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Vacations in Kea (Tzia) (Cyclades - Greece)

Kea (Tzia): The popular island of Liontas with the scenic Chora and the beautiful beaches

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Area Cyclades Best for All
Perfecture Cyclades Cost High
Access Car-Ship Size 131 Square Kilometers
Beaches All Distance 100 Kilometers

Vacations in Kea (Tzia) island - Kea (Tzia), The popular island of Liontas with the scenic Chora and the beautiful beaches

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Why Kea (Tzia)

  • To choose a different beach every day from your swim
  • To take strolls in scenic Ioulida, the capital of Tzia
  • For the unique experience of the Fairytale Festival held every July
  • To visit the closest island to Athens, only one hour away from Lavrio
  • To take pictures of Lionta and other remarkable ancient monuments

Information On Kea (Tzia)

Kea (also called Tzia) belongs to Cyclades and it is the closest island of that complex to Piraeus. Furthermore it is the sixth largest island of Cyclades and the western island of the complex.

The capital of Kea, Ioulida, unlike most islands of Cyclades has some vegetation, which is due to the abundance of the water in this area. Everywhere you can see faucets with running water thanks to the solid watering system fed by springs, which justifies the ancient name of Tzia, Ydroussa.

On Kea, due to its proximity to Athens, things are very different than in other Greek islands. Only a few people choose this island for their summer vacations but large crowds come to Tzia during the weekends, mostly Athenians who have build country houses on the island. In any case this is a great island for vacations, as it has a lot of beautiful beaches as well as important tourist attractions.

Kea is basically a quiet island but during the weekends you can find vibrant nightlife at the northwest, especially in the touristic Vourkari village. The capital of the island, Ioulida, has preserved its traditional style as it has no bars, only some taverns and few rooms to let. Fun is focused at the coastal villages of the island.

On Tzia every July the Fairytale Festival is held with the purpose of bringing out the cultural tradition, through myths and legends that pass from generation to generation. Those activities are held throughout the day in different places of great importance, and include theatrical shows, muppet show, musical concerts, book fairs, seminars, etc.
Kea (Tzia) informationKea (Tzia) informationKea (Tzia) information

Beaches Of Kea (Tzia)

Tzia has a lot of remarkable beaches, many of which are ideal for seclusion thanks to their difficult access. The main beaches are usually crowded as they offer nice sand and clean sea.
  • Xyla (West Kea (Tzia)): A solitary beach with light sand and clean blue sea.
  • Pisses (West Kea (Tzia)): A rather large organized beach with light-colored sand and tamarisk trees.
  • Kampi (Southwest Kea (Tzia)): A peaceful beach with blue water in a beautiful yet deep bay.
  • Koundouros (Southwest Kea (Tzia)): An organized beach with sand and a lot of tamarisk trees in the protected bay.
  • Kaliskia (Southeast Kea (Tzia)): A beach with sand and pebble, and clean green-blue water, ideal for isolation.
  • Gialiskari (Northwest Kea (Tzia)): A relatively small and narrow beach with sand and plenty of shade.
  • Korissia (Northwest Kea (Tzia)): A Sandy beach with clean calm sea and easy access.
  • Psili Ammos (Northeast Kea (Tzia)): A small beach with magnificent thin sand but difficult access.
  • Spathi (Northeast Kea (Tzia)): A quiet and rather large beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tzia with nice sand and calm blue sea. As of 2013 there is a beach bar serving coffee, juices, drinks, freshly cooked food and BBQ.
  • Otzias (North Kea (Tzia)): A long organized beach, one of the most popular beaches of the island Tzia, with easy access.
  • Orkos (East Kea (Tzia)): A large beach with some tamarisks and deep blue water.
  • Sykamia (East Kea (Tzia)): One of the most beautiful beaches of Tzia with turquoise green water, sand and pebble.

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Kea (Tzia) beachesKea (Tzia) beachesKea (Tzia) beaches

Travel To Kea (Tzia)

Tzia is one of the few islands that is not directly connected to Piraeus and you can only reach it from the port of Lavrio. From Lavrio that is a very frequent ship schedule, as sometimes there may be even three ships per day, while the trip to Tzia takes less than 1,5 hour.
Kea (Tzia) travelKea (Tzia) travelKea (Tzia) travel

Transportation On Kea (Tzia) (Car Rentals)

The basic bus route of Tzia is Ioulida-Korissia-Otzias that only covers a small fraction of the island, with the buses leaving every 1,5 - 2 hours. Having that in mind it is advised to have your own means of transportation, or renting a vehicle on the island.
Kea (Tzia) transportationKea (Tzia) transportationKea (Tzia) transportation

Accommodation On Kea (Tzia) (Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses, Rooms to let)

There is not much accommodation on Kea, so it is best to book a room as soon as possible. Most accommodation on the island is rather new and elegant, and as a result they are quiet expensive. Most choices for accommodation are found in Korissia, while there are many rooms to let in Vourkari, Otzias and Pisses. We advise staying at the northwest (not in Pisses that is) and avoiding to stay in the touristic Vourkari if you like to have quiet nights.
Kea (Tzia) accommodationKea (Tzia) accommodationKea (Tzia) accommodation

Food & Drink On Kea (Tzia)

The local specialites of the Tzia cuisine are Paspalas (chunks of pork with egg and tomato), melitzanoryzo (rice with eggplant) and various local pies like tsigaropita (pie with pieces of pork). You should wash down your meals with a glass of local wine Mavroudi.
Kea (Tzia) cuisineKea (Tzia) cuisineKea (Tzia) cuisine

What To Buy On Kea (Tzia)

On Kea you can buy traditional products like marzipans, thyme honey, pasteli (honey and sesame bar), local wine, tsagalo (desert made with unripe almonds) and various flavors of spoon sweets like ampourkouna (a fig that grows on Tzia).
Kea (Tzia) purchasesKea (Tzia) purchasesKea (Tzia) purchases

Attractions On Kea (Tzia)

Kea Archaeological Museum

One of the most important archaeological museums in Cyclades thanks to its remarkable prehistoric exhibits.

Town Hall

One of the main tourist attractions in Kea, housed in a neoclassical building of 1902 which is the work of the great architect Ernst Ziller.


A statue of the archaic period built by the stone in the shape of a lion, which is the trademark of Tzia.


In one of the most enchanting places of Tzia lie the 11 watermills which were operational until 1950.

Prehistoric Settlements of Agia Irini and Kefala Cape

The oldest traces of habitation on Kea, dating back to the late Neolithic Period, were discovered in Agia Irini and Cape Kefala.

Archaeological Site of Karthea

The most important archaeological site on Kea with ruins of several temples and of the ancient walls.

Tower of Agia Marina

the most important and best preserved tower of Kea, among many tower ruins of the Hellenistic ages.

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Kea (Tzia) attractionsKea (Tzia) attractionsKea (Tzia) attractions

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Kea (Tzia) alternativesKea (Tzia) alternativesKea (Tzia) alternatives

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