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Tinos Evaggelistria Church

The church of Evaggelistria on Tinos is probably the most important religious center of Panagia not only in Greece, but in the entire orthodox world. The temple was built in 1823 while the icon of Panagia is said to be painted by Luke the Evangelist. It is a fact that most of the crowds that rush to Tinos are only coming to worship the icon of Panagia, while it is not unusual to see old people climb to the church on their knees, due to a vow they made. The situation inside the church is usually unbearable due to the large number of people, so make sure not to come during the rush hour, as it is usually better once the ship for Piraeus has sailed.

Tinos Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Tinos was founded in Chora on 1960 at the Megalochari avenue, which starts from the harbor and ends up at the church of Evaggelistria. The museum exhibits findings from the digs at the archaeological sites of Tinos, like the ceramic jars with the relief decoration from the temple of Xompourgo, the mosaic floor with geometric and plant-life drawings, great sculptures from the temple of Poseidon and Amphitriti at Kionia, an amazing marble sundial which is almost intact, pots from everyday use and pottery from various eras. Telephone 22830 22670.

Museums of Evaggelistria

At the forecourt of the Evaggelistria church there are several small museums. The Museum of Tinos Artists with sculptures and paintings solely from the artists of Tinos, the Gallery with paintings of great Greek and European painters, the Icon and Relic Exhibition with priceless religious items from all over Tinos and finally the Sacristy where you can see oblations, holy utensils, embroidered vestments, etc.

Museum of Marble Sculpture

The Museum of Marble Sculpture is a large and modern museum which promotes the history of marble sculpture on Tinos. It helps educate visitors, using modern multimedia material, regarding the techniques, the equipment and all relative information involved with marble sculpture, as well as a large number of exhibits like tools, designs, etc. Thus, through award-winning educational films of the museum, with the participation of old Tinian craftsmen, children and grownups get to know in a vivid way the path of marble from the raw material to the finished work. In the open-air spaces of the Museum of Marble Sculpture, along with finished and semi-finished marble works, historical mechanical equipment is on display. The building that houses the museum has an interesting architectural style, as it has been built with the purpose of blending in with the natural environment. You will find it in Pyrgos. Entry fee is 4 euros and the museum is open daily 10:00-17:00 except from Tuesday. Telephone 22830 31290.

Panormos Artists Museum

This small museum displays works from sculptors born in Pyrgos or Ysternia villages, like Filippotis, Halepas, Voulgaris, Lampaditis, Vitalis and others. Next to the museum you can find the house of Halepa, which has been turned into a small museum which you can visit it with the same ticket. Inside you can see the workshop, the bedroom and various personal items belonging to the great Greek artist. You will find it in Pyrgos. Telephone 22830 31290.

Caricature Museum

There are very few caricature museums, only ten in the entire world, and one of them exists on Tinos, at Falatados village. The newly built (summer 2011) small museum of 100 square meters is the first one in the area of southeast Mediterranean, so it would be a shame not to visit it.

Tinos Mountainous Villages

On Tinos you will come across amazing scenic villages that are nothing alike with the average Chora. Some of them are Kardiani which is considered to be the most beautiful village of Tinos, Pyrgos which is the marble capital of Greece, Volax with its strange round boulders that add a lunar tone to the landscape and finally Ysternia with their marble paved alleys and the windmills. All of them are scenic villages with amazing sea view and are definitely worth visiting.

Pigeon Houses

The famous pigeon houses of Tinos were declared protected buildings in 1984 by the Greek Ministry of Culture. They are usually to story buildings with wonderful decorations of slate stone. Most pigeon houses are located at the central and central-east part of Tinos while there is a total of 1000 of them.

Ηumour Μuseum

In the village of Falatados of Tinos, a small humour museum (only 100 m2) has been operating since August 2011, one of only 10 humour museums in the entire world. The House of Sketches hosts wonderful sketches by Mitropoulos. The entrance is free and there is no one in charge, you just open the door and let yourself in.
Tinos attractionsTinos attractionsTinos attractions

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