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Vacations in Skopelos (Sporades - Greece)

Skopelos: Quiet vacations on a green island with amazing beaches

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Area Sporades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Magnisias Cost High
Access Ship Size 96 Square Kilometers
Beaches Sand Distance 281 Kilometers

Vacations in Skopelos island - Skopelos, Quiet vacations on a green island with amazing beaches

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Why Skopelos

  • To swim in stunning turquoise-green water in the most amazing beaches
  • To enjoy nature on one of the most green Greek islands in the Aegean Sea
  • To admire the view from the romantic and famous chapel of Agios Giannis
  • To taste the unique plums of Skopelos, the Skopelos cheese pie and many more traditional delicacies

Information On Skopelos

Skopelos belongs to the Sporades island complex and is located between Skiathos and Alonissos islands. Skopelos is a verdant island with rich vegetation and perhaps the greenest island in all Aegean.

Skopelos became widely known thanks to the hit-movie Mamma Mia which was filmed on the island in 2008. More than any other of the attractions of Skopelos, the movie highlighted the romantic little chappel of Agios Giannis in Katri, which is at the top of a gigantic vertical rock, approximately 100 stairs above the sea surface.

Skopelos is the most balanced island of Sporades, because it is not as noisy as Skiathos but at the same time it is more lively than Alonissos. You will find several bars, while in Chora there are some rempetadika (night clubs with traditional music), as rempetiko is a type of music with rich history on Skopelos.

On Skopelos there is an excellent local plum variation, which is the basis for many traditional recipes for foods and sweets, while it is much more tasty than the common plums. There is also the famous traditional spoon sweet avgato, named after the plum variation which is used in order to make it. At the end of August there is the Plum Festival held on Skopelos, where visitors are offered baked plums and wine..
Skopelos informationSkopelos informationSkopelos information

Beaches Of Skopelos

Most Skopelos beaches are found at the west side of Skopelos and most of them, like the island itself, are swamped by trees.
  • Elios (West Skopelos): Two popular sandy beaches with crystal water that are organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Kastani (West Skopelos): It offers thick dark-colored sand and turquoise water, while it is surrounded by pine-filled hill sides.
  • Panormos (Southwest Skopelos): A popular organized beach with thin pebble and blue-green water, while the sea is usually calm.
  • Milia (Southwest Skopelos): An organized popular beach with sand, very long with a rock dividing it in two smaller beaches.
  • Velanio (Southeast Skopelos): It is quiet long with sand and thin pebble, but it is separated in two beaches by some large rocks.
  • Stafylos (South Skopelos): A large beach, one of the most popular on Skopelos, with clear sea and nice sand.
  • Agnontas (South Skopelos): A small beach with pebble and calm turquoise water.
  • Limnonari (South Skopelos): A rather long beach with thin white sand and calm turquoise water.
  • Hovolo (Northwest Skopelos): Εντυπωσιακή παραλία με γαλαζοπράσινα νερά, ψηλά κατάφυτα βράχια και βότσαλο.
  • Armenopetra (Northwest Skopelos): A known beach with clean sea, thick sand and a huge standing rock at its side.
  • Skopelos (Northeast Skopelos): The nearest beach to the town of Skopelos with clear green-blue water and sand.
  • Glysteri (Northeast Skopelos): A relatively small quiet beach with nice turquoise water and pebble. It is in a verdant bay.
  • Perivoliou (Northeast Skopelos): A great beach with sand, thin pebble, and clear green-blue water.
  • Pethameni (North Skopelos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos with thin pebble and turquoise sea.
  • Glyfoneri (East Skopelos): A peaceful and beautiful beach a bit north of Skopelos town.
  • Sares (East Skopelos): One of the most impressive beaches of Skopelos. It is divided into three smaller beaches, all with thin pebble and turquoise water.
Skopelos beachesSkopelos beachesSkopelos beaches

Travel To Skopelos

You can get to Skopelos from the harbor of Agios Konstantinos and the harbor of Volos, with the trip being 2-3,5 hours long. During the high season there is also a ship reaching Skopelos from Kymi of Evia (about 4,5 hours trip).
Skopelos travelSkopelos travelSkopelos travel

Transportation On Skopelos (Car Rentals)

Skopelos is a small island but unfortunately the bus timetable very poor and buses are not frequent (on average they pass every 2 hours) so having a vehicle is rather necessary. However, the bus station is found right next to the harbor, while next to it is also the taxi station. Not that you should depend too much on the taxis, as they are very few while the people are too many. If you want to be independent from the public transportation which by the way is always over crowded, you will have no trouble finding a place to rent a car or a motorcycle. Finally, the roads of Skopelos are in good condition.
Skopelos transportationSkopelos transportationSkopelos transportation

Accommodation On Skopelos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most choices for your accommodation are in the town of Skopelos, while there are several hotels / rooms to let in Glossa and Neo Klima which are to the west, very close to most beaches of Skopelos. A good choice to stay is in Stafylos to the south, since there you can find many rooms and the nice homonymous beach. In any case Skopelos is not a big island so the transportation from one place to another poses no problem at all.
Skopelos accommodationSkopelos accommodationSkopelos accommodation

Food & Drink On Skopelos

Skopelos is famous for its cheese pie, which you can now find all over Greece. However there are many other types of traditional pies, like the tasty onion pie. Two traditional signature dishes of Skopelos that you have to try are the local goat with quince and the blackfist stew with onions, while there are many dishes with sweet or sour plums, as Skopelos is famous for its plums. For dessert you can sit in one of the many shops of the picturesque town to order an amygdalato (almond based sweet), avgato (plum based sweet) and hamalia (sweet made with almond and rose water).
Skopelos cuisineSkopelos cuisineSkopelos cuisine

What To Buy On Skopelos

Do not forget to take home some avgato spoon sweet, which is made with the famous plum variety of Skopelos. On Skopelos you can also buy some unique hand-made knives from local craftsmen.
Skopelos purchasesSkopelos purchasesSkopelos purchases

Attractions On Skopelos


The beautiful capital of Skopelos has been declared preservable settlement.


A picturesque village in a verdant landscape with a unique view of the sea.

Venetian Castle

It is worth climbing to the Venetian castle of Skopelos, to admire the panoramic view of the town.


Episkopi was built by the Enetians and was originally intended to be a fortress, that is why it is surrounded by tall walls.

Agios Ioannis

An impressive tall rock that stands over the sea with the small byzantine church of Agios Ioannis on its top.
Skopelos attractionsSkopelos attractionsSkopelos attractions

Alternative Islands To Skopelos

Skopelos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Alonissos (4 klm from Skopelos)
Skiathos (7 klm from Skopelos)
Skyros (60 klm from Skopelos)

Skopelos alternativesSkopelos alternativesSkopelos alternatives

Islands Connected To Skopelos

There is a ferry from Skopelos to the following islands:

Alonissos (direct connection to Skopelos)
Skiathos (direct connection to Skopelos)

Connections from SkopelosConnections from SkopelosConnections from Skopelos

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