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Beaches in Lesvos

Beaches Of Lesvos

In a big island like Lesvos, you can find all sorts of beaches, most of which have been awarded with a Blue Flag.
  • Sigri (West Lesvos): A large sandy beach with calm shallow sea and tamarisk trees along the coast. The beach has basic facilities, like shower, tavern and canteen.
  • Skala Eressou (Southwest Lesvos): A stretch of sand of 3 klm that attracts large crowds.
  • Tarti (South Lesvos): Small scenic beach with sand and thin pebble in a verdant landscape. It is not well known, so its is preferred by the locals.
  • Agios Ermogenis (South Lesvos): Agios Ermogenis looks a lot like Tarti, but it is larger. This beach as well is in a verdant landscape, even more than Tarti. The Picturesque church of Agios Ermogenis decorates the beach.
  • Vatera (South Lesvos): Vatera is the largest beach on Lesvos, nearly 8 klm in length. It has nice sand and it attracts a lot of people.
  • Agios Isidoros (South Lesvos): A large organized beach with pebble and sand in Agios Isidoros village, close to Plomari.
  • Skala Kallonis (South Lesvos): One of the most famous beaches of Lesvos is Skala Kallonis, an endless stretch of sand in the Kalloni bay.
  • Nyfida (South Lesvos): In the south of Kalloni bay, lies the sandy beach of Nyfida. It is long with tamarisk trees, taverns and rooms to let.
  • Petra (North Lesvos): A nice sandy beach in the Petra village with water that gets deep very quickly. Umbrellas, sunbeds, watersports and all the facilities of Petra are available to you.
  • Anaxos (North Lesvos): A large and popular beach in a growing tourist resort. It is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, shops and rooms to let.
  • Molyvos (North Lesvos): The lovely beach of Molyvos village with large pebbles.
  • Eftalou (North Lesvos): In the area of Eftalou there are several small beaches with small pebble. All of them are quiet with clean shallow sea. A the end of the road you can find the Hot Springs.
Lesvos beachesLesvos beachesLesvos beaches

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