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Vacations in Poros (Argosaronic Bay - Greece)

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Area Argosaronic Bay Best for All
Perfecture Attica Cost High
Access Ship Size 23 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 52 Kilometers

Vacations in Poros island - The ideal destination for your vacations

Poros Love BayPoros KanaliPoros Askeli

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Why Poros

  • For a quick getaway from the city
  • To enjoy beaches in lush landscapes
  • To have a drink on the picruresque port of Poros
  • To leave your car and stress behind

Information On Poros

Poros is one of the islands of Argosaronic Bay close to Athens. It is a very verdant island with pine forests.

Poros is popular for many reasons, but the main ones are two. First Poros is very close to Athens and secondly the port of Poros is a very vibrant place, always full of people, where you can find a varriety of shops.

Poros town features charming neoclassical buildings, narrow streets, and a picturesque waterfront promenade. Visitors can explore the town's shops, cafes, and tavernas, and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Don't forget to climb the stairs up to the Clock Tower as it offers panoramic views of the town, the harbor, and the surrounding area.
Poros informationPoros informationPoros information

Beaches Of Poros

Poros is not famous for its beaches but most of them are in beautiful verdant landscapes with pine trees reaching the sea.
  • Love Bay (Southwest Poros): Love Bay Beach, also known as Votsalakia Beach, is a hidden gem tucked away on the southwest coast of Poros.
  • Russian Bay (Southwest Poros): Russian Bay Beach, also known as Russian Dockyard Beach, is a small organized beach situated on the southwest coast of Poros.
  • Monastiri (Southeast Poros): Monastiri Beach, also known as Monastery Beach, is a picturesque sandy beach located on the southeast coast of Poros.
  • Askeli (South Poros): Askeli Beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches on Poros Island.
  • Kanali (South Poros): Kanali Beach is a small sandy beach located in the heart of Poros Town.
  • Megalo Neorio (South Poros): Neorio Beach is a large organized sandy beach a bit west of Poros town.
  • Mikro Neorio (South Poros): Mikro Neorio Beach is a small sandy beach situated near Neorio Beach a bit west of Poros town.
  • Vagionia (North Poros): A nice secluded beach with clean sea on the north coast of Poros.
Poros beachesPoros beachesPoros beaches

Travel To Poros

It is a short two-hour trip by ship from Piraeus port by conventional ship (only an hour with a flying dolphin), but many people come to Poros from the nearby port of Galatas by boat. Galatas is on the mainland and it is so close to Poros that one could even swim the distance.
Poros travelPoros travelPoros travel

Transportation On Poros (Car Rentals)

Poros is a small island where you can do without a car. There are buses leaving frequently on a circular coastal route around Poros island. There are also taxis and boats available that can take you to parts of the island.
Poros transportationPoros transportationPoros transportation

Accommodation On Poros (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

All of the accommodation of Poros is on the south side around Poros town, in the range between Neorio and Askeli.
Poros accommodationPoros accommodationPoros accommodation

Food & Drink On Poros

On Poros island you can have fresh fish and seafood.
Poros cuisinePoros cuisinePoros cuisine

What To Buy On Poros

You can buy traditional products of Poros like almond sweets and other local desserts.
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Attractions On Poros

Poros Archaeological Museum

Located in Poros Town and housed in a neoclassical building, this small yet interesting museum showcases artifacts mainly from the ancient city of Trizina.

Poros Folklore Collection

It is located in the heart of Poros town and hosted in the impressive Syggrou Building and it includes an interesting collection.

Zoodochos Pigi Monastery

Situated on a verdant hillside overlooking Poros Town, this monastery is a serene and peaceful place to visit.

Poseidon Sanctuary

Located in the center of Poros island, this archaeological site is where the Temple of Poseidon Kalavreatis used to be.
Poros attractionsPoros attractionsPoros attractions

Islands Connected To Poros

There is a ferry from Poros to the following islands:

Aegina (direct connection to Poros)
Agistri (direct connection to Poros)
Hydra (direct connection to Poros)
Spetses (direct connection to Poros)

Connections from PorosConnections from PorosConnections from Poros

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