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Vacations in Zante (Ionian - Greece)

Zante: The flower of the East (Fior di Levante)

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Area Ionian Best for All
Perfecture Zakynthou Cost Medium
Access Ship Size 402 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 319 Kilometers

Vacations in Zante island - Zante, The flower of the East (Fior di Levante)

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Why Zante

  • To swim in some of the most amazing beaches of the Greek islands
  • To see from up close the giant sea-turtle Caretta-Caretta
  • To enjoy your drink from Bohali hill with the incredible view
  • To visit the world-famous beach of Navagio

Information On Zante

Zante, or Zakinthos as it is called in Greece, is the third largest island of Eptanisa and it is found at the Ionian sea. Only the east part of Zante is utilized, as the west part is mostly covered by steep rocky mountains.

In most Greek islands the capital is a cute little picturesque settlement, but in the case of Zante this does not hold true. The town of Zante is like a miniature version of a large capital city, like Athens. In that sense, being there does not feel like being on a Greek island. However, what Zante lacks in beauty it makes up for thanks to its amazing beaches, which is the main reason it attracts so much tourism. Another reason tourists choose Zante for their vacations, is the fact that the giant sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, a beautiful reptile that faces extinction, can be found here, as it is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where the turtle comes to lay its eggs.

Although Zante is a relatively quiet island, there is intense night-life in specific parts, like Laganas. At night Laganas is like a mini version of Vegas, with night clubs and tourists - mostly British - partying all night long.

Vegetation on Zante is not what you would expect of an island of the Ionian sea. Although you see some green, Zante can not compete with the rest of the Eptanisa islands in the area of vegetation, probably due to its position (it is the southest island of Eptanisa).

There are many gas stations, banks and ATM machines on Zante.
Zante informationZante informationZante information

Beaches Of Zante

Zante is blessed with some of the most splendid beaches in the Greek islands. Most of them are found at the south and east parts of Zante. When at a south beach, be careful not to accidentally damage a Caretta-Caretta nest while you anchor your umbrella in the sand.
  • Navagio (West Zante): By far the most famous beach of Zante and one of the most famous beaches in the world.
  • Mavratzi (Southeast Zante): The small Mavratzi beach in the area of Vassiliki has fine sand, calm crystal sea and it is partly organized with umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Porto Zoro (Southeast Zante): A lovely organized beach in a verdant area. It has calm clear sea and beautiful sand.
  • Agios Nikolaos (Southeast Zante): A large, fully organized, popular beach with sand and nice sea in the area of Vassiliki.
  • Laganas (South Zante): The most popular beach of Zante, very long with great golden sand.
  • Gerakas (South Zante): One of the best beaches of Zante, with huge steep rocks standing over the sea.
  • Dafni (South Zante): A large beautiful sandy beach, partly organized.
  • Kalamaki (South Zante): A superb long sandy beach, one of the most popular on Zante.
  • Sekania (South Zante): The only beach of Zante where human activity is not allowed, because of the sea turtle.
  • Vrontonero (South Zante): A secluded beach with black sand, preferred by nudists.
  • Makris Gialos (Northeast Zante): A large beach with pebble, some facilities and easy access.
  • Xigia (Northeast Zante): A beach with healing water, thanks to the sulfur of a hot spring.
  • Alikes - Alikanas - Planos (East Zante): Three long organized sandy beaches with sand and large crowds.
  • Tsilivi (East Zante): One of the most popular beaches on Zante, large, organized with shallow sea.

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Travel To Zante

If you come by ship, you will first need to drive to the port of Kilini, a small town one hour away form Patra, at the west side of Peloponisos. From Kilini it is a short trip (1-1,5 hour) to the port of Zante. Zante also has an airport with the flight from Athens being no more than half an hour.
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Transportation On Zante (Car Rentals)

Zante is a rather large island so it is advised to have your own transportation. If you do not, you can go around by public transportation which is not half bad, but it will not take you everywhere on Zante. There are a lot of taxis moving around in the town of Zante. Finally there are boats at some points that will take you to the less accessible beaches.
Zante transportationZante transportationZante transportation

Accommodation On Zante (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

The most popular places for staying are Laganas, Tsilivi, Argasi and the town of Zante. Staying at the town is very convenient but the town is not very nice. If you want some peace and quiet you should avoid staying in the center of Laganas, or at least its center. Finally, bear in mind that the best beaches are in Vasilikos, so it's best not to stay too far from there.
Zante accommodationZante accommodationZante accommodation

Food & Drink On Zante

The specialty of Zante is rabbit with red sauce. Zante is also famous for its special kind of sweet onions so do try them out. Finally do not forget to try the local red whine Verdea. As far as sweets are concerned, when you find yourselves are Bohali you have to order the Frygania, a traditional sweet of Zante made with toast. Trust me, it tastes much better than it sounds!
Zante cuisineZante cuisineZante cuisine

What To Buy On Zante

The local products of Zante that stand out are the famous mantolato and the pasteli. Pasteli is a mixture of honey and sesame (or honey and almonds) in the form of a bar and you can find it in most Greek islands. Mantolato is slightly more complicated, as it also has eggs, flower and it almonds instead of sesame. Both Mantolato and Pasteli can be stored for a long period of time, so do not hesitate to get some supplies for back home. In the shops you will also find some traditional fregrencies of Zante, like bougarini, grantouka and fiorountenia.
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Attractions On Zante

Zante Tour

Go on a tour of Zante to see important attractions, like the Navagio beach, the Blue Caves and Marathonisi.

Blue Caves

Two sequential water caves in north Zante with amazing water coloring.

Zante National Maritime Park

An entire protected area covering most of Zante and the entire area of Lagana Bay.

Solomou Square

The main square of Zante where people gather, with some of the most important attractions of Zante.

Zante Byzantine Art Museum

The Byzantine Art Museum of Zante is in Solomou square and it hosts a rich collection of paintings, holy icons and sculptures.

Museum of Natural History Helmis

Here you will come in contact with the natural heritage of Zante and the entire world.

Museum of Dionysios Solomos

This museum is dedicated to all prominent citizens of Zante.

Church of Agios Dionysios

Saint Dionysios is the patron saint of Zante and his majestic church is located on the harbor.


The Mpohali hill oversees the entire town of Zante, providing a marvelous panoramic view

Island of Agios Sostis Laganas

A tiny island, near Laganas beach with the most amazing beach-bar you have even seen!


Very close to Bohali lies the castle, providing a fantastic view of Zante.

Agia Marina

The locals call this church the Parthenon of Zante.

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Alternative Islands To Zante

Zante is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Kefalonia (13 klm from Zante)
Ithaca (41 klm from Zante)
Lefkada (69 klm from Zante)
Paxoi (138 klm from Zante)
Corfu (166 klm from Zante)
Kythira (215 klm from Zante)

Zante alternativesZante alternativesZante alternatives

Islands Connected To Zante

There is a ferry from Zante to the following islands:

Ithaca (direct connection to Zante)
Kefalonia (direct connection to Zante)
Paxoi (direct connection to Zante)

Connections from ZanteConnections from ZanteConnections from Zante

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