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Vacations in Skyros (Sporades - Greece)

Skyros: The quiet island with the cute Skyros horses

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Area Sporades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Evias Cost Low
Access Car-Ship Size 210 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 221 Kilometers

Vacations in Skyros island - Skyros, The quiet island with the cute Skyros horses

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Why Skyros

  • To enjoy taking strolls in the scenic Chora
  • For relaxing and peaceful vacations on a quiet island
  • To see from up close and have your kids ride the cute little Skyros horse
  • To visit a church built in the rock and take pictures of the stone mushroom
  • For economic vacations in a nearby island with cheap fairy tickets

Information On Skyros

Skyros belongs to Sporades and it is the southern and largest island of that complex. It is located north of Cyclades and a bit to the east of Evia, to which it is connected through the port of Kymi.

Perhaps due to its proximity to Cyclades, Skyros has a Cycladic feel with its scenic Chora. The shape of the island resembles the number 8, as it get rather narrow in the middle, and is consequently divided in two parts. The north and the south part are completely different, the north one being verdant filled with pine trees, like typical Sporades and the south one dry, like being in Cyclades.

One of the main advantages of vacations in Skyros is the fast and economic access, since it is a stone's throw away from Evia with a very cheap ferry ride. It is very known for the Skyros horse, an ancient race of small shaped horses under extinction, for the brilliant woodwork (mainly small furniture) and its textiles.

Skyros is basically a peaceful island for quiet and relaxing vacations, although bars in Chora turn up the volume from early on. In any case nightlife on Skyros is not intense, as there is only a handful of bars and only a couple nightclubs in the entire island.
Skyros informationSkyros informationSkyros information

Beaches Of Skyros

Skyros has lovely beaches with clean sea. Most of those beaches are located in verdant locations. The main beaches of Skyros are the following:
  • Agios Fokas (West Skyros): A small beach with nice light-colored sand and calm sea.
  • Kalamitsa (West Skyros): A big and popular beach with pebble, ideal for surfing.
  • Aherounes (West Skyros): A wide beach with sand, thin pebble, clean shallow sea and some small palm trees.
  • Pefkos (West Skyros): An exceptional beach with sand, green-blue sea and pine covered hills.
  • Kolympada (Southwest Skyros): A desolate beach with thick sand and white pebble.
  • Sarakino (South Skyros): Sarakino is a small island with the excellent beach Glyfada, with thin white sand and turquoise water.
  • Kyra Panagia (Northwest Skyros): A nice sandy beach with shallow sea in a verdant location with pine trees.
  • Atsitsa (Northwest Skyros): A beautiful little beach with sand and pebble in an enchanting scenery.
  • Kareflou (Northeast Skyros): A large beach offering superb sea, pebble and seclusion.
  • Palamari (North Skyros): A beautiful, large and rather quiet beach with sand.
  • Agios Petros (North Skyros): A charming beach with thin pebble and clean blue sea.
  • Magazia / Molos (East Skyros): The most famous beach of Skyros and the only organized one, very long with golden sand.
  • Gyrismata (East Skyros): One of the best and most popular beaches of Skyros with light sand and blue sea.
  • Aspous (East Skyros): A quiet beach with sand, crystal water and some pine trees.
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Travel To Skyros

Skyros is just one and a half hour away from the port of Kymi and Ahilleas (the ship) will leave you on Linaria, the island's port. This ship belongs to the Skyros Nautical Company founded by the locals themselves, resulting in a very low ferry cost (9 euro per person and 26 euro per car). There is a military airport on the island serving civilian aircrafts as well, although there is really no reason not to travel by sea.
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Transportation On Skyros (Car Rentals)

Skyros is not a big island with a small road network (there are a lot of dirt roads), as a result you can make the round trip of the island in less than 1,5 hours. There are buses with freuent schedule for you to travel around the island, that connect Chora, Linaria and Molos to each other. Because those routes only cover a small fraction of the island surface, you might want to consider renting a vehicle, or using a taxi (there are few on the island).
Skyros transportationSkyros transportationSkyros transportation

Accommodation On Skyros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

On Skyros most of the accommodation is at the northeast coast, and particularly in the villages of Molos, Magazia, Chora, Gyrismata and Aspous. It is advised to get a room in one of those places, as this is also the area with the best beaches.
Skyros accommodationSkyros accommodationSkyros accommodation

Food & Drink On Skyros

The specialty of Skyros is the local goat cooked in the oven. Everywhere on the island you can find great spaghetti lobster at a bargain price, as the area is known for its lobster. Finally try the tyropitari with delicious local cheese.
Skyros cuisineSkyros cuisineSkyros cuisine

What To Buy On Skyros

Skyros is famous for its textiles and its woodworks, especially the small wooden furniture that are true masterpieces. If you want to buy something edible seek out the tavern in Agios Petros where they sell pure honey and do get some fantastic local cheese. While you wait for the ship, there are some shops nearby selling unique ceramic artworks.
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Attractions On Skyros

Chora of Skyros

The scenic capital of Skyros is built amphitheatrically at the side of a hill, under the castle.

Skyros Castle

The byzantine castle on top of the stiff rock hosts ruins of ancient churches and houses.

Skyros Archaeological Museum

The Skyros Archaeological Museum consists two ground halls and a roofed gallery. Its collection includes precious findings from the Early Helladic period.

Faltaits Historical and Folklore Museum

It is one of the oldest of its kind in Greece and housed in an island mansion built on the ancient walls.

Agios Nikolaos Church

The most special attraction of Skyros is the tiny church of Agios Nikolaos in Pouria, built inside a limestone rock.

Horses of Skyros

A rare and ancient race of small horses, one meter high, that are not pony horses, that go around free mainly at the north part of Skyros.

Daily Cruise

The cruise includes a stop at Sarakiniko island for a swim in the spectacular Glyfada beach, and a visit to the caves of south Skyros.
Skyros attractionsSkyros attractionsSkyros attractions

Alternative Islands To Skyros

Skyros is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Alonissos (51 klm from Skyros)
Skopelos (60 klm from Skyros)
Skiathos (82 klm from Skyros)

Skyros alternativesSkyros alternativesSkyros alternatives

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