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Nea Moni Monastery

Nea Moni is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important monuments of medieval Greece. This remarkable 11th century monastery is located in the center of the island with a beautiful landscape. The monastery is easily accessed being only half an hour drive from Chios town and it is open all day long except from 13:00-17:00.

Chios Archaeological Museum

A worth-while museum in the heart of Chios town. The exhibits of its rich collection that really stand out include the letters of Alexander the Great, the reconstructed Macedonian tomb and the ancient human skull that had a successful surgery. The entry fee is 3 euro and the museum is open every day (except from Tuesdays) 8:30-15:30.

Chios Castle

The Castle of Chios is right behind the imposing byzantine port. It is not what you would expect as there are houses inside as well as a square with shops, coffee shops and restaurants. It is ideal for a walk as there are several attractions within the castle walls, like the Palace of Justiniani, the dark prison, the Turkish cemetery, the Barakli Tzami, the Krya Vrysi, the Great Vigla, and more.

Moundon Monastery

The beautiful 16th century monastery is located in northwestern Chios, a bit north of Diefcha village. It is no longer inhabited but you can get the key from the local cafeteria to get to see the stunning painted decoration of the catholicon. It operates once per year on the celebration of Saint John the Baptist (29/08).

Sykias Cave

It is also called Cave of Olympi as it is a bit south of Olympi village. It is also very close to Agia Dynami beach so you can fit them together in your schedule. Sykias Cave is actually a chasm-cave with a maximum depth of 57 meters that has become a tourist attraction thanks to its rich stalactite and stalagmite decoration.

Agia Markella Monastery

The Agia Markella monastery is on northwest Chios, close to Volisos village. There is a big festival on July 22th, the celebration day of Agia Markella, the patron saint of Chios island. There is plenty of parking space and the Agia Markella beach is right next to the monastery.

Kallimasia Folklore Museum

An interesting folklore museum just a 15 minute drive south of Chios town. It hosts a large variety of exhibits that give a glimpse into the past of Chios and Mr Yannis will be more than happy to give you a tour.

Citrus Museum

A unique museum in the Kampos area, a bit south of Chios town, offering insight on the citrus fruit production history of the island. There is a nice museum cafeteria and a shop with local products, as well as a small animal farm. Telephone 2271031513.


The Mastichochoria (mastic villages) are beautiful traditional villages on the south of Chios island, a must for any tourist. The most famous is the picturesque Pyrgi with its scenic alleys. Armolia, Olympi and Mesta are also very impressive villages.


Anavatos is not the only medieval settlement of Chios, as there are also Avgonyma, Sidirounta and Karyes, but it is the most impressive. It is very imposing as the landscape is out of this world as the village is on top of a cliff with a panoramic view. It is a pity that Anavatos is a ghost village without permanent residents but there is a tavern. There is no shade so only visit in late afternoon.

Chios Mastic Museum

The Chios Mastic Museum is located in the Mastichochoria, the only site in the Mediterranean where the mastic tree grows. The well organized modern museum aims to showcase the production history of the mastic tree cultivation through multimedia applications, documentaries, original machinery in functioning order and outdoor exhibition where visitors come into contact with the mastic tree. The permanent exhibition deals with Chios mastic as a unique natural product. In the introduction, we learn about shino and mastic, the resin that in 2015 was recognized as a natural medicine. In the first section we discover the traditional know-how of mastic cultivation. In the second section we observe how the management of mastic historically shaped the rural and inhabited landscape of southern Chios and Mastichohoria. In the third section we are informed about the cooperative exploitation and processing of mastic in recent times, which marks an important chapter in the productive history of Chios. Special mention is made of the uses with which mastic today travels around the world. The Mastic Museum is very close to Pyrgi village with free parking. The museum is open daily 10:00-17:00 except from Tuesday and the entry fee is 4 euros.

Agio Gala

A beautiful complex with many places to see, including the 13th century church of Panagia Agiogalousena. There is an open air cafeteria by the stream where you can rest and activities for children. A tour of the atmospheric cave is a must, as there are also a couple of small churches inside. The entry fee is 5 euro. Telephone 2271044830.

Chios Windmills

On the outskirts of Chios town, towards the north, there are four windmills in a row which were part of the industrial area that once flourished here. This is one of the most photographed spots of Chios island, as it is sort of the trademark of the entire island, and definitely well worth a stop.

Ariousios Winery

An excellent winery in north Chios close to Kurunia village. Here you can taste and buy great wine including the Ariousios wine that was famous in the time of Homer. Telephone 2271095815.
Chios attractionsChios attractionsChios attractions

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