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Vacations in Spetses (Argosaronic Bay - Greece)

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Area Argosaronic Bay Best for All
Perfecture Attica Cost High
Access Ship Size 22 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 87 Kilometers

Vacations in Spetses island - The ideal destination for your vacations

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Why Spetses

  • To witness the Armata event
  • To swim inside the cave of Tzeni Karezi
  • To tour the town on a horse carriage
  • To relax on an island where no cars are allowed
  • To admire the lovely neoclassical mansions

Information On Spetses

Spetses is one of the islands of Saronic Bay close to Athens.

Spetses is popular for many reasons, but the main ones are two. First Spetses is very close to Athens and secondly it is a very picturesque island that excudes elegance. There are elegant neoclassical buildings and nice shops everywhere.

Spetses island is famous for the Armata, an event that happens once per year at the beginning of September. It is an extremely popular representation of the Battle of Spetses that took place in 1822, gathering tens of thousands of visitors each year. The festivities culminate in the re-enactment of the burning of an effigy of the Turkish flagship amid a feast of fireworks and sparklers.

There are plenty to see in Spetses town as well. The first thing a visitor sees is Dapia, the charming main port of Spetses. There is also the Old Harbor a couple of kilometers away, also hosting many shops and restaurants, with horse carriages connecting the two ports if you are not into walking. A popular attraction of Spetses is the historical and majestic Poseidonion Hotel with its large square. There are other historical buildings as well like the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses and the Spetses Lighthouse offering panoramic views.
Spetses informationSpetses informationSpetses information

Beaches Of Spetses

In Spetses there are some pretty impressive beaches. In order to visit the best ones ask for the bus schedule, as there are very few routes, or simply get a boat.
  • Agii Anargiri (West Spetses): A large beach just next to Bekiri Cave. It is laid with sand and pebble, with the water being crystal clear.
  • Agia Paraskevi (West Spetses): Located a bit north of Bekiri Cave, on the west side of Spetses island, this is one of its best beaches.
  • Agia Marina (Southeast Spetses): Agia Marina Beach is a popular sandy beach because it is easily accessible. It faces southeast and it is organized.
  • Zogeria (Northwest Spetses): Zogeria Beach is a scenic beach with crystal-clear waters. It faces northeast and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.
  • Kaiki (Northeast Spetses): Kaiki Beach is a picturesque pebble beach with azure waters, just a bit north of Spetses town.
  • Vrellos (North Spetses): A lovely small pebble beach located on a narrow bay on the north side of Spetses island.
  • Agios Mamas (East Spetses): Located in the heart of Spetses town, Agios Mamas Beach is a convenient choice. It has a mix of sand with thin pebble and calm waters.
Spetses beachesSpetses beachesSpetses beaches

Travel To Spetses

It is a short trip by ship from Piraeus port, around 2-3 hours. You can also get to Spetses by boat from Porto Heli in just 15 minutes or the port of Costa that is only 5 minutes away. Note that getting to Porto Heli or Costa is a 3 hour drive.
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Transportation On Spetses (Car Rentals)

Spetses is a small island where no cars are allowed. There are boats that can take you to some of the beaches that are not easily accessible. There are also some buses and taxis, both land and sea taxis. You can also move around with horse carriages or bicycles.
Spetses transportationSpetses transportationSpetses transportation

Accommodation On Spetses (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

Most of the accommodation of Spetses is around Spetses town and this is exactly where you want to stay as there is practically nothing else on the rest of the island.
Spetses accommodationSpetses accommodationSpetses accommodation

Food & Drink On Spetses

On Spetses island you can have fresh fish and seafood. The most famous seafood dish of Spetses is Fish Ala Spetsiota.
Spetses cuisineSpetses cuisineSpetses cuisine

What To Buy On Spetses

You can but traditional products like the famous amydgalota (almond sweets) for which Spetses is famous for.
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Attractions On Spetses

Bekiri Cave

A stunning cave with its own private sandy beach inside. It is easily the most impressive natural attraction of Spetses island.

Spetses Museum

Located in the historic heart of Spetses Town, the Spetses Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the island's rich history and culture.

Bouboulina Museum

Housed in the former residence of the Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, the Bouboulina Museum provides insight into the life and achievements of this legendary figure.

Agion Panton Monastery

Situated on the hilltop overlooking Spetses Town, Agion Panton Monastery offers breathtaking views of the island.
Spetses attractionsSpetses attractionsSpetses attractions

Islands Connected To Spetses

There is a ferry from Spetses to the following islands:

Aegina (direct connection to Spetses)
Hydra (direct connection to Spetses)
Poros (direct connection to Spetses)

Connections from SpetsesConnections from SpetsesConnections from Spetses

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