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Vacations in Paxoi (Ionian - Greece)

Paxoi: A tiny verant paradise for those who seek absolute relaxation

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Area Ionian Best for All
Perfecture Kerkyras Cost High
Access Ship Size 19 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 451 Kilometers

Vacations in Paxoi island - Paxoi, A tiny verant paradise for those who seek absolute relaxation


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Why Paxoi

  • To enjoy vacations of peace and quiet in a verdant piece of paradise
  • To swim in the exotic beaches of Antipaxoi with turquoise water and thin white sand
  • To take your strolls in all-green picturesque villages and cute little harbors
  • For relaxing vacations is a small island where cars are useless, only one hour away by boat

Information On Paxoi

Paxoi is the smallest island of Eptanisa and situated a bit south of Corfu. It is actually a pair of little islands with rich vegetation across the coasts of Ipiros, Paxoi island or Paxos which is the largest of the two and a few kilometers southeast of it lies Antipaxoi island, or Antipaxos. The west part of Paxoi rocky with steep cliffs.

Paxoi is a place for quiet vacations. One of its main advantages is that they are located very close to the mainland of Greece and are just one hour away by ship from Igoumenitsa port. The other great advantage of Paxoi are the exotic beaches of Antipaxoi with the turquoise water, the thin white sand and the verdant landscape. Those beaches are like the ones you find at Koufonisia, with the difference that here there is rich vegetation.

The capital of Paxoi, the picturesque village Gaios, is swamped with green, while at the port entrance an impressive fiord is formed by the green islets Panagia and Agios Nikolaos. On Panagia islet every year on August 15th a great festival is held where guests are served veal soup and meat.

During the first ten days of September the Paxoi festival is held, a festival of classical music where famous musicians and young students play live.
Paxoi informationPaxoi informationPaxoi information

Beaches Of Paxoi

Most beaches are small in size and with no sand, but the turquoise water is crystal clear. On Paxoi the best beaches are found at the northeast part, but the most amazing beaches with thin white sand are found on Antipaxoi.
  • Vrika (Αντίπαξοι Paxoi): One of the best beaches of Paxoi with countless trees, thin white sand and turquoise water.
  • Voutoumi (Αντίπαξοι Paxoi): One of the best beaches of Paxoi with great thin white sand and turquoise sea.
  • Levrehio (Northeast Paxoi): A small verdant beach with pebble and trees that reach the shore.
  • Harami (North Paxoi): The northeast beach of Paxos with large white pebbles and turquoise-green water.
  • Monodendri (North Paxoi): A medium sized beach with pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Glyfada (North Paxoi): The only beach of Paxoi with healing water.
  • Orkos (North Paxoi): One of the best beaches of Paxoi. with white pebble and fantastic turquoise water.
  • Kipiadi (East Paxoi): A large beach with pebble at the center of Paxos.
  • Kali Lagkada (East Paxoi): A long and wide beach with pebble and crystal clear water.

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Paxoi beachesPaxoi beachesPaxoi beaches

Travel To Paxoi

Paxoi are accessible by boat from the port of Igoumenitsa which takes around 1 hour. but from the near by Corfu as well through a flying dolphin.
Paxoi travelPaxoi travelPaxoi travel

Transportation On Paxoi (Car Rentals)

Paxoi is one of the rare cases where a car is not only useless, but it also poses a problem. The roads are narrow, the island is small and the best beaches are found on Antipaxoi where you go by boat. Therefor the best solution for moving around are motorcycles, public transportation and walking, since distances are small. Transportation between Paxoi and Antipaxoi is carried out with high-speed boats that depart every one hour, with the last boat from Paxoi leaving at 2 in the noon and the last ship from Antipaxoi leaving at 6 in the afternoon.
Paxoi transportationPaxoi transportationPaxoi transportation

Accommodation On Paxoi (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Paxoi is so small that it does not really matter where you choose to stay. However, most rooms to let are found at the capital of Paxoi, Gaios. Accommodation is scarce, so it is best to plan ahead for your stay.
Paxoi accommodationPaxoi accommodationPaxoi accommodation

Food & Drink On Paxoi

On Paxoi there are many fish taverns that serve fresh fish and seafood, which sometimes have just been caught by local fishermen. A traditional dish of Paxoi is Bourdeto, fish cooked with onions.
Paxoi cuisinePaxoi cuisinePaxoi cuisine

What To Buy On Paxoi

The olive oil of Paxoi is considered to by the best in the Eptanisa. There is also excellent wine: look for the famous sweet back wine of Antipaxos, which is hard to find due to the small production.
Paxoi purchasesPaxoi purchasesPaxoi purchases

Attractions On Paxoi

Ypapantis Church

A church unique in Eptanisa thanks to its double dome. Its tall steeple and its marble screen are most impressive

Museum Of Paxoi

It is situated on the coast road of Gaios and it is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building.


Erimitis is the best location of Paxoi for a breath-taking view.

Paxoi Tour

During the Paxoi tour you will get the chance to admire the water caves and the impressive rocky formations.

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Paxoi attractionsPaxoi attractionsPaxoi attractions

Alternative Islands To Paxoi

Paxoi is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Corfu (13 klm from Paxoi)
Lefkada (49 klm from Paxoi)
Kefalonia (76 klm from Paxoi)
Ithaca (77 klm from Paxoi)
Zante (138 klm from Paxoi)
Kythira (367 klm from Paxoi)

Paxoi alternativesPaxoi alternativesPaxoi alternatives

Islands Connected To Paxoi

There is a ferry from Paxoi to the following islands:

Corfu (direct connection to Paxoi)
Ithaca (direct connection to Paxoi)
Kefalonia (direct connection to Paxoi)
Paxoi (direct connection to Paxoi)
Zante (direct connection to Paxoi)

Connections from PaxoiConnections from PaxoiConnections from Paxoi

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