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Vacations in Kythira (Ionian - Greece)

Kythira: The island of Aphroditi, the godess of love

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Vacations in Kythira island - Kythira, The island of Aphroditi, the godess of love

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Why Kythira

  • For vacations on a scenic island with great natural beauty
  • For swims in countless beaches, one better than the other
  • To see the waterfalls and the windmills at Mylopotamos
  • To rest and relax in a quiet and peaceful destination

Information On Kythira

Kythira is the only island of the Eptanisa complex that belongs to the Piraeus prefecture. The island is also known as Tsirigo and it is found right across the coasts of Laconia.

Kythira is called the island of Aphroditi, as the goddess of beauty was born here, according to mythology. So it is not a coincidence that the island has great natural beauty, many fantastic beaches, scenic settlements and several cool attractions.

Kythira is a rather verdant island, although is it lies so south. The north side of the island lacks vegitation but the south is full of green with waterfalls, wooden ravines and running waters. The only negative point are the strong and frequent winds that blow on the island, even during the summer.

Kythira is not the right destination for those who seek vibrant nightlife, as the island lacks in tourist development. The island is best suited for peace, quiet and relaxation. The part with the most tourist growth is Kapsali, which lies under the shadow of Chora, where the island's harbor is located.

If you happen to be on Kythira on early August you should visit Mitata village, where the annual Wine Festival is held, with music, dance and of course a lot of local wine.
Kythira informationKythira informationKythira information

Beaches Of Kythira

On Kythira you will find many fantastic beaches which are usually not organized. Before going to a beach you need to take into account the weather, as many beaches may prove to be unsuitable due to the strong and frequent winds.
  • Kalami (West Kythira): A superb little beach with difficult access but also exotic turquoise sea.
  • Kaladi (Southeast Kythira): A fantastic beach with white pebble and clean blue sea which is the trademark of Kythira.
  • Fyri Ammos (Southeast Kythira): Quiet popular large beach with a redish color, great natural beauty and clean sea.
  • Kapmponada (Southeast Kythira): A long beach with large pebbles and deep sea, ideal for seclusion.
  • Melidoni (South Kythira): A beautiful protected beach with nice thin sand and clean blue water.
  • Halkos (South Kythira): One of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Kythira with pebble and clean sea.
  • Kapsali (South Kythira): The most organized and one of the most central beaches of Kythira.
  • Sparagario (South Kythira): An impressive beach of rare beauty with white pebble and blue crystal water.
  • Agia Pelagia (Northeast Kythira): An amazing organized and long stretch of thin grayish sand.
  • Fourni (Northeast Kythira): A small and rather desolate beach with a grayish color, pebble and deep blue sea.
  • Kakia Lagkada (Northeast Kythira): An organized beach next to Lorentzou beach.
  • Platia Ammos (North Kythira): A quiet and large beach with sand and pebble.
  • Diakofti (East Kythira): One of the most famous beaches of Kythira thanks to its turquoise green water and white sand.

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Travel To Kythira

There are several ways to reach Kythira. You can take the ship from the harbor of Piraeus or - with a bit of driving - that of Neapoli with everyday routes (11 euro per person and 44 euro per car). There is also an airport on the island, so you can also go by plane.
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Transportation On Kythira (Car Rentals)

On Kythira you will need to have your own transport as public transportation are neither frequent nor broad ranged. But you will need to be careful because the road network is in a poor condition, thus making all distances even longer. You will have no trouble renting a car or a motorcycle, while you can also use a taxi as there are several driving around.
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Accommodation On Kythira (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

The best places to stay in Kythira is Chora or Kapsali (very close to each other at the south edge of the island), Mylopotamos and Avlemonas. Chora is beautiful but Kapsali is right by the sea and has all the nightlife of the island. Avlemonas and Mylopotamos are scenic villages, Mylopotamos being in the center of the island while Avlemonas being at the east edge, close to Paleopoli. In Chora the are a lot of restored mansions that have been turned into traditional guesthouses for a romantic stay. Finally there is an organized camping operating in Kapsali.
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Food & Drink On Kythira

On Kythira they serve delicious local goat that is cooked in different ways (with red sauce, roasted in the oven, etc).
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What To Buy On Kythira

Kythira is famous for its excellent thyme honey, but its production is quiet small so it is hard to find. You can buy local olive oil, red wine and fatourada (high alcoholic drink flavored with spices like cinnamon). If you find yourself on the north side of the island do stop at Karavas village and get some traditional rusks from the Karavas Bakery. Regarding desserts you should get some traditional local xerotigana (sweet with syrup), pastisteta (sugared buns) and koumara (made with roasted almonds, honey and herbs). The beautiful little yellow flower Sebreviva which only grows here is a great souvenir, as it is well preserved for a long period of time.
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Attractions On Kythira

Chora of Kythira

A scenic settlement with architectural influences from Eptanisa, Cyclades and Peloponese.

Monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa

The largest monastery on Kythira with an imposing tall belfry made of limestone.

Archaeological Museum of Kythira

The museum exhibits findings from various excavations all over Kythira.

Byzantine Museum of Kythira

The Byzantine Museum of Kythira is housed in the Analipseos Temple in the area of Kato Livadi.

Stone Bridge of Katouni

The largest bridge of its kind in Greece and the Balkans, with 100 meters in length and 15 meters in height.

Fonissa Waterfall

Kythira is one of the few islands where you will find waterfalls!

Agia Sofia Cave

A large cave with stunning stalactite formations and murals of saints of the 13th century.


Paleochora is totally deserted but is was once the capital of Kythira.

Lighthouse of Moudari

The Moudari lighthouse is at cape Spathi, at the northern point of Kythira, and it is one of the biggest of its kind in Greece.


One of the most impressive attractions of Kythira is the water cave at Hytra islet, where the seals used to hide.

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Alternative Islands To Kythira

Kythira is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Zante (215 klm from Kythira)
Kefalonia (250 klm from Kythira)
Ithaca (273 klm from Kythira)
Lefkada (301 klm from Kythira)
Paxoi (367 klm from Kythira)
Corfu (393 klm from Kythira)

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