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Vacations in Corfu (Ionian - Greece)

Corfu: Countless heavenly beaches for enjoyable holidays

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Vacations in Corfu island - Corfu, Countless heavenly beaches for enjoyable holidays

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Why Corfu

  • For vacations on an island with countless heavenly beaches
  • To swim in the famous Love Canal (Canal d' amour)
  • To visit countless attractions and remarkable museums
  • To enjoy your strolls in the colorful Corfu town
  • To taste the traditional delicacies of Corfu cuisine

Information On Corfu

Corfu belongs to Eptanisa and it is the northern of the large islands of the Ionian Sea. Its shape is long and resembles a scythe. It is a big island, as it is the second largest in the Ionian Sea and the seventh largest in Greece.

Corfu is a popular tourist destination as it has many tourist resorts with dozens of heavenly beaches. There is no way you will manage to visit all the beaches of Corfu, regardless of the number of days you stay on the island. Furthermore, Corfu is only one hour away from the Greek mainland through the port of Igoumenitsa, with an even easier access from north Greece thanks to the new Egnatia highway.

The town of Corfu is scenic and it hosts many attractions, like Pontikonisi, Liston, Spianada (the largest plaza in the Balkans), old churches, impressive mansions, fortresses, various museums, and much more.

Corfu is different from most Greek islands due to its land, which is flat at the most part. It has a lot of vegetation, especially at the north side, while the is a developed road network covering the entire island.

If you happen to be on vacation in Corfu during the Easter, you will get the chance to witness some interesting customs, like the throwing of the clay pots from the windows to the streets and the brass bands that march on the central road playing their music.
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Beaches Of Corfu

Corfu has countless and truly heavenly beaches, most of which are easily accessible through the wide road network, while most are awarded with the blue flag. Only rarely you will encounter beaches without umbrellas, sunbeds or some kind of tourism infrastructure. Below you will find a list with some of the beaches of the island, starting from the northwest and moving clockwise.
  • Paramonas (West Corfu): A rather large and nice beach with light sand and blue sea.
  • Agios Gordios (West Corfu): This large beach has thin blond sand, deep frozen sea and trees that almost reach the sea.
  • Glyfada (West Corfu): One of the most famous beaches of Corfu with thin golden sand and shallow turquoise sea.
  • Myrtiotissa (West Corfu): This fantastic beach, one of the best one the island, has golden sand and crystal sea.
  • Ermones (West Corfu): A small sandy beach with green-blue water and white pebbles, in a scenic deep bay, surrounded by green hills.
  • Agios Georgios of Argyrades (Southwest Corfu): An endless stretch of sand, spanning several kilometers with swallow sea and large crowds.
  • Issos (Southwest Corfu): A long and wide beautiful organized beach with golden sand and sand hills.
  • Halikounas (Southwest Corfu): A beach with clean shallow sea and thin sand with pebble. The cedar-tree forest right behind the beach and the sand hills make it special.
  • Moraitika - Mesoggi (Southeast Corfu): Nice and popular beaches with sand, few pebble and shallow sea.
  • Molos (Southeast Corfu): A large organized sandy beach with clean shallow sea.
  • Kavos (South Corfu): A popular beach than spans several kilometers in length, offering light sand and shallow sea.
  • Gardenos (South Corfu): A huge organized sandy beach, both in length and width, located in a scenic spot.
  • Paleokastritsa (Northwest Corfu): A popular tourist resort of Corfu with 6 beaches close to each other.
  • Agios Georgios Pagon (Northwest Corfu): An organized quiet beach, a beautiful pedal of sand surrounded by imposing rocks.
  • Arillas (Northwest Corfu): A relatively quiet and organized beach with a long narrow stretch of golden sand.
  • Agios Stefanos (Northwest Corfu): A vast beach with golden sand and clean calm sea, one of the most known beaches of Corfu.
  • Peroulades (Northwest Corfu): Impressive and beautiful beach with golden sand and blue shallow sea, surrounded by very tall cliffs.
  • Agios Spyridonas (Northwest Corfu): A cosmopolitan beach of Corfu with nice sand in a beautiful location.
  • Kassiopi (Northeast Corfu): A highly popular beach thanks to the turquoise water, the white pebble and the verdant bay.
  • Kerasia (Northeast Corfu): An amazing beach with white pebble, crystal turquoise water and a lot of trees.
  • Mparmpati (Northeast Corfu): A piece of land surrounded by green, with green-blue water and an endless stretch of golden sand.
  • Ypsos (Northeast Corfu): A long organized beach with light sand and clean sea.
  • Dasia (Northeast Corfu): A known long and narrow beach with sand, thin pebble and shallow sea.
  • Sidari (North Corfu): Sidari is One of the most famous attractions of Corfu due to the Love Canal.
  • Roda (North Corfu): An endless sandy beach. The beach offers thin dark sand and shallow sea.
  • Arahavi (North Corfu): An endless organized stretch of sand with calm shallow sea.
  • Kontokali (East Corfu): A relatively small cosmopolitan beach a bit north of Corfu town.
  • Mpenitses (East Corfu): A crowded beach found a bit south of the town ofCorfu with sand and thin pebble.

