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Vacations in Kefalonia (Ionian - Greece)

Kefalonia: Holidays with beaches for every taste

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Area Ionian Best for All
Perfecture Kefalonias Cost Medium
Access Ship Size 781 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 329 Kilometers

Vacations in Kefalonia island - Kefalonia, Holidays with beaches for every taste

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Why Kefalonia

  • To swim in the fabulous turquoise blue water of the famous Myrtos Beach
  • To have a natural spa with Argylo at the Xi Beach with the red sand
  • To take a stroll at the cosmopolitan Fiskardo and the picturesque Assos
  • To visit the unique caves of Kefalonia, Melissani Cave and Drogarati Cave
  • To taste various traditional delicacies like the Meatpie, Mantoles and Rompola

Information On Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian, located north of Zante and south of Lefkada island.

Kefalonia is the island of contrast with places and beaches for every taste. There are beaches with pebble, with sand, even with red sand, with green, mountain, etc.

Kefalonia is also the island of mystery, as some of its weird geological phenomena have yet to be explained. There is Kounopetra which was moving on its own until recently, the Katavothres of Argostoli where the sea water disappears, the miracle of Pastra with the dead lilies that bloom again and the snakes of Panagia that appear every year on August 15th are some of the bizarre things that are happening on the island.

Kefalonia is an island filled with green, except perhaps its south-west part, the south part of Paliki area, where there are less trees. At the south side of Kefalonia you can see from a distance Ainos mountain, the so called black mountain. The upper part of the mountain is black due to the presence of a rare type of fir tree which is endogenous in Kefalonia. If you are lucky you may even see wild horses running around on Ainos mountain, from a rare breed of Pindos.

Every year on Kefalonia a lot of cultural activities are held, like exhibitions, concerts, shows, etc, almost on a daily basis for the whole of August. An important event that you should not miss is the Robola festivities (Robola is a local wine), on the weekend after August 15th and Varkarola in Assos village at the end of August, on the day of Agios Kosmas Etolos.
Kefalonia informationKefalonia informationKefalonia information

Beaches Of Kefalonia

Kefalonia has amazing beaches for every taste. Typical beaches on the north side of Kefalonia are small with pebble, while the beaches of south Kefalonia are large and sandy. The main beaches of Kefalonia are:
  • Atheras (West Kefalonia): A quiet beach with sand and an islet at the entrance of the protected bay.
  • Petani (West Kefalonia): One of the best beaches of Kefalonia. It resembles Myrtos, but it is not that goos.
  • Platia Ammos (Southwest Kefalonia): An impressive beach similar to Myrtos, but with difficult access.
  • Vatsa - Vrahinari (Southwest Kefalonia): Two relatively small and quiet neighboring beaches with thick golden sand.
  • Xi (Southwest Kefalonia): One of the best beaches on Kefalonia, organized with warm shallow sea and red sand, ideal for spa.
  • Megas Lakkos (Southwest Kefalonia): The continuation of Xi beach, organized but with less people.
  • Lepeda (Southwest Kefalonia): A quiet beach with red sand resembling Xi and Megas Lakkos, but not as pretty.
  • Skala (Southeast Kefalonia): One of the most popular beaches of Kefalonia with clean blue sea and light colored sand.
  • Makris Gialos (South Kefalonia): A beautiful beach at the foot of a green hill with green-blue water and light colored sand.
  • Platis Gialos (South Kefalonia): The continuation of Makris Gialos beach with nice light sand and crystal water.
  • Avytho (South Kefalonia): An organized beach with very swallow blue sea and nice thin sand.
  • Kaminia (South Kefalonia): An inviting beach with warm shallow water and dark sand.
  • Myrtos (Northwest Kefalonia): The most famous beach of Kefalonia with white pebble and amazing turquoise water.
  • Foki (North Kefalonia): Α tiny beautiful verdant beach with pebble and turquoise green water.
  • Dafnoudi (North Kefalonia): A beautiful and quiet beach with white pebbles, surrounded by green.
  • Emplysi (North Kefalonia): A small beach with green water, surrounded by trees.
  • Antisamos (East Kefalonia): A marvelous beach with white pebble and crystal emerald water, surrounded by verdant mountains.

