque mountainous villages where tradition and tranquility rule.
Ithaca informationIthaca informationIthaca information

Beaches Of Ithaca

Most beaches of Ithaca are small in length and laid with pebble. The northern beaches are hard to reach contrary to the southern beaches which have easy access. Many of the beaches of Ithaca are accessible only from the sea.
  • Aspros Gialos (West Ithaca): The best sandy beach of Ithaca with some big rocks in the sea.
  • Filiatro (Southeast Ithaca): A popular organized beach with clean blue water, large pebbles and trees that reach the sea.
  • Loutsa (Southeast Ithaca): Small beach near the harbor with pebble and brought sand.
  • Sarakiniko (Southeast Ithaca): A beach with pebble and beautiful emerald green water close to Vathy.
  • Dexia (Southeast Ithaca): A small popular organized beach with blue flag and shallow water.
  • Skinos or Shinos (Southeast Ithaca): A narrow beach with sand and pebble, in an enchanting all-green scenery.
  • Gidaki (Southeast Ithaca): The most impressive beach of Ithaca with clean turquoise water and colorful pebbles.
  • Poli (Northeast Ithaca): A long organized beach in a green bay.
  • Afales (North Ithaca): A beautiful beach in a stunning landscape with high cliffs and inviting blue water.
  • Platys Ammos (North Ithaca): A large and beautiful beach with blue green water, sand and pebble.
  • Aetos - Piso Aetos (East Ithaca): Both beaches are at the center of Ithaca Piso Aetos west and Aetos east.

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Travel To Ithaca

You can reach Ithaca only by ship, as it has no airport. There are ships for Ithaca departing from Patra (around 4 hours) and Astakos harbor of Etoloakarnania (around 2 hours), but from the neighboring Kefalonia as well which is less than half an hour away.
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Transportation On Ithaca (Car Rentals)

Public transportation is not very convenient and Ithaca is small, therefor it is best to have your own transportation. The largest part of the road network of Ithaca is with asphalt, which makes having your own car even more tempting. The maximum distance on the island, from Vathy to Kioni, does not exceed 25 kilometers.
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Accommodation On Ithaca (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Ithaca is not a big island so you should not worry too much about the place you should stay. Anyway, most rooms to let and hotels are found at Vathy, the capital of Ithaca. You can find some accommodation in Kioni and even less in the rest of the island's settlements.
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Food & Drink On Ithaca

The specialty of Ithaca is the Tserapa chicken, Tserepa being the traditional clay pot where the chicken is cooked. It is also worth to try the Savoro, fried fish fillet with raisins, garlic and rosemary. Last but not least, you will get to taste some unusual pies, like the onion pie. As far as deserts are concerned you have to taste Rovani, the traditional sweet of Ithaca with rice, honey, sugar and oive oil, which you will not find anywhere else in Greece.
Ithaca cuisineIthaca cuisineIthaca cuisine

What To Buy On Ithaca

Before leaving Ithaca you should get some olive oil, white wine from the local variety Thiako, any of the great variety of spoon sweets (glyko koutaliou) and pure local honey.
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Attractions On Ithaca

Maritime - Folklore Museum Of Ithaca

A beautiful and well preserved museum in Vathy with various items from the past centuries of Ithaca.

Archaeological Museum Of Ithaca

Here you will see findings from excavations on Ithaca, from the Geometric Age up to the Roman Age.

Archaeological Collection Of Ithaca

Inside this cute little museum in Stavros village lie all the findings from the excavations at Polis Cave and at Pilikata.

Loizou Cave

The cave had been a religious center of the protoelladic civilization and its important findings are displayed at the Archaeological Collection of Ithaca.

Kimisi Theotokou Church

At the mountainous village of Anogi lies one of the oldest churches in Greece and in the Balkans as well, Kimisi Theotokou.

Menir of Anogi

Unusual rocky formations in Anogi village look like menirs. The most impressive one, Araklis, is 9 meters tall.


Kioni is the most picturesque settlement of Ithaca, built amphitheatrically and swamped with green.

Vathy - Lazareto

Vathy is the capital of Ithaca and an attraction itself, as it has been declared a traditional settlement.

Monastery Katharon

Katharon Monastery is the religious center of Ithaca, as Panagia Kathariotissa is the patron saint of Ithaca.

Nymphs Cave

Inside the Nymphs Cave, besides the stalactites of the roof, you will see the ruins of a deserted altar.

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Alternative Islands To Ithaca

Ithaca is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kefalonia (3 klm from Ithaca)
Lefkada (7 klm from Ithaca)
Zante (41 klm from Ithaca)
Paxoi (77 klm from Ithaca)
Corfu (106 klm from Ithaca)
Kythira (273 klm from Ithaca)

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Islands Connected To Ithaca

There is a ferry from Ithaca to the following islands:

Corfu (direct connection to Ithaca)
Kefalonia (direct connection to Ithaca)
Lefkada (direct connection to Ithaca)
Paxoi (direct connection to Ithaca)
Zante (direct connection to Ithaca)

Connections from IthacaConnections from IthacaConnections from Ithaca

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