Find here in full detail all Corfu beaches

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Travel To Corfu

Like most islands of Eptanisa, you can not reach Corfu directly by ship. You must first travel by land to the port of Igoumenitsa and from there get the ferry (with very frequent trips) that will have you over in about one hour. There is also a ship from the port of Patra, which is not convenient as it take 7-8 hours to reach the island. Corfu naturally has an airport which is located a bit south of the town.
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Transportation On Corfu (Car Rentals)

During your vacations on Corfu you will need to have some means of transportation, unless of course you plan on only staying in one place. In case you do not bring your own car or motorcycle, there are many rental offices all over the island.
Corfu transportationCorfu transportationCorfu transportation

Accommodation On Corfu (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Corfu is a big island so it is very important to choose careful the place where you will be staying. Preferably stay somewhere in north Corfu, as it is more beautiful and with better / more beaches. On the island there are many organized campings for those who seek economic vacations in nature.
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Food & Drink On Corfu

The most famous dishes of Corfu are Pastitsada (rooster or veal stuffed with garlic, parsley and pepper), Sofrito (thin slices of fried veal with white sauce) and Mpourdeto (fish with red sauce). Mainly towards the north they use to put red sauce in the souvlaki istead of tzatziki, which makes it even more delicious!
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What To Buy On Corfu

One of the most known products of Corfu is kumquat, a citrus variation from China with which the kumquat drink (sweet digestive liqueur) is made. You can also get some ginger beer, a local non-alcohol soft drink which has a long tradition on the island. It is said that ginger beer does not travel, but if you handle the bottle with care you should be fine.
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Attractions On Corfu


The town of Corfu is very scenic with venetian influence and many attractions.

Archaeological Museum Corfu

Its collection includes remarkable excavation findings from all over Corfu.

Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis

It is housed in Mon Repo estate and it exhibits finding from the Archaic Period up to the Roman Period of Corfu.

Byzantine Museum Corfu

The Byzantine Museum hosts parts of various byzantine monuments from all over Corfu.

Museum of Antivouniotissa

It is dedicated to the metabyzantine art and it is one of the most important centers of ecclesiastical painting development.

Museum of Asiatic Art

It has the only collection of Asiatic art work in Greece and is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank

Here you will see banknotes from various periods, like the first banknotes that were printed in Greece.

Historical and Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu

It was founded in 1982 and it is housed in an old two-floor traditional house in Sinarades village, close to Corfu town.

Agios Spyridonas

Agios Spyridonas is the patron saint of Corfu and its temple is one of the most important metabyzantine monuments of Corfu.


The famous Liston is the largest building in the main plaza of Corfu town, an impressive building with many shops.


the most photographed place of Corfu with the famous Pontikonisi islet across.

Mon Repo

The Mon Repo Estate is in a scenery of rare beauty and it hosts the Museum of Paleopoli, while it used to serve as the summer home of the royal family.


Achillio is the mansion built at the orders of the empress of Austria Elisabeth in honor of Achilles.

Old Fortress

The Old Fortress is standing over the Spianada square and it contains several buildings.

New Fortress

It is also called Fortress of Agios Markos, and it is located between the Old Fortress and the harbor.

Nymphs Waterfall

The waterfall of the Nymphs is hidden in a verdant area with oaks and yews in north Corfu.

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Alternative Islands To Corfu

Corfu is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Paxoi (13 klm from Corfu)
Lefkada (75 klm from Corfu)
Kefalonia (105 klm from Corfu)
Ithaca (106 klm from Corfu)
Zante (166 klm from Corfu)
Kythira (393 klm from Corfu)

Corfu alternativesCorfu alternativesCorfu alternatives

Islands Connected To Corfu

There is a ferry from Corfu to the following islands:

Ithaca (direct connection to Corfu)
Kefalonia (direct connection to Corfu)
Lefkada (direct connection to Corfu)
Paxoi (direct connection to Corfu)

Connections from CorfuConnections from CorfuConnections from Corfu

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