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Travel To Kefalonia

There are four harbours on Kefalonia, Poros, Sami, Lixouri and Argostoli, which you can reach by boat from Patra and/or Killini. From Killini it takes 1,5 hour to Poros and 2-2,5 hours to Argostoli and Lixouri.
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Transportation On Kefalonia (Car Rentals)

Kefalonia is a very mountainous island, which means that there are a lot of sudden turns. This way even the shortest distances may take you some time, while it takes 1,5 hour to cross the island from side to side. The roads are good, except from the south-west part of the island (mainly Paliki peninsula). You will definitely need a car or other transportation, due to the size of the island and the poor public transportation. In order to travel from Lixouri to Argostoli and vice versa you do not have to waste 4 minutes of your time to go around the bay, since the ferry you take you and your vehicle across very quickly, in merely 20 minutes, with the fare being 2,5 Euro per person and 3,6 Euro per car. In Argostoli town you can take a tour of the town in 20 minutes using the train that departs from the harbor (the fare is 3,5 Euro).
Kefalonia transportationKefalonia transportationKefalonia transportation

Accommodation On Kefalonia (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Due to the size of Kefalonia you should carefully consider where you will be staying as to avoid long distances. If you stay somewhere south it will take you at least one hour to reach Fiskardo and 40 minutes to Myrtos beach, while of you stay north it will be difficult to access the most part of the island. The ideal would be to split your stay by staying 2-3 days north. You could stay somewhere in the middle of the island, but there are few choices for accommodation there. Assos village would be a good choice, despite being towards the north, if it was not so low because it is frustrating to travel this winding uphill road every time you want to go somewhere.
Kefalonia accommodationKefalonia accommodationKefalonia accommodation

Food & Drink On Kefalonia

Kefalonia is an island known for its cuisine. You will find a lot of pies, mainly meatpie, but others like codfish pie, octopus pie, etc. If you do not mind the garlic try Aliada, a local version of the famous Greek Skordalia. For desert you must have the traditional almond pie rich with syrup.
Kefalonia cuisineKefalonia cuisineKefalonia cuisine

What To Buy On Kefalonia

Kefalonia is famouse for its Mantoles (almond-based sweet) that come in two flavors, brown (honey) and red, with most people favoring the latter. Do not neglect to buy a bottle of Robola wine, a wine variety of excellent quality produced by the Robola grape. Kefalonia also has olive oil of exceptional quality with a distinct flavor while you can also but the traditional barrel white cheese made by locals.
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Attractions On Kefalonia


The scenic Fiskardo is an ideal place for going out on Kefalonia. It is a colorful village with lots of shops and taverns, and an active harbor full of boats.


Assos is like a miniature Fiskardo. Assos is a fishing village, the most beautiful in Kefalonia, and it is much less touristic evolved than Fiskardo.

Agios Gerasimos Monastery

The church of Agios Gerasimos, protector of Kefalonia, is the third largest in Greece while the decorative painting of its interior are still under progress.

Kefalonia Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Kefalonia hosts findings from all over Kefalonia, ranging from the paleolithic era to the Roman era.

Folklore Museums

There are three Folklore Museums on Kefalonia, one in Argostoli, one in Agios Dimitrios at the river and one at Kaminarata of Paliki.

Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum

The museum hosts many icons and wood-curved relics from churches of Kefalonia that were deserted after the earthquakes of 1953.

Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave is the most famous cave of Kefalonia and one of the most impressive water caves of Greece.

Drogarati Cave

The 2nd most remarkable cave of Kefalonia is Drogarati Cave. The cave has excellent acoustics and thus hosts many concerts.


At the southwest edge of Kefalonia lies the famous Kounopetra, was constantly moving in a rhythmical way until the earthquakes of 1953.


Katavothres are the point where sea water vanishes and re-appears at the other side of Kefalonia, traveling underneath the island.

Kipouraion Monastery

Kipouraion Monastery is on Paliki and it lies on a rock hangning 100 meters above the sea.

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Alternative Islands To Kefalonia

Kefalonia is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Ithaca (3 klm from Kefalonia)
Lefkada (11 klm from Kefalonia)
Zante (13 klm from Kefalonia)
Paxoi (76 klm from Kefalonia)
Corfu (105 klm from Kefalonia)
Kythira (250 klm from Kefalonia)

Kefalonia alternativesKefalonia alternativesKefalonia alternatives

Islands Connected To Kefalonia

There is a ferry from Kefalonia to the following islands:

Corfu (direct connection to Kefalonia)
Ithaca (direct connection to Kefalonia)
Lefkada (direct connection to Kefalonia)
Paxoi (direct connection to Kefalonia)
Zante (direct connection to Kefalonia)

Connections from KefaloniaConnections from KefaloniaConnections from Kefalonia

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