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Vacations in Alonissos (Sporades - Greece)

Alonissos: The island of Monachus - monachus seals and the Water Park

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Area Sporades Best for Quiet
Perfecture Magnisias Cost Medium
Access Ship Size 62 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 288 Kilometers

Vacations in Alonissos island - Alonissos, The island of Monachus - monachus seals and the Water Park


Why Alonissos

  • For endless relaxation and rest in a quiet island suited for peaceful vacations
  • For swimming in beaches with turquoise waters in green landscapes
  • To visit the National Maritime Park of Alonissos
  • To see from up close the Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus

Information On Alonissos

Alonissos belongs to the island complex of Sporades and it is its eastern island. Alonissos, like all the other islands of Sporades, is an island with rich vegetation.

Alonissos has something special that separates itself from all other Greek islands: its sea bed. Hundreds of shipwrecks, both ancient and modern, lie on the sea bottom of the area around Alonissos. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Alonissos is the dream of every diver, professional or amateur.

Alonissos is the home of a large part of the remaining population of the Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus, which is a guarantee for the cleanness of the waters of its sea. The Mediterranean Seal is the most endangered mammal in Europe while almost half of its population find shelter in the Greek sea. It is possible to see one seal from up close, although it is something rare as the seals hide as soon as they see humans.

Alonissos is an island for quiet vacations, peace and relaxation. This is its main difference from the rest of the islands of Sporades, Skiathos and Skopelos. Furthermore it is the island most untouched by tourism in Sporades with great natural beauty.

If you find yourself on Alonissos during July, do not miss the celebration of thrashing, a festival where the women of Alonissos prepare home-made frumenty in big pots for everyone present under the sounds of traditional organs and local music.
Alonissos informationAlonissos informationAlonissos information

Beaches Of Alonissos

Most beaches you will find on Alonissos are organised and have pebble. Naturally, being the rule in Sporades, almost all beaches are situated in pine-filled landscapes and have green-blue water. The best and most easily accessible beaches are located at the south part of Alonissos.
  • Agios Dimitrios (West Alonissos): The most impressive beach of Alonissos with a white tongue of land entering the sea.
  • Gialia (Southwest Alonissos): A beach with pebble, easy access and a highly photographed windmill.
  • Tourkoneri (Southwest Alonissos): A small beach surrounded by rocks at a pine forest.
  • Megalos Mourtias (South Alonissos): A beautiful beach with calm crystal clear water and pebble.
  • Vythisma (South Alonissos): A quiet sandy beach with few visitors in a bay which is covered by trees.
  • Marpounta (South Alonissos): An organized but tranquil beach with water sports under the shade of pine trees.
  • Rousoum Gialos (South Alonissos): A popular beach with clean turquoise water and pebble, in a narrow bay.
  • Milia (South Alonissos): An organized beach with thin pebble, turquoise water and pine trees reaching the sea.
  • Chrysi Milia (South Alonissos): One of the most beautiful organized beaches of Alonissos with shallow turquoise sea.
  • Kokkinokastro (South Alonissos): A beautiful large beach in an imposing scenery thanks to a red rock.
  • Tzortzi Gialos (South Alonissos): A narrow beach with green-blue water and pebble in a verdant landscape.
  • Leftos Gialos (South Alonissos): Peaceful beach with clean water and white pebble.
  • Glyfa (South Alonissos): A quiet beach with beautiful turquoise water and thick pebble.

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Travel To Alonissos

To reach Alonissos you can get a boat from the harbor of Agios Konstantinos or the harbor of Volos, with a trip of 2,5-4,5 hours. During the high season there are routes from Kymi of Evia (about 2,5 hours).
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Transportation On Alonissos (Car Rentals)

For your transportation around Alonissos you can use the local buses, which unfortunately do not have frequent routes. There are some taxi on Alonissos, but few, so do not count of getting one. If you do not have tour own transportation, you will not have trouble renting a car or a bike on the island.
Alonissos transportationAlonissos transportationAlonissos transportation

Accommodation On Alonissos (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most accommodation on Alonissos is found at Patitiri, the island's harbor, and some in Chora. You can find a room at almost any part of Alonissos, but it is best to stay somewhere south, as this is where the best beaches are found.
Alonissos accommodationAlonissos accommodationAlonissos accommodation

Food & Drink On Alonissos

Being on Alonissos is a great opportunity to have some fresh fish, kakavia (fish soup) and seafood. Try the local astakomanestra (traditional pasta with lobster), stuffed kalamari and various dishes with fresh tuna fish (as the tuna fished on Alonissos is of great quality) like pasta with tuna and grilled tuna. Finally you have to try the traditional pies of Alonissos, the cheese pie and the spinach pie.
Alonissos cuisineAlonissos cuisineAlonissos cuisine

What To Buy On Alonissos

In Patitiri you will find the Woman's Agricultural Partnership of Alonissos where you can buy traditional spoon sweets, hamalia (traditional sweet made with walnut, almond, meal and honey) and soultanes (traditional sweet made with yogurt cream, sugar, eggs and orange). In the gift shops found all across Alonissos you can get a seal doll as a souvenir so that you can always remember the cute Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus.
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Attractions On Alonissos

Chora Alonissos

The picturesque Chora of Alonissos is its most important attraction, with superb panoramic view and colorful alleys.

National Maritime Park of Alonissos

The National Maritime Park of Alonissos is a vast sea area with many endangered species of fish, mammals and corals.

Folklore Museum of Alonissos

A small folklore museum in an old house with everyday items from older Alonissos.

Historical and Folklore Museum of Alonissos

An impressive stone museum with traditional items and clothes of Alonissos.

Agioi Anargyroi

A graphic little church of the Byzantine Era with an amazing view to the Aegean.

Ancient Pottery Workshop

An entire area filled with fragments of clay pots, in Tsoukalia area.

MOm Exhibition Center

Here you will find a lot of pictures, videos and briefing material concerning the Mediterranean Seal Monachus Monachus.

Alonissos Underwater Museum

The Underwater Museum, the first of its kind in Greece, includes one of the largest and most important shipwrecks of the Classical Era. The shipwreck is now open to recreational divers.

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Alonissos attractionsAlonissos attractionsAlonissos attractions

Alternative Islands To Alonissos

Alonissos is not what you are looking for? Then one of the following nearby islands might interest you:

Skopelos (4 klm from Alonissos)
Skiathos (27 klm from Alonissos)
Skyros (51 klm from Alonissos)

Alonissos alternativesAlonissos alternativesAlonissos alternatives

Islands Connected To Alonissos

There is a ferry from Alonissos to the following islands:

Skiathos (direct connection to Alonissos)
Skopelos (direct connection to Alonissos)

Connections from AlonissosConnections from AlonissosConnections from Alonissos

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