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Vacations in Skiathos (Sporades - Greece)

Skiathos: The green island with the amazing sandy beaches

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Area Sporades Best for All
Perfecture Magnisias Cost High
Access Car-Ship Size 46 Square Kilometers
Beaches Sand Distance 258 Kilometers

Vacations in Skiathos island - Skiathos, The green island with the amazing sandy beaches

Skiathos KoukounariesSkiathos LalariaSkiathos Banana

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Why Skiathos

  • To visit the beaches with the amazing white sand
  • To smell the delicate fragrance of the pine trees while taking your swim
  • To go on a romantic stroll at Boutzi under the moonlight
  • To enjoy your drink at the famous Skalakia

Information On Skiathos

Skiathos is the most famous of Sporades islands and could very well be the Greek island with the most vegetation, as 70% of its area is covered by trees.

Although Skiathos is a small island, it has approximately 60 beaches, one better than the other. Most of them follow a very similar pattern: Great white sand, clean water and a green surrounding of trees. The sand is glowing under the sun, as if it was mixed with gold-dust.

There are a couple of gas stations on Skiathos and several banks at the town of Skiathos.
Skiathos informationSkiathos informationSkiathos information

Beaches Of Skiathos

Skiathos is famous for its beaches. The most famous, and the ones with the less wind, are those at the south part of Skiathos. If you want to avoid the crowds, you should visit some of the rest beaches of Skiathos, other than the south ones and Lalaria.
  • Elia (West Skiathos): An amazing, long, sandy beach in a great location.
  • Megalos Aselinos (West Skiathos): A great beach with thick sand and easy road access.
  • Kehria - Ligaries (West Skiathos): Two neighboring beautiful and quiet beaches with difficult access.
  • Koukounaries (South Skiathos): An amazing beach, the most popular of Skiathos, with fantastic white sand surrounded by pine trees.
  • Mpanana (South Skiathos): One of the most beautiful beaches of Skiathos. It is divided into two beaches, Big Mpanana and Little Mpanana.
  • Agia Paraskevi (South Skiathos): One of the most popular beaches of Skiathos, large with thin golden sand and easy access.
  • Vromolimnos (South Skiathos): One of the longest beaches of Skiathos, with sand and organized.
  • Troulos - Poros - Kolios - Platanias (South Skiathos): A series of remarkable sandy beaches starting from Koukounaries.
  • Megali Ammos - Ftelia - Vasilias - Ahladies (South Skiathos): A series of lovely sandy beaches that are close to Skiathos town.
  • Tzaneria - Kanapitsa - Kalamaki (South Skiathos): Three small beaches on a row with great sand and clean sea.
  • Lalaria (North Skiathos): A famous beach, very different than the rest of the beaches on Skiathos, with round white pebbles and only boat access.
  • Megas Gialos (North Skiathos): One of the few worthwhile sandy beaches of northern Skiathos.
  • Xanemo (East Skiathos): The only beach on eastern Skiathos worth mentioning, with sand and pebble.
Skiathos beachesSkiathos beachesSkiathos beaches

Travel To Skiathos

You cannot go to Skiathos by ship only. You first have to travel by car to either the port of Volos or that of Agios Konstantinos. From there is is a short trip by boat to Skiathos. You can also go by plane, as there is an airport on the island.
Skiathos travelSkiathos travelSkiathos travel

Transportation On Skiathos (Car Rentals)

There is a bus route that starts from the town and goes all the way to Koukounaries beach. The buses are extremely frequent so you really have no need for your own transport, although there are plenty of places on Skiathos where you can rent one. In the worst case you may need to walk 5-10 minutes to get to the beach. There is another smaller bus, not as frequent, departing from the town that goes to the Evagelistria Monastery. There are a few taxis but it will be hard to get one during the high season.
Skiathos transportationSkiathos transportationSkiathos transportation

Accommodation On Skiathos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

The only town on the island is Skiathos town, so you will probably be staying there. However, there are now many hotels / guesthouses / rooms to let around most of the beaches of Skiathos. The beaches are so popular that there are taverns and shops built as well around the beaches, all of those making for a small unofficial settlement.
Skiathos accommodationSkiathos accommodationSkiathos accommodation

Food & Drink On Skiathos

Skiathos is not known for its food. In such a popular island you have to be careful where you eat and try to avoid the restaurants that have huge menus. My personal recommendations are Asprolithos restaurant (close to the school) and Marias Pizza (next to the Church at the top Skalakia) that have great food and decent prices.
Skiathos cuisineSkiathos cuisineSkiathos cuisine

What To Buy On Skiathos

The main street of Skiathos town, a pedestrian road paved with slabs, that starts from the harbor and goes inlands, is packed with shops of every kind imaginable. You can buy clothes, jewelery, souvenirs and local products (honey, olive-oil soap, sweets, etc).
Skiathos purchasesSkiathos purchasesSkiathos purchases

Attractions On Skiathos


In the famous Skalakia you will find the bars with the giant pillows where people enjoy their drinks.

Skiathos town

Skiathos town is full of life every night and you can find many lovely bars at the famous Skalakia.


This cute tiny islet used to be a castle. Bourtzi separates the harbor in two, the old harbor and the new one, and it is the first thing you see approaching Skiathos.


This castle only serves as a sightseeing inside which lies a church with ancient byzantine murals.

House of Papadiamantis

The house of Alexandros Papadiamantis now operates as a museum, exhibiting the furniture and other belongings of Papadiamantis.

Evagelistria Monastery

The Evagelistria Monastery was founded on 1794 on Skiathos and hosts many important artifacts.

Kounistra Monastery

This is considered a very sacred place because, according to the local tradition, the icon of Virgin Mary was revealed to the locals by miracle.

Blue Cave - Dark Cave

Close to Lalaria beach are those two impressive water-caves of Skiathos. You can go there only by boat.
Skiathos attractionsSkiathos attractionsSkiathos attractions

Alternative Islands To Skiathos

Skiathos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Skopelos (7 klm from Skiathos)
Alonissos (27 klm from Skiathos)
Skyros (82 klm from Skiathos)

Skiathos alternativesSkiathos alternativesSkiathos alternatives

Islands Connected To Skiathos

There is a ferry from Skiathos to the following islands:

Alonissos (direct connection to Skiathos)
Skopelos (direct connection to Skiathos)

Connections from SkiathosConnections from SkiathosConnections from Skiathos

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