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Vacations in Aegina (Argosaronic Bay - Greece)

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Area Argosaronic Bay Best for All
Perfecture Attica Cost High
Access Ship Size 87 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 26 Kilometers

Vacations in Aegina island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Aegina

  • For a quick getaway from the city
  • To taste the delicious pistachios
  • To see the beautiful Agios Nektarios Monastery
  • To visit interesting archaeological sites

Information On Aegina

Aegina is one of the islands of Argosaronic Bay close to Athens.

Aegina is popular for many reasons, but the main ones are two. First Aegina is very close to Athens and secondly Aegina is famous for its renowned pistachio and pistachio products.

Aegina town known for its charming streets, neoclassical buildings, and a lively waterfront. Visitors can explore the town's shops, visit the local market, and enjoy delicious local cuisine at the waterfront tavernas.
Aegina informationAegina informationAegina information

Beaches Of Aegina

Aegina is not famous for its beaches but there are few that are really worth while. Most of them are organized with easy road access.
  • Marathonas (West Aegina): Marathonas Beach is a partially organized sandy beach situated a bit south of Aegina town.
  • Moni Island (Southwest Aegina): Moni Island Beach is a unique and pristine beach located on the uninhabited Moni Island, just off the coast of Aegina.
  • Klima (South Aegina): Klima Beach is a popular organized sandy beach with a nice beach bar and easy road access.
  • Perdika (South Aegina): Perdika Beach is a small sandy beach located in the picturesque fishing village of Perdika on the southern coast of Aegina.
  • Aeginitissa (South Aegina): Aeginitissa Beach is a hidden gem known for its natural beauty and serene atmosphere.
  • Vagia (North Aegina): Vagia Beach is a peaceful sandy beach offering a tranquil setting and shallow crystal-clear waters.
  • Souvala (North Aegina): Souvala Beach is a small sandy beach situated a bit east of Souvala port on the northern coast of Aegina.
  • Agia Marina (East Aegina): Agia Marina Beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches on Aegina island.

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Aegina beachesAegina beachesAegina beaches

Travel To Aegina

It is a short 70 minute trip by ship from Piraeus port by conventional ship or a 40 minute trip by flying dolphin.
Aegina travelAegina travelAegina travel

Transportation On Aegina (Car Rentals)

Aegina is an island where you can bring your car. There are also buses with 3 bus lines all leaving from Aegina town. Line 1 ends in Vagia passing from Souvala, line 2 ends in Agia Marina passing from Agios Nektarios and Aphaia, and line 3 goes south to Perdika. There are also taxis and boats available that can take you to parts of the island.
Aegina transportationAegina transportationAegina transportation

Accommodation On Aegina (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

There are hotels and rooms to let all over Aegina, but most accommodation is around Aegina town and around the main settlements of the island, like Souvala, Agia Marina and Perdika.
Aegina accommodationAegina accommodationAegina accommodation

Food & Drink On Aegina

On Aegina island you can have fresh fish and seafood.
Aegina cuisineAegina cuisineAegina cuisine

What To Buy On Aegina

Aegina is famous for its pistachios. You can buy pistachios or products made with the famous Aegina pistachios that you will find in shops of Aegina town and in the kiosk of the main port.
Aegina purchasesAegina purchasesAegina purchases

Attractions On Aegina

Temple of Aphaia

Located on a hilltop in the northeast part of the island, the Temple of Aphaia is an impressive ancient Greek temple.

Aegina Archaeological Museum

Situated in Aegina Town, this museum houses a collection of artifacts from ancient Aegina.

Kolona Archaeological Site

Next to the Archaeological Museum of Aegina is the Kolona Archaeological Site, the remains of an ancient city with the impressive standing column.

Paleochora Archaeological Site

Once the medieval capital of Aegina, Paleochora is a historical site featuring ruins of churches, houses, and fortifications.

Agios Nektarios Monastery

Located east of Aegina Town, this monastery is really impressive with beautiful architecture.

Panagia Chrysoleontissa Monastery

A beautiful monastery in the center of the island at a lovely location.

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Aegina attractionsAegina attractionsAegina attractions

Islands Connected To Aegina

There is a ferry from Aegina to the following islands:

Agistri (direct connection to Aegina)
Hydra (direct connection to Aegina)
Poros (direct connection to Aegina)
Spetses (direct connection to Aegina)

Connections from AeginaConnections from AeginaConnections from Aegina

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