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Although it is not known for its beaches, Tinos has a number of beautiful beaches. The only downside in the area of the sea the island has are the strong frequent winds, so choose carefully which time you visit Tinos as well as the beaches you will visit.
  • Agios Romanos (Southwest Tinos): A long sandy beach with lots of trees at the southwest. It is favored by families as there are taverns and rooms to let near by. At the edge of the beach the church of Agios Romanos can be seen.
  • Agios Petros (Southwest Tinos): This is a large beach close to Kardiani, which is ideal for seclusion. A large rock going into the sea divides the beach in two and on top of the rock stands the 16th century church of Agios Petros. The beach has sand mixed with pebble and shallow water but no natural shade. It is not easy to reach the beach, as you will have to endure a dirt road of about 2 kilometers and then walk for a few minutes.
  • Giannakis Bay (Southwest Tinos): This is a quiet and family beach with large pebbles, trees and some straw umbrellas. It is large in size but it is nothing special, while most people come here for the good food served in the near by taverns.
  • Ysternia (Southwest Tinos): A gorgeous and windless beach with clean cold sea. It is found close to the Ysternia village at the northwest part of Tinos. It offers some tamarisk trees for shade and a beach volley net.
  • Laouti / Skylantar (Southeast Tinos): This is the continuation of the Agios Sostis beach with clean water, great sand and straw umbrellas. Not far from the beach there are taverns, shops and rooms to let.
  • Agios Ioannis Porto (Southeast Tinos): A bit eastern of Laouti beach, in the next bay, lies this beautiful stretch of sand with the homonymous picturesque chapel. Just like the neighboring beaches it offers a few umbrellas, shallow water, tamarisk trees, several shops and rooms to let.
  • Pachia Ammos (Southeast Tinos): A stunning sandy beach with turquoise water. Its distinct characteristic is the sand hill found there and the greenish color of its sand, while high above the beach there is a restaurant-bar with a pool. The beach is situated at the southeast edge of Tinos, northeast of Agios Ioannis Porto. Access to the beach is not hard, but you need to be careful not to get past the beach without noticing.
  • Santa Margarita (Southeast Tinos): A wonderful beach with sand at the east coast of the Tinos that is not widely known to tourists. It is big in length with calm water but with little natural shade, making umbrellas mandatory. On the peaceful beach there are two thing that stand out, a weird rock and the homonymous catholic church.
  • Livada (Southeast Tinos): Livada is an impressive beach of wild beauty which is found at the northeast edge of Tinos. It has sand mixed with pebble, some tamarisk trees that are quite far behind, a tavern and huge rounded rocks at its one side. The beach has north orientation, being usually wavy as a result, while there is a river flowing into the sea, making water rather cold. Some consider this to be the beast beach of Tinos.
  • Agios Fokas (South Tinos): A popular beach of almost one kilometer length, one of the main beaches of Tinos, in walking distance form Chora. It offers light sand, a beach bar at its end (just before the heliport), some tamarisk trees and watersport infrastructures. Part of the beach is organized, while there are taverns, hotels and cafeterias in close range.
  • Stavros (South Tinos): Between Kionia beach and Chora lies this little beach with the church after which it was named. This quiet beach has calm shallow water, as well as trees for shade and a small fish-tavern right by the sea.
  • Agios Markos (South Tinos): A small beach with its little bright-white picturesque church is found next to Stavros. The beach has pebble and calm crystal water thanks to its south orientation. Here you can find a small ouzeri-cafe right next to the sea and the best sunset on Tinos.
  • Kionia (South Tinos): A large stretch of sand that attracts a lot of people at south Tinos, a bit west of Chora. There you can find taverns and some hotels with umbrellas and sunbeds at the part of the beach in front of them. It is worth visiting the ruins of the temple of Poseidon and Amphitriti that lie near by.
  • Agios Sostis (South Tinos): A large and popular beach at the south coast of Tinos, a bit eastern of Chora. It is a sandy beach with shallow water, umbrellas, sunbeds and tamarisk trees. At the edge of the beach you can see the church of Agios Sostis which was built in the 19th century.
  • Mali (Northwest Tinos): Mali makes for an impressive sight as a large rock goes into the blue sea having a few houses built on its top. Right next to Mali there are a couple of beaches with sand and thin pebble, while there is also shade thanks to some trees. It is located at the northwest edge of Tinos, very close to Koumela and it is easy to get there by the main road.
  • Agia Thalassa (Northwest Tinos): This is the most beautiful beach of the area with windless water and nice sand at the northeast. It offers visitors 5-6 tamarisk trees for shade but more importantly quiet, as the beach can only be access through a rough dirt road. At the one side of the bay that shelters the beach from the wind stands the little white church after which the beach was named, making the scenery even more pretty.
  • Kolympithra (North Tinos): Located north, at about the middle of Tinos, this is divided in two sandy beaches. The large part gathers few people as it is not organized and there are sea currents in the sea. The small (east) part gathers a lot of people as it offers straw umbrellas, sunbeds and taverns. Have in mind that the sea water deepens suddenly.
Tinos beachesTinos beachesTinos beaches

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